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How to Rock BB Belts Like a Fashion Icon

A belt may be an understated fashion accessory but when it’s from BB Simons, rest assured it’ll become the core of your look. Besides cinching your waist and making your bottoms firmer, the BB belt adds a touch of opulence to your outfit.

In the world of luxury, this belt has become a must-have staple, adorning the waists of celebrities, models, and regular fashion enthusiasts alike. The reason for this is plausible. Who wouldn’t love to wear diamonds and crystals around their waist?

A lady wearing a pair of jeans with bb belt

If you just got a new BB Simon belt and need to rock it to perfection, this piece will show you how to. But first, let’s know about this brand.

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Why is B.B. Simon Belt So Popular?

a guy on a black tee and jeans with four bb belts around his waist

Simon Tavassolia and his team launched the BB Simon brand in 1987 to collaborate with Swarovski fashion accessories. It was a huge success as fashion enthusiasts were enthralled by the concept of wearing belts accessorized with Swarovski crystals and gemstones.

purple bb simon product

This brand has grown to reflect American luxury from the iconic Swarovski belts to Swarovski pets, mirrors, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.. Furthermore, BB Simon himself is involved in the entire creative process, from initial sketches to finished works. The brand continues to invest in the finest precious metals, gemstones, unconventional materials, and first-rate artisans to create fashion and home accessories of high quality and beauty.

Seeing its repute, hip-hop stars of the 2000s such as the American hip-hop collective, The Diplomats (Dipset), hopped on the accessory. They infused it into the lyrics of their songs, and that was how BB belts became a major part of Y2K fashion.

How to Style Your BB Belts

bb belt on a waist

The unique Swarovski gemstones and precious metals used in producing these iconic belts make them a fashion statement and a work of art. But you may miss out on their potential to elevate your fit if you don’t style them correctly. Use these tips to stay on track:

Baggy Pants and Top

lady rocking bb belt with jeans and a tank top

Loose pants like cargo pants, baggy jeans, etc., can sometimes have a wide waist. But you can keep them fitted with a luxury BB belt. Don’t forget to tuck in the front of your top so you flaunt the crystals to the world.

Mini Skirts

lady wearing a mini skirt with two bb belts around her waist

Flaunting your legs with a miniskirt will almost never go out of style. It helps you create that preppy look, especially when paired with crop tops or turtlenecks while your belt shines. For more effect, wear a pair of pantyhose underneath. It’ll give onlookers more deets to stare at.

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Pair Your BB Belt with Maxi Skirts

lady rocking bb belt with maxi skirt

After donning a maxi skirt and a fitting top, cinch your waist with this belt. Ensure the dress is in a contrasting color so the belt pops out.

Go Casual with Your BB Belt

guys wearing hoodie and sneakers

Jeans, tees, loose dresses, hoodies, sneakers, slippers, and other components of casual wear go well with this belt. For more effects, layer with your favorite outerwear be it a jacket, coat, blazer, etc., for a smart-casual look.

Chic Dresses

a lady wearing an all-back ensemble wth her bb belt

Who says you can’t wrap a belt around your waist after wearing a dress? Nobody. Even if anyone did, consider it antiquated. So, go ahead and try this option whenever you’re lost on how to style your belt.

Try a Corporate Fit with Your BB Belt

lady wearing a lilac suit paired with a rhinestone belt

You can also rock this belt with formal outfits such as suits, palazzo pants, midi dresses, etc. They’re a chic shift from conventional formal attire.

Let Your Waist Shine with the BB Simon Belt

lady wearing rings with gemstones girth around her waist

One way to show you’re a lover of luxury is by making it a part of your life. How do you do this? A classic way is to incorporate elegant items into your wardrobe and environment. As a fashion enthusiast, start by donning the BB belt. Though the gemstones may seem flashy, they offer an understated elegance that only BB Simon and Swarovski give.

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