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7 Chic Ways to Style Chanel Fashion Sneakers

When you hear the name Chanel, what comes to your mind? Sleek leather handbags? Beautiful haute couture collections? Lush cosmetic products and what have you? If you think about any of those, you’re on the right track. But there’s one more thing to add to your list — Chanel fashion sneakers.

Nike, Adidas, and the likes aren’t the only luxury fashion brands that make these kicks. Coco Chanel doles out fashionable sneakers every season and that itself is the reason you’re on this page.

Chanel fashion sneakers legs in the air

But before you rush to buy or wear a new pair of Chanel sneakers, you should know how to style them in to earn stares and admiration.

That’s what we’ll show you how to achieve in this article. Be sure to save this post after reading it. You’ll need the knowledge when you’re ready to rock your designer kicks and exude style.

How to Wear Chanel Fashion Sneakers and Exude Style

lady rocking green New York shirtdress on Chanel fashion sneakers

The first thing you’ll notice about these designer eye candy is the iconic double C logo. Coco Chanel truly knows how to transform the regular kicks into statement-worthy wardrobe staples.

From high-quality materials to classic designs, these high-end sneakers are on top of the list. The best is the très chic look they bring. Even if you pair them with the worst dress ever, like a magician’s spell, they’ll transform you into a show-stopper.

It’s no hype. See for yourself.

black and white Chanel fashion sneakers

Now, let’s see how to rock shoes the fashion-forward way.

1. With a Suit

lady wearing pink suit on sneakers

Quite unconventional, right? But once you don a pair of suits with your Chanel fashion sneakers, be rest assured you’ll draw attention to yourself.

And no, it won’t be an awkward look but one of admiration. If your suit is a neutral-colored one, a colorful pair of Chanel sneakers would do the magic.

lady rocking checked suit on sneakers

But if it’s a bright-colored suit, then go for black, white, or kicks in neutral colors.

2. Don a Dress

lady wearing white dress on Chanel fashion sneakers

Whether you’re going for a skimpy bodycon dress, a midi dress, or a maxi dress, you’ll look dashing once you pair it with your sneakers.

lady wearing short dress on sneakers

If you’re a lover of Afrocentric fashion, use the ankara fabric to make your chosen dress. You’ll have beautiful ankara long and short gowns you’ll feel proud of.

3. Pair it With Your Pants

lady wearing black tank top and pants on sneakers

Sneakers are comfy, casual shoes. So, when you pair them with any kind of pants or shorts, be it leggings, joggers, ankara shorts, baggy shorts, or bum shorts, you’ll pull off a great look.

lady wearing black crop top and tight shorts on Chanel fashion sneakers

4. Skirts aren’t Left Out

lady wearing crop top with mini skirt on sneakers

Just like shorts, you can pair your miniskirts or midi skirts 

with a beautiful top and add more accents with your designer sneakers.

lady wearing pleated skirt on sneakers

They’ll keep you on the go and give onlookers something else to stare at while they drool on your beautiful thighs.

5. Layer, as Usual

lady layering her dress with jacket on sneakers

Who says you can’t add another layer of coat to your suit jacket? Regardless of the weather condition, you have no reason not to layer. 

So, grab on your coat, duster, sweater, blazer, jacket, etc. They help you restyle your look and achieve different outfits with the same clothes.

lady wearing sweater on skirt with sneakers

We have a style guide that shows you how to layer your outfits. Wanna give ur Chanel sneakers runway looks, check it out right away.

6. Jeans and Top

lady wearing top and jeans on Chanel fashion sneakers

Would this list be complete without the classic jeans on it? As you already know, jeans are fit for your casual and smart-casual outings.

lady wearing jeans with Chanel fashion sneakers

Imagine wearing your favorite type of jeans with a t-shirt, crop top, or a nice button-down shirt.

Stop imagining. Go try it out already.

7. Top Up With Accessories

wearing jeans on Chanel fashion sneakers with bag

I’d have asked you to go ahead and rock your luxury sneakers since you have six fashion-forward ways to pull off a chic look with them.

But since accessorizing is as important as putting on clothes in the first place, I had to add this.

lady carrying Chanel bag and fashion sneakers

Pick up your earrings, sunglasses, wristwatch, jewelry, headwear, and every other small but mighty fashion item that will punctuate your look. Wear the ones that’ll suit your outfit and stay simple while at it.

Furthermore, don’t crowd your look with too many accessories lest you should drown your sneakers which should be the focus of attention in the first place.

And that’s a wrap!

Now you’re fit to go wear your beautiful pair of Chanel sneakers. Don’t forget to take nice pictures for the gram too. Who knows, you just may make it to top fashion publications on the Internet.

lady wearing Chanel fashion sneakers on the street

But before you leave this page, there’s another crucial factor that can make or break how you style your Chanel sneakers.

It’s the way you match colors! One little mistake and you’ve marred your entire effort, including the money you invested in getting the shoes.

How then do you salvage the situation? Don’t wrap your head around the question. Read up our style guide on how to match colors and thank us later.

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