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Korean Street Fashion: 10 Must-Have Outfits to Nail Your K-Fashion Look 

If you’re a lover of K-Dramas, you must love everything about Korean street fashion. These guys aren’t only talented at producing Netflix blockbusters. They’ve got a style sense evident in their movie costumes and culture as a whole.

Now, Korean fashion is gaining traction, spreading its tenets into the world. And we have the proliferation of Korean movies and music, the Internet, and the fast-growing pace of the Korean fashion industry to thank for that.

As the world keeps crunching into one global village, one good way to become a part of it is fashion. 

smiling lady wearing Korean street fashion clothes

And if Korean street style has been on your fashion bucket list, get ready to tick it off.

Right here in this article, you’ll learn how to pull off your favorite K-drama actor’s look.

So, get ready to take notes and keep your screenshot button active.

Let’s dive in.

A Sneak Peek Into Korean Street Fashion

Korean man wearing white blazer with an umbrella

Korean street style evokes comfort and youthfulness. It’s relaxed like most streetwear outfits and doesn’t in any way constrict your body movements.

Many of the clothes that make up this style are androgynous as both sexes can wear them anytime, any day. They aren’t gender-specific. Also, they fit into hip hop, punk, rock, and other music genres.

As K-dramas, K-movies, and K-pop continue to spread, K-fashion is becoming one of the world’s best. 

You can tell Korean entertainment stars love fashion. A look at the music bands, BTS and Black Pink, proves this. in fact, they, alongside K-drama actors, contributed to K-fashion going mainstream.

Korean lady wearing black top with jeans

But their contribution would be non-existent but for the efforts of Korean fashion designers ruling the dress-up industry.

These designers fuse western styles with contemporary Asian culture to birth pieces that gain global acclaim. As a result, Seoul has become one of the top fashion capitals around the world. Little wonder the best street style at Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2021 comprised fashion-forward outfits.

An important word to keep at the back of your mind when expressing this style is comfort. 

Now, let’s see how it plays out.

10 Wardrobe Staples Needed to Pull Off Korean Street Fashion

Korean man wearing denim jacket with black jeans and sneakers

Bored of your regular mode of dressing and would love to imitate your favorite K-Pop stars? Not a problem then.

Simply add any of these items to your wardrobe and combine them as you’ve seen.

1. Ribbed Shirt

Korean lady wearing green ribbed shirt

This is one unisex top popular in Korea. Ribbed shirts are tops covered in rows of vertical lines. They mostly come as T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, or jackets. 

Korean man wearing cream ribbed shirt

These shirts are stretchier and more fitted than other knitwear. 

smiling lady wearing blue ribbed top

You can go for a tight or loose-fitting one depending on your style. And pair them with jeans, skirts, or any kind of bottom.

2. Jeans

Korean lady wearing layered to p on jean

Every type of jeans fits into K-fashion street style. From baggy to ripped, boyfriend, straight-cut, etc., a nice pair of jeans is a must-have staple to pull off an urban Korean look.

man wearing jeans on white sneakers
Korean lady wearing black top on ripped jeans

3. Denim Dungarees

rocking black denim dungaree

Yes! Korean fashionistas love denim dungarees and they sure know how to style them. 

Korean man walking in white T-shirt under denim dungaree

With a nice shirt, crop top, or even a ribbed shirt, you can create a denim overall look that depicts K-fashion style.

lady wearing denim dungaree shorts on black T-shirt

Ready to give this a shot? Look up our style guide on dungarees for inspo.

4. Neutral Colors

Korean man wearing all black outfit

One thing I’ve come to admire about K-stars is the way they rock white, beige, black, and other neutral colours like they are actually wearing more colors. 

Korean lady wearing neutral colors outfit

Although Koreans aren’t afraid to wear more colors, be they bold or pastel, they love neutrals.

man wearing brown neutral outfit

So, if you’re ready to emulate them, give neutral colors a chance. Wear more all-white outfits and black ensembles. You’ll have an aura of K-style surround you.

5. Oversized Clothes

Korean youth wearing oversized cardigan

Since Koreans love things comfy, they opt for loose clothing such as oversized sweatshirts, tees, pants, hoodies, jackets, sweaters, etc.

Korean lady wearing oversized shirt

They are breathable and offer you comfort and style at a go.

Korean man rocking oversized sweatshirt

6. Joggers

Asian lady posing in blue sweaters and white joggers

Wanna head to the gym or take a walk down the street? Wanna go on a vacation or even a date? If it’s Korean street fashion, then joggers are multifunctional activewear.

man wearing joggers with Nike sneakers

You can even wear them to sit out with your date. It doesn’t matter when it comes to K-fashion so long as the dress code is casual.

lady wearing grey jogger pants

7. Sneakers

Korean lady wearing leather jacket, joggers and sneakers

It’s street style, remember? And sneakers are a major part of streetwear outfits.

man wearing cardigan on jeans and sneakers

As you know, sneakers keep you on the go. And when the style is Korean street fashion, pair your sneakers with any item on this list and get going.

Korean lady wearing top and shorts with sneakers

8. Ankle Pants

Korean man wearing navy blue suit on ankle pants

Pretty sure you must have seen your favorite Korean male celeb rock this. Ankle pants are great for men looking to give onlookers a sneak peek at their legs.

Korean man rocking suit on ankle jeans

Moreso, they’re fashionable and can be paired with any shirt or even donned as a suit. 

Korean man wearing brown suit on ankle pants

Wear them with any of the formal shoes for men and be sure to leave the ladies drooling like they do to Lee Min Ho, Cha Hyun-woo, and other suave K-celebrities.

9. Long Coats

Korean man wearing corporate long coat

This list wouldn’t be complete without trench coats and other long coats. Koreans love to layer and this is one outerwear that comes in handy when it’s time to layer your outfits in cold climes.

lady wearing brown leather long coat

Koreans know this and always have at least one in their wardrobe. You too should do the same.

Korean lady wearing long black coat

10. Blazers

handsome Korean man wearing blue blazer

Speaking about layering, blazers are a must-have not just to pull off Korean style but to also look good.

Korean lady wearing big white blazer

Get this staple already and consult our guide to see how to style blazers and make a fashion statement.

man wearing black blazer on jeans

Other must-have fashion items to pull of Korean street fashion are chunky shoes, tees, cargo pants, crop tops, ruffle tops, hats, wide-leg pants, mini skirts, statement sunglasses,  etc. 

Korean lady with different schoolgirl looks

Also, women in this part of the world love to pull off a schoolgirl look. And to achieve this, they pair their mini A-line skirts with a beret, a pair of loafers, and a button-down shirt, turtleneck, or a long-sleeved sweater. 

Korean lady wearing schoolgirl outfit

They also layer their tops with a dress underneath as exposing your shoulders or bust region is inappropriate in Korea.

Furthermore, another thing peculiar about Korean street style is their love for public display of affection. 

Korean young couple wearing matching outfits

And no, I don’t mean they just hold hands and hug in public. Their display of affection goes beyond that as lovebirds wear matching outfits for couples.

This itself, is a definite yet subtle way to express love without speaking.

Beautiful Korean lovers wearing matching outfits

Would you love to wear coordinated outfits with your lover or any of your loved ones? We have a style guide on matching outfits as a whole. Feel free to check it out.

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