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Short Hair Layering: 30 Gorgeous Inspos for You

Do you feel like women with longer hair have an edge over you? If you do, I have good news for you: you can beat their alluring length by transforming your hair with techniques like short hair layering.

grey short layering hair

That is, if you don’t wanna color your short hair or add beach waves to it, adding layers is one way to spice things up. It comes in handy when styling natural short hair. And it’s also one of the stunning short hairstyles for classy women.

brown short layering hair

Ready to give short hair layering a shot? This piece is here to guide you with the right inspiration. Let’s dive in. 

What is Short Hair Layering?

a lady wearing short-layered hairstyle

This style features cutting the top portions of your hair shorter than the hair underneath. Layers can go from short to long or have varying lengths all through. It all depends on what you want.

Is Layering Good for Short Hair?

blonde short layering hair

Layers on short hair boost the texture and volume of your hair. They add some accents to your coiffure and enhance your beauty regardless of your age.

curly blonde short layering hair

The best part is that this style is easy to maintain. And the coiffure gives off a youthful, sassy, chic, unbothered vibe you just wouldn’t miss for anything. Furthermore, they also give the illusion of fuller hair. Meaning if your hair isn’t thick, once you wear this style, it’ll appear fuller.

What Type of Hair Should be Layered?

brown and blonde short layering hair

Any type of hair can be layered but the ones that work best are Caucasian hair, Asian hair, and synthetic/human hair extensions.

smiling lady wearing short layering hair

If your hair is thick, adopting short hair layering will help reduce some weight and add movement to it. And if it’s thin, layers will add more volume to your hair. But you’ll have to grow as much hair as possible to achieve this style because your hairstylist will be doing some trimming.

How Do You Fix Short Hair Layering?

pretty lady in blond short layering hair

To do this, you either let your short hair grow out before cutting all the layers equally or meet a hairstylist to cut the right way.

How Short Should My Layers be?

lady in silver short layers

This depends on your style and preference. But for short hair, your layers can be less than two inches or a bit more.

Different Short Layering Hair You Should Try

a lady in short layers

Pixie Layers

a lady rocking pixie cut with layers

If you wanna rock pixie cuts, add more dimensions to the hairdo by layering yours. This works with any type of pixie cut hairstyle whether long, short, side-swooped, or what have you.

Bob Layers

a lady wearing bob layers with glasses and face mask

Do you like the bob hairstyle but don’t want it as blunt cut? Try a short-layered bob. The different lengths are a statement on their own.

Shag Layers

a lady wearing shag haircut

This is the original layered hairstyle. Only this time, we’re making the shag haircut short to suit the length of your hair.

Curly Layers

beautiful blonde curly short layering hair

If your hair is curly, that’s not a problem. You can still achieve the layers you want. In fact, this is one style that easily gets attention. Curls add more deets to your hair and when they’re of different lengths, you can only imagine how gorgeous you’ll look.

Wavy Layers

a lady wearing wavy short layering hair

The same applies to wavy layers. They’re a relaxed version of curly hair but they still make impact. Go for them if you want the “S” effect on your hair but not as thick as heavy curls.

Straight Layers

a beautiful lady in straight short layering hair

You can as well keep things straight without curls or waves. Whichever one you go for will still give stunning results.

Short Layered Hairstyles with Highlights

short layering hair with highlights

You can also add highlights to your short layers to beautify the roots or tips. For instance, you can go for blonde highlights on black hair, ombre highlights, balayage, or any color of highlights that suits your style.

Colored Layers

colored short layering hair

You can as well just dye your layers without adding highlights to them. 

Again, the color you work with solely depends on your taste and what’s available. If you prefer bold colors go for blonde, green, pink, purple, etc. And if you prefer mild colors, go for brown, black, grey, etc.

Short Layering Hair with Bangs

short layering hair with bangs

If you’re wearing a bang hairstyle, trim it into different lengths. This works in three ways: 

  • You make the fringe layered.
  • You make the back of the hair layered.
  • You make both the bangs and the back layered.

Other Short Layering Hair

Need more inspo on how to add layers to your short hair? Here you go:

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