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Nail Designs 2023: 37 Trends to Beautify Your Fingernails

Nail art has become a form of expression and style. With new trends emerging every year, you just can’t get enough of the fresh ideas and inspiration that abound. In 2023, many nail enthusiasts are exploring the latest nail designs that transform their fingernails. It’s what searchers refer to as “nail designs 2023.”

Beautiful nail designs 2023 on an elegant hand

From minimalist elegance to bold statements, this post will guide you through the nail design trends that will help you stay on top of your game and look stunning in 2023 and beyond. 

What is the Nail Design Trend for 2023?

Frontal view of a purple colored vintage nail design

This year, there are so many trends to choose from. As Jan Arnold, Co-founder of Creative Nail Design(CND), opined,  what inspires most nail art trends are seasons. Seasons play a huge role in determining what is trendy or not. So you can choose to rock fresh, bright, and clean colors after coming out of winter or go for the cheery, clean look for spring. Whichever you choose depends on your preference. 

What’s the Color for Nail Designs 2023?

nail design 2023: Lady shows off her multi-colored nails

Pantone, a global leading source of color expertise, named the Viva Magenta its 2023 color of the year. The company described its chosen color as “an  unconventional shade for an unconventional time.” 

Go for any hue of this color if it strikes you. But this doesn’t mean you can’t try out other colors besides the Viva Magenta.

Which Nail Designs Suit Your Nails’ Shape?

Nail designs 2023: Beautiful striped nails with elegant hands.

Any cute nail design can suit your nail shape. But when choosing 2023 nail designs, go for nails that complement the length or nail shape you settle for. Short nails call for a dimensional design that will accentuate the hands through color. Remember, the main aim of every nail design is to complement your nail length and look. So let that guide you.

Nail Designs 2023—10 Designs to Try this Season

Nail designs 2023: Frontal  view of an elegant hands with rings

Here are the best nail designs you might want to consider for a nail look.

Velvet Tips

Beautiful velvet tips for with multi-coloured glitter  house.

Velvet tips that trended on IG during the festive season. Though the festivities are long over, they still are a thing.

Nail Design  2023: More velvet tips with glitters

The design involves using a nude color on your nails and painting the tips with a bright color and glitters that give your nails a velvet look. Go for this if you love to look unique. 

Viva Magenta

Viva magneta color of the year is one of the trending nail designs in 2023

Imagine rocking the color of the year on your fingers. Not just any color but a bold hue that serves as a statement and an accent on its own. Feels exciting, right? 

Full view of viva magenta nail design

This minimalist nail design 2023 screams nothing but elegance. It’s definitely a go-to look for any lady. 

French Ombre

Nail design 2023: Full view of french ombre

If you love French manicures and ombre nails, this is the perfect blend of the two nail designs. In 2023 and beyond, don’t settle for less with your fashion choices. 

French ombre nail designs 2023

Create this nail design for an ethereal look. Then apply layers of polish as thin as possible to allow the color to blend together and create a gradient effect. 

Wednesday Addams Black Polish

Nail Design 2023: Gorgeous lady rocking black nail giving off wednesday addams vibes

Already, black polish never goes out of style, but when the series, “Wednesday Addam” came on board, it gave the polish a whole new look. 

Wednesday Addams Black Polish

Models who walked during Rodarte, Alice and Olivia’s fall 2023 shows did so with long, stiletto-shaped nails coated with black polish. To give yours more sheen, add a metallic polish.

Negative Space

Nail design 2023: This sheer lacquer is everything a lady would want

This year’s look on this nail design is slightly different from the traditional. Unlike others, you paint your whole nail with sheer lacquer to give your nails a more polished finish. 

negative space nail designs

We recommend painting these designs with a thin nail brush for an intricate look. 

Glitter Bomb

Nail design 2023: Lady rocks glitter bomb nail design

The glitter bomb nail design isn’t going out of trend any time soon, not even in 2023.

glitter bomb nails

When trying out this look, use a multi-color polish like Party in a Bottle from Ella+ Mila to create extra dimension. 

Pastel Swirls 

This minimalist look is the trending look for 2023

This nail design comes with a calm effect. In fact, just looking at them makes you feel good. 

pastel swirl nails

The interesting part is they also come as nail wraps, so you can get the same look at home if you want to. 

Lime Marble Nail Designs 2023

Nail Design 2023: This green striped look is definetly a fashion statement

This design is a classy fashion statement. It is one of the most gorgeous nail designs for 2023 you can never go wrong with.

a lady rocking pointed lime nail designs 2023

So feel free to give lime nails a shot.

90s Butterflies 

This butterfly look is a minimalist  nail design  that is trending in 2023

This look trended in the 90s and made an iconic throwback in the 2020s. Now almost every young girl is jumping on the trend. 

beautiful butterfly nails

You too shouldn’t be left out. So, pair any butterfly nail designs with any casual or formal outfit to get a gorgeous look. 


This micro french look is one of the nail design for 2023 that you should rock

In 2023, simplicity takes center stage with minimalist nail designs. And this French manicure, though colorful, has become a full-on minimalist. 

Micro French manicure

Nail technicians predict that this look will replace solid-colored pastels soon. Pair yours with any outfit for a gorgeous look. 

More Nail Designs for You

bridal nail designs 2023

Rocking trendy nail designs is the dream of every nail enthusiast. Regardless of the occasion, nails have a way of elevating your look. And the best part is, the inspos are almost endless.

For instance, say you’re a new bride looking for the right design to adorn your fingernails for your big day. You’ll always find nails for wedding brides that’ll glam you up for your special day.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t satisfied with the nail inspo for 2023 you’ve seen so far, check these out:

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