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Burst Fade: Everything You Should Know About this Style

New trends and techniques are constantly emerging in the ever-evolving world of men’s grooming and hairstyling. One such trend is the burst fade.

This haircut tapers the hair around the ear and down the neck for an all-around fade. It is one of the stylish variations of the fade, sometimes combined with the mohawk hairstyle for an edgy look.

Back view of a guy rocking the burst fade haircut

What’s more? This haircut is suitable for any type of hair. So whether yours is short, long, or medium length, that’s not a problem. The important thing is you choose a burst fade style that enhances your looks.  And that’s what we’ll cover on this page. Stay with me as we delve into the world of burst fade and why this hairstyle might just be the perfect fit for you. 

What Exactly is the Burst Fade?

Side view of a guy rocking the burst fade .

Burst fades are similar to traditional fades but with a twist. The difference is that the burst fade is only associated with the sides. In other words, the fade effect doesn’t include the back of the head. Instead, the fade curves along the sides, thus earning its name.  

To achieve this cut, your hairstylist creates an arch above the ear with a T-liner and provides a smooth transition by gradually shortening the hair above the arch. This results in an upside-down C-shaped fade haircut on the sides.

Oftentimes, most people confuse the burst fade for the drop fade. Though they share some similarities, they aren’t the same. The burst fade doesn’t go on toward the back like the drop fade. And you can pair this C-shaped fade with lots of hairstyles, like the French crop pompadour, frohawk, Caesar cut, quiff, fringe, Takuache cut, etc. 

Origin of the Burst Fade Haircut

Back view of a guy wearing the burst fade hairstyle

Otherwise known as the South of France fades, this haircut is believed to have originated in the urban barbering scene, particularly in the African American community. Also, it combines elements of the high-top fade, a popular style from the 1980s, with an edgy twist.

And nowadays, the haircut has earned more popularity—thanks to its versatility.

What is the Difference Between Fade and Burst Fade?

Back view of the burst fade hair styles with line designs

The burst fade is unique from the other fade styles. Instead of a fade straight around the sides of your hair, your barber fades your hair along the outer edge of your ear down to the lower neck. It’s quite similar to the Mohawk style but is less daring and much classier. 

Why is the Burst Fade Haircut Popular?

Young boy rocks the burst fade style with face  mask

The burst fade is gaining traction when it comes to popular men’s hairstyles and this is due to several factors. First, it’s a versatile haircut. The style can be paired with other haircut styles making it versatile. Whether you want a bold or subtle look, the burst fade can be tailored to suit your unique personality. 

Additionally, it’s low-maintenance. So, if you have a busy lifestyle, you need not worry about how to fit your hair into your tight schedule. Once you achieve this cut, sure you’d have to touch up often, but the overall upkeep is minimal compared to more intricate hairstyles  

How to Get a South of France Fade

Side view of a man with a clean shaven beard and slicked back burst fade style

To get this trendy look, your hairstylist will remove the bulk of your hair on the sides with their hair clipper. Afterward, they’ll set up a baseline and so your South of France fade takes shape. 

Then they’ll clean underneath the baseline with a shaver. And when that’s settled, your hairstylist will blend your hair upward to keep the C-shape. And after completing the fade effect, they’ll adjust the edgy details like the hairline so it looks less daring. 

How to Style this Fade Haircut

Side view of a man rocking  a side-parted mohawk style

When it comes down to styling this look, you need the right products like pomade, clay, or gel to get a shiny and slick finish. You can also use hairspray to help your hair form stay intact. Apply any of them to your hair while giving more attention to your top hair. 

But you have to ensure your hair is long enough before booking your next hair appointment because long hair provides more possibilities for styling. 

Burst Fade Hair Cuts Styles to Try

Side view of a guy rocking the mohawk style paired with fashion accessories

When you don’t wanna wear a mid-fade style or a short fade haircut, go for any of these South of France haircuts for a well-groomed look:

Textured Crop

Back view of the textured crop with the burst skin fade

If you have wavy and thick hair, this style is perfect for you. The dramatic contrast between the sides and the top will stand you out. Your hairstylist can add more accents to your hairstyle by sharpening the edges with a trimmer. 

Quiff Style

Young guy show off his newly groomed burst fade style

You can pair your burst fade with the quiff look as well as other fade variations. If you’re one who wants to try a cool and stylish hairstyle, consider this look. 

Low South of France Fade

Side profile of a guy rocking the burst fade with 2 lines design

This look starts just above the ears and curves around the neckline to the nape of your neck. It’s a stylish cut that doesn’t expose too much of the sides and back. And if you are aiming for a professional look, don’t miss out on this style.

Burst Fade with Designs

Side profile of young boy with his newly shaved burst fade style and line designs

Spice up your look with a nice hair design. This design ranges from lines to shapes, or anything that crosses your mind. Just be sure your hairstylist is skillful with the trimmer to give you the exact design you want.

Short Afro

Side profile of a young guy with the afro-textured  haircut.

The South of Francefade is great on afro-textured hair. Since afro hair showcases plenty of natural curls and height, the line cutting across blends perfectly with the curved fade to create room for the texture on top to shine. 

More Burst Fade Style Inspos for you

Looking for something that’ll tickle your fancy when it comes to this look? Check out these photos for more inspiration: 

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