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Peso Pluma Haircut: How to Recreate & Maintain this Unique Look

The Peso Pluma haircut bears a resemblance to the mullet haircut. Popularized by the Mexican star, Peso Pluma, this haircut has crossed boundaries, winning the hearts of fans and hair enthusiasts.

If you, too, have been contemplating recreating this iconic look, there’s good news. We did some research on this hairstyle and how to achieve and maintain it for a stunning look. Read on to see them so you can hop on the trend.

Peso Pluma Haircut: Picture of the star rocking the look

Who’s Behind the Peso Pluma Haircut?

Peso Pluma Haircut: Picture of the star in white rocking the look

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, who is better known by his stage name Peso Pluma, is the face behind the popularity of this haircut. He’s a popular Mexican music star credited for the meteoric rise of Mexican music—thanks to his brand of corridos tumbados

With more than 700 million official in-demand streams in sthe US and 18 entries on the esteemed Billboard Hot 100 chart, it’s safe to say Peso Pluma has achieved enormous success. 

How the Peso Pluma Haircut Looks

Picture of the star throwing a love  sign to his audience

Peso Pluma’s haircut is a mullet with faded sides and blunt bangs. The cut is shorter at the top of the head and sides, and longer at the back. But he customized it by wearing the sideburns and sides shaved or faded. His bangs are also combed forward with no volume, and they cover almost his entire forehead. 

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How to Recreate Peso Pluma’s Haircut

Peso Pluma Haircut: Picture of the star rocking his look

Here are some of the ways you can recreate this iconic look:

Research and gather reference images

Look for pictures of Peso Pluma’s mullet-like haircut from different angles and show them to your hairstylist. This way, you have a mood board you’ll be working with.

Find a Skilled Hairstylist

Check online reviews or ask for recommendations to ensure you find a barber who can deliver the desired result.

Talk with Your Hairstylist 

During your visit to the barbershop, converse with the barber. Show them the reference images of Peso Pluma’s haircut and discuss your expectations.

Trust the Barber’s Expertise

Barbers are professionals who understand the nuances of different hairstyles. Listen to their suggestions and trust their expertise. They may offer insights or recommend adjustments to ensure the haircut suits you.

Maintain Open Communication

Throughout the haircutting process, communicate openly with your barber. And if you don’t like a particular move they make, air your opinion.

Ask for Styling Advice and Tips

Once your haircut is complete, ask the barber for styling advice and tips to recreate and maintain the mullet look at home.

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How to Get Peso Pluma’s Mullet Without Cutting Your Hair

Picture of the star on shades and rocking his look

If you want to recreate this look without cutting your hair, make toupees your best friend. By wearing a similar style of hairpiece, you can achieve this look without making any permanent changes to your hair. Furthermore, not only does the toupee offer a temporary solution, but it also comes with many advantages. For instance, it helps you save time and money and you can always reuse them or take them off anytime you need a breath of fresh air.

How to Keep Your Peso Pluma Looking Pristine

Picture of the star rocking his signature look

So, you’ve got that fabulous Peso Pluma haircut, and now you’re wondering how to ensure it stays as fresh as the day you walked out of the salon. Fear not. Maintaining your Peso Pluma is easier than you think! Here are some key tips to keep your look intact:

Schedule Regular Trims for Your Peso Pluma Haircut

Like any masterpiece, the Peso Pluma haircut needs a little tender loving care (TLC )now and then. Regular trims are your secret weapon in maintaining its shape and structure. So aim for touch-ups every six to eight weeks to keep those layers looking sleek and refined.

Invest in Quality Haircare Products

Treat your Peso Pluma right by using high-quality haircare products suited to your hair type. Opt for shampoos, conditioners, and styling products your hairstylist recommends to preserve the haircut’s texture and vitality.

Embrace Proper Styling Techniques

Whether air-drying or using heat styling tools, employing proper techniques is crucial. So, when blow-drying, use a round brush to accentuate those feathered layers. Always apply a heat protectant for heat styling to shield your hair from damage.

Avoid Overwashing Your Peso Pluma Haircut

Frequent washing can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and dull. Aim to wash your hair as needed, and when you do, use lukewarm water and gentle massaging motions to maintain your hair’s health and shine.

Pamper with Treatments

Treat yourself (and your hair) to occasional deep conditioning treatments or hair masks. These treatments can nourish and rejuvenate your locks, keeping them soft, beautiful, and picture-perfect.

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Look Stylish with Your Peso Pluma Haircut

Peso pluma haircut: Picture of the star rocking his look

The Peso Pluma haircut is the epitome of suave. It blends sophistication with practicality. In essence, it’s not just a haircut; it’s a lifestyle that remains classic, always on trend. So if you are ready to try out the star’s unique hairstyle, visit your stylist for yours, and don’t forget to take enough photos for the gram.

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