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Pink Outfits for Men: A Man’s Guide to Rocking Pink Better than Women

“Men now wear pink better than women. It’s as though designers are specifically making pink outfits for men these days.”

I said that to a friend while chatting with him some days ago. And he couldn’t agree less.

For context, he posted on his status a picture of a cute young man who wore pink. When I saw how suave the guy was in a color many consider feminine, I had to arrive at my conclusion.

Fashion has become so fluid that gender-defining outfits are almost getting extinct. 

We’ve seen superb fashionistas and celebrities like Adebayo Oke Lawal, Brad Pitt, Ebuka Uchendu, Kanye West, Swanky Jerry, etc., rock the color pink like it was never associated with the female gender in the first place.

I don’t think this trend will leave the fashion scene anytime soon. Androgynous fashion is taking over the world and people are conquering their fear of expressing their eccentric fashion style.

If you, like me and my friend, have taken an interest in how men rock feminine colors, then you’ll love this post.

Right here on this page, you’ll find inspiration on how to rock pink outfits for guys. So, keep your style instincts on alert and be ready to screenshot or download images that strike you the most.

Is it Okay for Guys to Wear Pink?

man rocking shades with pink suit and tie

Of course, it’s completely okay for men to wear pink. Whoever said that must have either lied to you or have chosen to remain bound by antiquated fashion rules that hold no water.

Wearing pink does not, in any way, reduce your masculinity. In fact, a quick trip to the past will show you pink wasn’t initially a feminine color. It was for men.

Not convinced? Hear it from Wikipedia:

“In the 19th century, baby boys often wore white and pink. Pink was seen as a masculine color, while girls often wore white and blue.”



People of that time saw pink as a more decided and stronger color suitable for boys. To them, it was a lighter version of red which was the signature color for men then. 

On the other hand, they perceived blue as delicate and dainty which suited girls. 

Furthermore, in the 18th century, men in pink were a common sight. As Valerie Steele, Fashion Scholar & Director of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology said:

“In the 18th century, it was perfectly masculine for a man to wear a pink silk suit with floral embroidery…Pink was initially considered slightly masculine as a diminutive of red which was thought to be a “warlike” color.”

Valerie Steele

How did this change happen, you wonder?

How did pink switch from being masculine to something girly?

man wearing pink top

Two major reasons:

First, you must know that just as we humans are quick to change our minds, so does standard change too. Besides, who sets these rules? Man, right? Not a divine being.

We even flout the rules divine beings set— how much more the trends we humans set for ourselves.

That aside, the change happened in the 1940s as stores realized people began to buy pink for girls, and blue for boys.

One incident that solidified this transition was when Mamie Eisenhower wore a pink dress to the US presidential inauguration of her husband, Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953. 

Mamie’s liking for pink made the public associate the color with women. That was how others began to pick up the trend faster. And the media further consolidated it by portraying more women in pink than men.

To know more about how pink became a girly color, watch this video.

Other than that, let’s proceed.

How to Pull off Pink Outfits for Men

man wearing pink hat and shorts

Like every fashion trend, this one has returned as men are gradually taking back their pink color.

If you’re ready to pull it off, let these tips guide you:

1. Remember It’s a Versatile Color

Denola Grey wearing blue blazer on pink pants

Pink is a versatile color. And as such, you can combine it with black, white, beige, grey, navy blue, brown, and other subtle tones. 

man on the runway rocking pink and lemon outfit

However, don’t be scared to try out other colors with pink. For instance, you can pair it with blue, yellow, green, etc., and make a statement.

Adekunle Gold rocking pink outfit

You just need some top-notch self-confidence and a good sense of style.

2. Consider Your Skin Tone

Ebuka skin matches his pink jacket

Just because men can wear pink doesn’t mean you should go ahead and wear any of its hues.

white man wearing light pink sweatshirt

You should consider your skin tone as not every shade of pink may suit you. Thankfully, we have a style guide on how to find the right colors for your skin tone.

man with dark skin rocking pink suit

Check it out. It’ll guide your pink outfit decisions.

3. Start with the Basics

Kanye West rocking pink hoodie

In other words, start small or simple. That is, only wear one or two pink items in your outfit. 

Pink is a standout color. So, this is a great option if you aren’t confident enough to cope with the attention it’ll give you.

Just keep it minimal. You’ll still make a style statement.

man on bicycle wearing basic pink outfit

For instance, you can execute this by wearing a pink polo, tee, blazer, or a pink shirt paired with subtle colored pants and any color of shoes you’re comfortable with.

Or maybe you wear pink pants or shorts and a neutral-colored top. Or you just wear pink shoes with any color of clothes.

man wearing basic pink outfit

You can even start with accessories. Maybe a pink tie, sunglasses, cap, wristwatch, bracelet, wallet, etc. 

Starting with the basics gives you a safe landing. And you won’t have to worry about getting uncomfortable stares from anyone.

4. Wear a Pink Ensemble

Ebuka rocking pink agbada with the fila cap

Bold enough to pull it off? Great. Wear an all-pink ensemble. This could be a pink suit, Agbada, senator wear, or even a jumpsuit (yes, men wear jumpsuits too).

man rocking an all pink ensemble

But just so you don’t look too pinky, pair with soft-toned accessories to complement and underplay your pink look.

Ebuka rocking pink senator

5. Wear them as Business Casual Outfits

man wearing light pink shirt with glasses

If business casual is the dress code of your workplace, wear pink.

black man wearing pink blazer

Don’t be scared to pair your pink blazer with your grey, beige, or navy blue chinos and go smash goals at the office.

man wearing pink shirt on pants

6. Wear Different Shades of Pink

man wearing different shades of pink suit outfit

This is another version of an all-pink ensemble. It’s also a great way to mix textures and tones without appearing monotonous.

smiling white man wearing pink streetwear outfit

Wearing different shades of pink allows you to experiment with wearing more colors as one.

man wearing different shades of pink casual outfit

It also adds more accents to your look.

7. Go Streetwear

man rocking all pink streetwear outfit

Your hoodie, tracksuits, sweatshirts, denim, shorts, cargo pants, etc., come in handy here. 

man wearing black T-shirt and pink shorts with sneakers

Feel free to rock your pink t-shirt with your jeans. Or maybe your pink shorts with your black or white tee. And if you want, add a pair of pink sneakers to your look, too.

man wearing pink hoodie and jeans

Wearing pink as a man is a sure way to stand out and get the attention of ‘em ladies. Forget what anyone must have said to deter you. It doesn’t make you look effeminate.

So, go ahead and pull off the pink outfits for men. You’ll look charming so long as you follow the tips you learned here. And be sure to share your pictures on social media when you do so. 

Need more inspo? Not a problem.

See how these men pulled off pink outfits for guys:

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