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How to Flaunt Your Sideboob with What You Wear

If there’s any recurring trend among the red carpet looks of female stars, it’s showing some skin. I mean, if they aren’t rocking sheer dresses that give glimpses of their entire body, they’re showing off their beautiful thighs, cleavages, underboob, or sideboob.

a lady wearing a black top that shows one of her sideboob

Speaking of sideboobs, show me a better show-some-skin trend that proves things aren’t always as they seem. I mean, at first sight (front view) you may think the lady has nothing out. But when you move toward her side, you’re forced to appreciate the wondrous works of her creator.

If you too would like to jump on this trend, you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, you’ll see all you need to know about showing off your skin via the sides of your breasts.

What’s the Sideboob Trend About?

a white lady in a green backless dress that shows the sides of her boobs

The female body is such a magnificent work of art. And when your skin is healthy, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to flaunt it. Little wonder celebrities tease us with their bosom on and off the red carpet.

The sides of your breast are great parts to flaunt. And if done right, you can achieve a sexy yet decent look. But how do you do it right? What do you even wear to expose your side cleavages? 

Let’s answer those questions.

Outfits that Show Sideboobs

a lady wearing an ash-colored dress that shows her side cleavages

Thanks to the outputs of fashion brands today, you have many clothing options that help you flaunt your side cleavages. They can be tight-fitting or loose-fitting. They can even be sleeveless or with sleeves. And they come in different styles too so you can’t really give a one-size-fits-all description of them.

But the underlying feature of these clothes is that they give a sneak-peek feel around the sides of your bosom. So, take note of this when you go shopping for any of these:

Sideboob Swimsuits

a sideboob swimsuit

Swimsuits are great sideboob outfits strictly for the waterside. So, whether it’s a monokini, tankini, bikini, etc., it’ll help you show your side cleavages while at the beach or pool.

a lady in a bikini that shows her sideboob

But before you buy that bathing suit that shows too much, be sure it’ll show your side cleavages as well.

Backless Dresses

a lady in a sexy white backless halterneck dress

Some backless dresses not only expose your back but also flaunt your cleavages from the sides. A good way to buy one is to be specific when shopping.

a lady in a sexy black backless halterneck dress

Ask the vendor if the dress is a sideboob one or include the keyword when shopping via their website.

Suits Without Camisole

Victoria Willie in a suit two-piece from Ria Kosher

Did you know suits are also great at flaunting your sideboob?

a lady wearing a pair of sunglasses and a double-breasted suit showing her sideboob

The hack is to wear a suit jacket or blazer without a camisole inside. It’ll show off the sides of your breasts. 

Sideboob Tank Top

a lady in a tank top with pins holding the middle

Tank tops that have low-cut armholes are great for showing off your side cleavages. This option goes with your jeans, bum shorts, ankara shorts, sweatpants, and even a classy pair of pants.

sideboob pink tanktop

It all depends on what your style intent is though. But a tank top that flaunts your side cleavages will be great for casual outings or a workout session.

Crochet Outfits

white sideboob crochet dress

If you love knitwear, ask your crochet designer to give you alluring pieces that show off the sides of your breasts.

a sexy crochet dress

The knitty holes around these outfits will add more doses of sexiness to your look.

Sheer Dresses

a lady in a polka dot sheer dress

If you don’t want to be on the lookout for the sides of tops and dresses when shopping, just get a sheer dress instead. 

a lady in a brown sheer dress

They automatically show the sides of your breasts because they are sheer.

Halterneck & Turtleneck Tops/Dresses

a lady in a backless turtleneck holding a bouquet flower

There are halterneck and turtleneck tops that expose your side cleavages. You’ll find them when you go shopping if you pay enough attention. 

a lady in a green sideboob dress

They’re perfect for creating a modest balance with your revealing top.

Sideboob Jumpsuits

Khloé Kardashian Paired a Chic Blonde Bob With a Sideboob-Baring Cutout Jumpsuit

This is one modest yet sexy option. Some sleeveless jumpsuits are designed to flaunt your side cleavages. 

a lady in a black sideboob jumpsuit

They can be made of mesh, translucent, or opaque fabrics. It all depends on you.

Plunge Neckline Pieces

An Asian lady in an orange dinner dress and an Asian man

Dresses and tops with a plunging neckline most times flaunt the sides of your bosom too.

Bella Hadid in a plunging neckline red dress on the red carpet

They’re perfect if you aren’t buxom but small-breasted so you don’t have your bust out in people’s faces.

What to Know Before Rocking Sideboob Outfits

milk-colored sideboob plunging neckline dress

Before you wear any of these pieces, keep this at the back of your mind:

They aren’t for all Occasions

These clothes are for informal occasions. Don’t wear them to formal gatherings unless it’s the Met Gala, Oscars, AMVCA, Grammys, or any red-carpet event.

In addition, don’t wear them to conservative places like your place of worship or work. You’ll get discomfiting stares that’ll make you wish the ground could open up and swallow you.

Use a Fashion Tape to Keep Your Breasts in Place

Wearing a bra underneath a sideboob dress will mar its beauty. So, go completely braless. But if you worry your nipples may get too perky, use breast tape to keep your melons in place. 

Be Confident & Self-Aware

As Chelsea Peng, Assistant Editor at Marie Claire, puts it:

“The best clothes are the ones you forget you’re wearing, but sometimes, it’s okay to sacrifice 100 percent comfort for a moment.”

Chelsea Peng

Clothes like this require you to be more conscious of your body movements. You don’t want to raise your hands and have your nipples out and stuff like that. And in the same vein, it won’t be nice to be caught adjusting your top to cover your sideboob every minute.

So be confident in your dress and be conscious of the steps you take too so you don’t experience a wardrobe malfunction. But don’t be too self-conscious lest you should appear awkward,

Create Balance for Some Modesty

If you love to keep things a bit conservative, hold this advice dear. Try to create balance by opting for not-too-revealing necklines while baring your side cleavage. For instance, instead of wearing a deep V-neckline, go for a scoop neckline, unless you don’t mind baring both your front and side cleavages.

Sideboobs are one trend that isn’t leaving the style scene anytime soon. When you feel like showing some skin but don’t want to go through the thigh or cleavage route, wear any sideboob outfit. But remember to use the tips we’ve shared here to create showstopping outfits only style icons wear.

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