5 Simple Tips on How to Keep Your Fingernails Strong and Healthy

Your fingernails make your hands and fingers beautiful and that is why many people try to groom them or attach fake nails so they can be long and beautiful. Whether you don’t care about the look of your nails or you’re obsessed about its growth, there’s a common truth: Once your nails are looking beautiful, there’s this surge of pride you get just by looking at them. And to give you that feeling every day, you have to learn how to keep your fingernails strong and healthy.

We’ve done that for you already. In this post are tips to keep your nails strong and healthy. If you practise these tips, you’ll have no need to attach nail extensions as a lady. And as a man, whenever you stretch your hands to shake her, she’ll be held spellbound and be tempted to clasp your hands in hers.

Ready to see how to keep your fingernails strong and healthy? Don’t beat yourself over it as these tips are quite simple to follow. You just have to be committed to it and voila! Your fingernails will be looking their best in no time.

But before proceeding to see these tips, let’s see what makes your nails healthy or unhealthy in the first place.

Features of Unhealthy Nails

Unhealthy fingernails
  • Changes in colour
  • Nails don’t grow out
  • They separate from the surrounding skin
  • They peel or split as a result of dryness or lack of vitamins
  • Swelling, bleeding or pain around nails probably from biting your cuticles
  • Tiny white spots appear on them when you bite or polish them too often
  • They look curly or have the shape of spoon probably because of anemia or iron deficiency

Features of Healthy Nails

  • They are pinkish-white in colour and are usually of the same colour
  • No spot or discoloration
  • Your nails and white tips have the same length
  • Smooth and without pits or grooves

How to Keep Your Fingernails Strong and Healthy

Learn how to keep your fingernails strong and healthy so you can prevent them from harbouring bacteria and looking unattractive when you don’t take care of them.

1. Keep Your Hands Clean Always

This isn’t just one of the tips to keep your nails healthy and strong. It’s the number one rule of thumb for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying safe amid the pandemic. It is through your hands that bacteria get into your body system and as such it should be clean always. Also, when you wash your hands, you wash your fingernails too in the process and that way they are healthy.

2. Trim Them Regularly

This is a healthy practice. It helps to get rid of bacteria and prevent your nails from breaking. You should trim them depending on how fast your nails grow.

3. Don’t File Your Nails Immediately After Showering

Avoid doing this because your nails are weaker and more likely to break after bathing. And when you file, instead of going back and forth, let it be done in one direction. This will help prevent them from getting weak.

4. Handle Your Nails With Care

These are delicate parts of your body and as such, they should be handled with care. Do not scrub them roughly to avoid being exposed to some infection. And do not use metal tools under them to prevent your fingernails from separating from its bed. Avoid biting or chewing your nails and minimise using nail polish remover. If you want to use one, go for an acetone-free formula.

5. Eat a Balanced Diet or Supplement Your Diet With Biotin

Eating healthily also guarantees that every part of your body will be healthy. Also, studies have it that when your nails peel and break, your body lacks biotin. To handle this, supplement your diet with B Vitamin to harden your nails. It’ll also help in strengthening and growing your nails.

In conclusion, while practising these tips on how to keep your fingernails strong and healthy, endeavour to keep your nails dry too because repeated contact with water can cause your nails to split. Also, when doing the dishes or using harsh chemicals, you can wear gloves. And be sure to always sanitise your nail tools so you don’t contract an infection.

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