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Lisa Frank Crocs: 9 Tips to Help You  Rock Them with Style 

Crocs has to be the most comfortable footwear ever made. But if you’re bored of regular Crocs, your best bet is to spice things up by wearing Lisa frank crocs. These foam clogs aren’t the Crocs you’re used to. They’re more stylish and colorful.

A pair of lisa frank crocs looking stylish

And like every foam clogs enthusiast, I am obsessed with Crocs. I wear them everywhere as they’ve become a major wardrobe staple. In fact, if not for occasions that demand heels, I would have swapped all my shoes for Crocs.  

If you’re a fan of foam clog shoes like me, I’m pretty sure you must have come across the colorful version of Crocs either on social media or in real life. That explains why you’re on this page, I suppose.

A pair of Lisa  frank crocs looking fashionable

So, what are these clogs about? Who invented them? Do you style them like normal Crocs? We’ll answer these questions and more in this piece. Now, let’s dive in.

Lisa Frank Crocs: The Collaboration We Never Knew We Wanted

A full look of this beautiful crocs

Lisa Frank Crocs is actually a collaboration between Crocs and Lisa Frank, a company known for its colorful designs featured on school supplies, stickers, etc.

When I first heard of the collaboration between these two brands, I was excited. Knowing these brands, I expected nothing short of excellence. On the one hand, Crocs already has many celebs rocking it while Lisa is known for her bubbling personality that shines through her product.

Forrest Green, Head of Brand at Lisa Frank, shared that the collaboration between the two companies was a perfect match. In his words:

“We are thrilled to unite Lisa Frank’s signature aesthetic with the iconic silhouette and comfort of Crocs. Individuality and self-expression live at the core of both of our brands and this limited-edition collection allows fans to take a bold step into spring in a vibrant and colorful way.”

Why Rock Lisa Frank Crocs?

Lady shows off her lisa frank crocs

There are many reasons why you should hop on this stylish trend, but I’ll be sharing three:

They are Stylish

Lisa frank crocs bring a whole new look to your Crocs set. I mean, what’s wrong with having these colorful Crocs that are perfect for summer in your collection? 

You can pair them with shorts and any tee, throw in a pot of sunglasses and look banging. These shoes are the perfect footwear to up your fashion game.

They Help You Embrace Nostalgia

In a world where fashion often takes itself too seriously, these foam clogs offer a refreshing change. You can embrace your inner child and have fun with fashion with this footwear. These shoes have become a reminder that injecting a bit of playfulness into our lives does no harm.

They’re Bold and Beautiful

These colorful shoes have become a bold fashion statement, capturing the attention of influencers and Crocs lovers. 

Whether you are pairing them with jeans, shorts, or even dresses, Lisa Frank Crocs adds a playful yet stylish look to your outfit

How to Style Lisa Frank Crocs

Full look of  lady on denim rocking this beautiful crocs set

Here are the tips you need while rocking these beautiful foam clogs:

Keep It Simple: Let Your Lisa Frank Crocs Shine

Lady celebrating her birthday while rocking this beautiful footwear.

To make your Lisa Frank foam clogs the center of attention, keep the rest of your outfit simple. Go for neutral colors such as white, black, grey, beige, brown, etc.  Or try monochromatic choices in bold solid colors.

By doing so, you allow your colorful Crocs to take the spotlight and create a bold contrast.

Try Denim 

Full look of a lady rocking denim jean with her lisa frank crocs set

Denim is one fabric that complements your Lisa Frank Crocs perfectly. Pair your Crocs with denim shorts, denim jackets, jeans, or a denim skirt. And don’t forget to accessorize with jewelry, sunglasses,  or a colorful scarf to complete your look.

Mix and Match with Socks 

plus sized lady wearing all black outfit with Lisa Frank Crocs

For a quirky and cozy look, pair this footwear with colorful socks. Whether you prefer ankle socks or knee-high, this combo adds an extra layer of personality to your outfit while keeping your feet warm and comfortable.

Embrace Colorful Patterns and Prints

A beautiful young girl with colorful floral prints and patterns while rocking her crocs.

If you’re feeling rather adventurous, why not pair your Lisa frank crocs with equally vibrant patterns and prints? Lisa Frank’s designs are known for their kaleidoscope of colors, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Try incorporating bold floral prints in your outfit. Remember confidence is key.

Rock Some Accessories

Full view of a lady pairing her lisa frank crocs with leg anklets

Don’t just pair your Crocs with clothes. Go for more by adding accessories to the mix. You can do so with an anklet, handbag, sunglasses, scarf, earrings, etc. They’ll spice up your entire look.

Pair your Lisa Frank Crocs with Long Skirts

Lady rocks this beautiful maxi dress with her lisa frank crocs

Long flowing skirts with a pair of Lisa Frank crocs have a way of bringing that bubbling personality to life. They’re simple yet chic. Next time you wanna rock your Crocs, put this look on your top five list.

 Outerwear Works Too

Beautiful lady rocks a beautiful pink jacket  pairing it with this elegant foootwear

Considering this footwear has beautiful patches of pink designs, you might want to pair them with a pink jacket or any outerwear to further complements your look. 

This works for blazers, denim jackets, sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, and every other piece you use in layering your outfit.

Pair Your Crocs with a Casual Outfit

Crocs can be worn too with casual outfit like this lady is rocking.

Crocs are the perfect footwear for casual outfits, and Lisa Frank clogs aren’t any different. Pair them with any laidback fit and look great for the occasion.

Loungewear Works Too

Lady shows off her lisa frank  crocs at home in a beautiful lounge wear

Who says you can’t rock Crocs at home? Nobody! So go throw on a classic tee with a pair of sweatpants, leggings, or shorts. These Crocs and loungewear are one combo you should never miss.

Lisa Frank Crocs are the Coolest

A beautiful picture of lisa frank crocs on the field.

Lisa Frank Crocs are an embodiment of comfort and style. The partnership between the two companies has captured the heart of many.  And as a lover of comfy footwear, it’s only necessary you don’t miss out on them. If you need more ways to explore your inner fashion icon by rocking this trendy footwear, you’ll find our piece on styling Crocs useful. Read it, put the tips to work, and be sure to take enough photos for the gram.

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