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41 Cute Butterfly Haircut Styles Your Hairstylist Won’t Show You

One of the blessings that come with having Caucasian or Asian is that you can manipulate it into different styles while retaining the length. For instance, you can add highlights, curls, waves, layers, etc., without causing harm to your hair. Speaking of layers, besides the shag hairstyle, the butterfly haircut also comes in handy here. 

A pretty lady in a butterfly haircut

This hairstyle is a subtle yet bold change to your looks. It adds dimension to medium-length hair, frames your face, and adds more textures to your hair.

Since you’re on this page, I guess you’re looking to know more about butterfly haircuts and how to go about achieving them. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll show you everything you need to know about this coiffure and answer the questions you may have, including style inspirations for your next hairdo.

What is a Butterfly Haircut?

a pretty lady flaunting her butterfly cut

The butterfly cut draws inspiration from the 70s shag haircut and the ’90s blowout. It’s a hairstyle that features feathery, descending layers that are pulled away from the face instead of toward the face. This makes it resemble a butterfly’s fluttering wings. 

In addition, while the shorter layers fall at or below the chin, the longer layers fall just below the shoulders. Also, the shorter layers are cut around the crown of your head to create an illusion of shorter strands. 

Why is it Called the Butterfly Haircut?

a lady rocking butterfly haircut with curtain bangs

It’s called so because the short wispy layers around the crown of the head look like a butterfly’s wings.

What are the Benefits of Butterfly Haircuts?

a lady on face mask showing her wispy layers

It’s a Two-in-One Hairstyle

Since this coiffure has shorter layers in front and longer layers behind, it gives you a two-in-one look. That is, while the short layers give the illusion of a short hairstyle, the long ones retain your hair length.

So, on days you feel like rocking a short hairdo, pack the long parts with a scrunchie and let the short layers loose. And when you feel like rocking long hair, let both layers shine.

It Reduces the Weight of Your Hair

This style removes weight from your tresses. This happens because you’ll have to trim some parts of your hair to achieve it. And when the weight is off your hair, it’ll be easier to rock with style.

It’s Versatile

Besides framing your face and accentuating your facial features, this style is also versatile. You can wear it up, down, or half-up, half-down. You can also accessorize with any hair accessory

It’s Low-Maintenance

Wearing a butterfly haircut means you won’t be paying frequent trips to the salon. The layers won’t grow out too long. And even when they do, it won’t be obvious as they’ll blend in perfectly.

Sure, you’ll have to shampoo, apply leave-in conditioner, comb, and heat-style. But that’s all you need to do to keep your hair in shape. 

It’s not stressful to maintain. However, you’ll have to go for trims every five to six weeks.

Butterfly Haircut vs Wolf Haircut: Is there Any Difference?

a lady wearing wispy layers

The main difference between these two cuts is that while the wolf cut uses short layers to frame the face, the butterfly cut uses short layers at the back to create volume. 

a lady rocking blonde wolf cut

Furthermore, the butterfly hairstyle uses feathered ends but the wolf cut includes messy bangs and choppy waves.

What’s the Difference Between Butterfly Haircut and Other Layered Hairstyles?

a lady smiling and showing her butterfly haircut

The butterfly haircut is a layered hairstyle. But unlike other layered styles, instead of the layers going inward, the layers for this haircut go outward. This makes it look like butterfly wings.

Who is the Butterfly Haircut Best for?

feathery layers hairstyle on a lady

Sunnie Brook, Biolage global ambassador, Celebrity stylist, and founder of this hairstyle answered this question. Per her response, this haircut looks best on those with natural textures like waves and curls. This is because the layers are usually blended with your natural hair pattern, making this style low maintenance

Furthermore, the style works best for longer hair. The longer your hair, the better your haircut would look. 

However, there’s a type of hair this style isn’t good for. And that’s afro-textured kinky hair. The nature of this hair type won’t even achieve the butterfly cut unless you resort to installing weaves or wearing a wig.

What Face Shape Suits a Butterfly Haircut?

a lady wearing feathery layers hairstyle

This coiffure looks great on every face shape, but it’ll be most flattering on oval and square-shaped faces because of how the layers frame the face.

Is Butterfly Haircut Good for Thin Hair?

a beautiful smiling woman on feathery leathers

If your hair is thin, you should stay away from this style as adding layers to already thin hair can make it appear thinner.

How to Style the Butterfly Haircut

a lady smiling, closing her eyes and showing her wispy layers

Let it Loose

back view of loose butterfly haircut

Simply wear your butterfly hairdo loose and get going. It’s a great way to flaunt the layers in all their glory. And WHEN the wind blows, it’ll add more deets to your stunning appearance as it sways your hair.

Use Hair Clips or Other Accessories

back view of butterfly haircut with butterfly hair clip

Hair accessories not only beautify your hair but also keep your hair off your face. Use them when you feel like achieving either or both purposes.

Wear a Ponytail

ponytail feathery layers

The ponytail keeps your hair off your face while taking everything to the back. The good thing is that it comes in different styles. So if you don’t wanna wear the usual updo, you can try a low ponytail, high ponytail, half-up half-down, or anyone that catches your fancy.

Types of Butterfly Haircuts for Women

a lady in brunette feathery layers

Butterfly Haircut with Bangs

lady with face mask wearing butterfly haircut with bangs

How about you add more accents to your butterfly hairdo by including bangs? Fringe is an excellent addition to any coiffure. It hides your forehead if yours is big and brings more attention to your face.

Straight Butterfly Cut

a lady rocking straight cut wispy layers

This style works without curls or waves. You just trim to achieve the short and long layers and your straight feathery coiffure is ready.

Wavy Butterfly Cut

lady wearing wavy butterfly cut

Waves are the most common butterfly cuts. The relaxed curls this style gives add a wavy effect to your hair when you move. Go for it if you don’t want a straight cut.

Curly Butterfly Hairstyle

lady wearing curly butterfly hairstyle

As you already know, curls are heavier than waves, bouncier, and more noticeable too. You can go for any curl you want from bouncy to kinky and what have you.

Butterfly Haircut with Highlights

lady wearing butterfly haircut with highlights

Would you like to add a pop of color to your hair without completely dyeing everything? Go for highlights. It works through different techniques and has different results too. 

For example, if you don’t want blonde highlights on black hair, you can go for any other color you want.

Colored Wispy Layers

lady wearing colored wispy layers

You can also tint your hair into any bold or mild color of your choice and rock your hairdo as you like. The colored butterfly hairstyle helps you stand out without trying hard.

Short Feathery Layers

lady wearing short feathery layers

If your hair isn’t long enough, not to worry. You can still achieve this hairdo. Though it won’t look as detailed as long hairstyles, it’ll still be eye candy.

Long Butterfly Cut

lady rocking long butterfly cut

If your hair extends beyond your shoulders to your back, it’ll give you a gorgeous butterfly-cut hairstyle. Don’t forget to add the wispy short and long layers. You can as well add some waves or curls for more effects too.

Shoulder-Length Wispy Cut

lady wearing shoulder-length wispy cut

This style stops just below or at your shoulders. Most women wear this style as the length is both stylish and comfortable.

Other Butterfly Haircuts

Need more butterfly haircut styles to inspire your next hairdo? Check these out:

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