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How Fashion Tape Saves You from Wardrobe Malfunctions

Once upon a time in 2016, I wanted to rock a backless dress but couldn’t because I didn’t have a suitable bra for it. And going braless wasn’t an option as I wasn’t ready to have my nipples compete for attention. As I contemplated wearing something else, a friend of mine suggested I used fashion tape to conceal my nipples so I could wear the dress in peace.

It worked. 

The breast tape kept my bust in place and I wore the backless dress as I wanted.

This goes without saying how important these tapes are in preventing and solving your wardrobe malfunctions. Apart from using them to hide your nipples, you can also use them to create cleavage.

Wondering how? If you read to the end, you’ll find your answers in this post. You’ll also learn how to use these tapes without irritating your skin.

Let’s dive in.

What are Fashion Tapes?

What are Fashion Tapes?

This is a double-sided adhesive tape, used to hold the edges of a dress or top to the cleavage, side of the breasts, or shoulders. This is necessary to secure your bra straps, fasten a loose button, keep your clothes in place, hide your nipples, or prevent your breasts from popping out from your clothes.

This tape is also known as cleavage tape, breast tape, lingerie tape, dress tape, or toupee tape.

Before now, women used regular duct tapes to achieve this fashion hack. Lingerie tapes weren’t in existence then and women had to maneuver their way around solving their underwear problems.

But these sellotapes had a drawback: They were harsh on the skin. 

Then came the need to produce special tapes for the breasts and fashion brands didn’t hesitate to jump on it.

Apart from the usage mentioned above, some women use it to push up their breasts when rocking low-cut, backless, or plunging neckline outfits.

It works by using the tape underneath and across your breasts, bending forward, and tightly pulling them up together. The results will be a lifted breast shape without visible bra lines

And whether you’re small-breasted or you have big breasts, you need a good fashion tape in your life.

But before you go straight to buy any of them, you have to know some things.

Let’s look at them.

What to Consider Before Getting a Fashion Tape

fashion tapes and illustration showing how to use them in different way

Before you go straight ahead to get a fashion tape, keep these at the back of your mind:

1. Consider Your Skin Type

Some tit tapes may be harsh to your skin. To avoid using one that leaves you with rashes or skin irritation do a patch test on your chest or arm, especially if your skin is sensitive. 

And when you’re sure it won’t cause any inconvenience, go for it. 

2. Apply on Dry Skin

Don’t use your fashion tape when your skin is wet. Ensure your breasts are clean and dry before applying the tape. This is important to help you avoid skin irritations.

3. Use Them with Accessories

No, I don’t mean your sunglasses, jewelry, or wristwatch. If your nipple is big and you think it’ll protrude even after using a fashion tape, do this instead:

Place cotton wool or pads on your nipples and apply your fashion tapes directly over them, beginning from your nipples to other parts of your chest.

You should also have olive oil handy as they help to relieve abrasion against your skin and prevent soreness when it’s time to remove the tape.

In addition to all you’ve read, don’t use water to remove your fashion tape. Use olive oil instead. 


These tapes are sweatproof and waterproof. They get stickier when in contact with water. In other words, using water to remove your breast tape would do the opposite for you.

And that’s a wrap on fashion tapes. Go get one already and use it to keep your breasts and clothes in place.


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