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The coolest trends of 2022 told by stylish fashion students

Today we don’t imagine our lives without the fashion industry. Many people are fond of so-called wearable art, so they do their best to keep up with the latest trends. Why is fashion so loved by many? Read the answer below. 

First of all, people admire fashion for visual aesthetics. Visual addicts enjoy being surrounded by stunning designs. Wearing trendy clothes is like a treat for those who perceive the world mainly through the visual channel. Fashion may also be a source of confidence. Rachel Zoe said that clothes are a way to say who you are without having to speak, isn’t it true? We all know that if you look good, you feel good too. What’s more, there is a psychological phenomenon called the enclothed cognition. In simple words, it’s the ability to improve work performance upon wearing the right clothes. How does it work? Probably, by wearing the right set of clothes, one feels more powerful and attractive. It helps them to present themselves to others more freely and be more optimistic. 

Besides, fashion is a major outlet for creativity. It’s more than a personal style. It allows you to form art through fabrics and textures in order to express yourself. If you are creative enough, you can even sew something on your own. Many young people, especially students, often do it in order to save money. However, tailoring requires a lot of time, which is so hard to find in a busy student schedule. To carve out a few spare hours for tailoring, you can hire a writer for essay assigned at school or use automated online tools to complete your paper more efficiently. So if you have an amazing idea for sewing, why not start implementing it right now? Maybe the fashion trends of 2022 will give you some inspiration. Keep reading! 

Fashion trends of 2022 

Denim with denim

Matching denim with denim is one of the biggest trends this year. It fits in well with monochrome styles. They say modern monochromatic vibe may transform the way everybody views denim. Now designers are trying to take another approach to this trend while maintaining its wow effect. They suggest to keep denim-on-denim look clean and to avoid wearing items that are of the same shade. Designers recommend to be intentional and either match denim perfectly or just avoid it at all. 


It’s time for students to change from loungewear to knitted comfort. During the pandemic, knitwear became the most popular shopping fabric. Denise Caldwell, a fashion stylist from Brooklyn, says that knitwear is perfect for students as it’s really so comfortable to run numerous errands in it. Also, you can get dressed in knitwear fast and with almost no effort. Knitwear is a great alternative to jogging suits. Students should give preference to crochet sets and styles since they are in trend in 2022

coolest trends of 2022

Pleated skirts

This year that legendary fold is going to return. Pleated skirts give the vibes of a school uniform that is loved by so many students. What’s more, this style promotes femininity. You can choose midi-length tight pleats or wider pleats on short pieces, whatever fits you best. Pleats are great to pair with a blouse or sweater. Also, put on some sneakers or flat shoes if you are going to college. But for party nights, you can pair them with heels to create a dressy outfit. Also, it looks stylish when you top your pleats off with a leather or denim jacket.

Preppy sweater vests

All nerds must be happy about this fashion trend. Sleeveless knit toppers look really cute, so they are set to have a big year. In 2022 cable knits and dorky prints are all rage. Oversized vests can be paired with straight- or wide-legged pants, mini-skirt, leather pants or even a pleated skirt mentioned above! There are so many options for vests right now. You can rock them with a cozy fabric, like cashmere, in a solid or neutral shade. Also, add a crisp white or ivory button-down shirt underneath your vest to look trendy! For a more masculine look, get an oversized suit vest over a slip dress. And for a more feminine look, put on a sweater vest over a maxi dress.

Final thoughts 

Fashion plays a major role in the lives of many people. If you are a fashionista, you should pay special attention to the trends mentioned above. Denim clothes, knitwear, pleated skirts and vests are some of the most stylish things in 2022, so why not add them to your wardrobe? 

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