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4C Hair: How to Style and Maintain This Hair Type

4c hair is one of the curliest hair types in the natural hair community. Unlike type 2A hair with wave patterns, the 4C hair type has one of the most undefined curls. The ‘4’ refers to the tight coil pattern, and the ‘C’ stands for the tightly coiled curl pattern. 

Picture showing a lady rocking her 4C hair

Also, the 4C hair strands shrink into tight, firm ringlets that have a fuzzy appearance when dry. Knowing your hair type is important if you’re new to the world of natural hair. It helps you understand your curl pattern and discover ways to maintain your hair well. Thankfully, that’s what this article aims to achieve. So, if you’ve got the 4C hair, sit tight as we take you on a journey of this hair type, including how to maintain and style it to perfection.

What Does 4C Hair Look Like?

Picture showing a lady rocking her gorgeous 4C hair

People with 4c hair have tightly wound coils that shrink into tiny ringlets when dry. This hair type has almost no visible curl pattern or clumping, just masses of tiny springs that intertwine. At first glance, 4C hair may appear like one matted section of fuzz without much shape. But upon closer inspection, tiny, fragile coils create all that voluminous texture.

When wet, this hair type hangs down, stretching the coils under the weight of water. As it air-dries, spirals of all sizes interconnect and shorten, creating lots of shrinkage. Expect your wet hair length to shrink to half or one-third of the actual length. Moreso, without proper care, 4c hair can feel wiry and rough to the touch.

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Why Learn Your Hair Type?

Picture showing a lady dressed in blue rocking her gorgeous 4C hair

Learning your hair type is invaluable if you’re embarking on a natural hair journey. It provides a vocabulary for describing your texture and needs. It also helps you understand why certain products or techniques may work for your friend’s curls but not yours. The knowledge also ensures you get the right products for your hair.

Furthermore, when you know your hair type, you’ll easily recognize and relate to others with similar hair types. This way, you get more hacks, styling methods, and other techniques to help your hair grow.

What is the Difference Between 4C and Other Type 4 Curl Patterns, like 4A and 4B?

Close up view of a lady with her 4C curls

Popularly known as the afro hair type or kinky hair, hairs under the 4 categories are signified by their curls and coils. While they share certain similarities, they’re also unique and different from one another.

For instance, 4A hair is curly with a more defined S-shaped pattern, while 4B hair has Z-shaped curls, which is quite similar to 4C because of its frizzy appearance. But the major difference between the 4C and its A and B counterparts is that it has the tightest coil or curl. This means it’s more fragile and dryer than others and needs more maintenance.

Challenges of Type 4C Hair

Picture showing an African woman dressed in her traditional attire with her gorgeous 4C curls

This hair type has its challenges. For example, the curl pattern requires gentle handling and deep moisture levels. Also, to achieve definition, you must avoid frequent manipulation and aggressive styling that causes breakage. Other common challenges women with 4c curls face are:

Detangling and Managing Shed Hair

The shrinkage and density of this texture make removing shed hairs extremely difficult. To overcome this, condition your hair and use your fingers to detangle it.

Retaining Moisture Levels

The tight curls of the 4C hair type have less surface area for nourishing oils to adequately coat strands. This often leads to dryness.

Lack of Hang Time

This hair type tends to shrink upwards, making it more difficult to style in a way that requires hanging. You may have to stretch it with African threading or heat tools at low heat to keep it still for a while.

Finding the Right Products

In most cases, products are either too heavy for fine strands or too light for dense hair. So, it may be a bit difficult to find the perfect product for your 4C hair. But not to worry—with some research, you’ll get what you’re looking for.

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How to Maintain 4C Hair

Picture showing a lady with her blond 4C curls

With patience and the right techniques, 4c hair can grow long and healthy. Finding the perfect products and routines takes trial and error. But certain best practices make the journey easier:

Shampoo Minimally, Focus on Moisture: 

Frequent cleansing strips your hair of its natural oils. Instead, focus on keeping your hair hydrated with water-based moisturizers.

Choose Protective Styles

Styles like twists, braids, bantu knots, and other protective hairstyles prevent tangles during growth phases.

Detangle Gently with Conditioner: 

Condition your hair and use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to detangle it while it’s still soaking wet.

Deep Condition Frequently:

Deep conditioning is very important for ladies with 4C hair as it helps boost moisture levels, prevents brittle textures, strengthens your strands, and reduces breakage and shedding during detangling. So you do your hair a lot of good when you deep condition frequently.

Sleep on Satin

Satin caps or pillowcases preserve moisture and minimize friction. Wear them to keep your hair in shape.

Find the Right Products for your Hair Density/Porosity:

When it comes to getting products, you have to ensure you get the right product for your hair density and porosity. Density refers to how thick your strands are. 4C hair has thick strands and, as such, needs heavier creams. Porosity indicates if moisture penetrates the cuticle, and this information is crucial for your product shopping.

Style Ideas For Your 4C Hair Type 

Picture showing a lady rocking the gorgeous 4C  curls

If you’ve got 4C hair, here are some styles you should rock:

Two-Strand Twists

Back view of a lady rocking the Two-strand twist

The two-strand twist is a protective hairstyle perfect for your 4C hair. No wonder the style is popular among women with this hair type. It helps lock in moisture and keeps strands from drying out.

Afro Puff Ponytail With 4C Hair

Picture showing a lady rocking the afro puff with cute curly tendrils

Style your 4C hair to a perfectly shaped Afro puff ponytail, and add accessories for a fashionable statement.

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Box Braids

Picture showing a lady rocking the box braids

Box braids are perfect for switching things up while still ensuring you protect your hair from physical factors like the sun that can cause dryness or twists.

Bantu Knots

Back view of lady styled in beautiful bantu knots

Bantu knots are statement hairstyles that are also protective. They help you stretch out your hair and promote healthy hair growth. Install Bantu knots and rock them like an African Queen. 

Halo Braids With 4C Hair

Close up of a beautiful lady in halo braids

Halo braids are great for your 4C hair. They involve braiding your hair around your head in a crown-shaped form. They are one of the popular hairstyles for this hair type because they keep the ends of your hair tucked in to protect them from damage.


Picture showing a lady in a bob wig

Do you want to protect your hair from damage and ensure it grows healthily while slaying every look? Wigs are here to the rescue. They are protective, low-maintenance, and available in diverse styles.

Faux Locs

Full picture of a lady rocking the gorgeous faux locs

Faux locs are gorgeous hairstyles that imitate dreads without actually locking your hair. They are protective and low-maintenance, too, and are perfect for your hair type. Plus, the thrill of styling it any way you want is too great to pass up.

Afro Updo With 4C hair

Side view of a lady rocking the Afro updo

Need an elegant and simple look with absolutely no hassle? Then go for this gorgeous afro up-do. 


Close up view of a lady on cute cornrows with a mask

Looking for a simple, elegant look that keeps your hair healthy? Wear cornrows. This simple look is easy, low-maintenance, and gorgeous with or without extensions.

Mohawk With 4C Hair

Side view of lady rocking a mohawk in style

The mohawk is one of the standout ways to style your hair without extensions. It dramatically shows off your gorgeous mane and is super easy to achieve.

Embracing Your Gorgeous 4C Hair

Close up view of a lady rocking her 4C hair

Loving your 4C hair means embracing one of the most versatile hair types. With proper care, it will transform from a dry fuzz into a soft crown of healthy coils full of movement. But caring for the strands certainly presents challenges. Thankfully, the natural hair community keeps exploring solutions and products to ease your hair journey.

So, whether you wear an afro, twists, faux locs, or any hairstyle suitable for this hair type, love every bit of it. Allow your coils to bloom into their full glory by nurturing their strength, length, and shine. Your crowning glory deserves nothing less.

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