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31 Gorgeous Ankara Pre-Wedding Pictures for Would-be Couples

You said yes to the love of your life some months ago. Now your wedding bells are ringing. Your parents are jubilating. Your friends are getting ready to buy your asoebi. Everyone is anticipating the official announcement of your wedding. And to do this, you need accompanying photos like ankara pre-wedding pictures for everyone to repost. 

Do you have a wardrobe consultant to help sort out your clothing from suits to dinner gowns and African prints like the latest ankara styles?

standing lady in ankara dress and man with matching ankara senator kneeling in proposal

If yes, great. But since hiring a fashion stylist would be an extra expense for you, we thought it wise to be your wardrobe consultant.

So, here you are with the right resource to find the best ankara styles for your pre-wedding photos.

Keep reading as we dive in.

Ankara Styles for Pre-Wedding Photos

couple wearing matching ankara with other material outfits in a prewedding photoshoot

If your wedding is coming up anytime soon, a lot must be on your mind. From your venue to asoebi, food, entertainment, bridal train, groomsmen, etc., everything has to be perfect including the photos you take with your better half.

You know, it doesn’t have to be ready-to-wear clothes you wear alone. You also need to rep your heritage by rocking African prints like Ankara.

couple wearing matching ankara blazer and dress for a photoshoot

And if you wanna have a mind-blowing effect, wear any of the matching outfits for couples but make it ankara-themed.

You can create an afro-urban look where you combine ankara fabrics with streetwear outfits and make an urban style statement. 

Perfect ankara pre-wedding photoshoot for couple in love

Or you create the typical dress and suit look with your spouse.

You can also both wear ankara shorts or ankara trousers with a matching top. It all depends on your personal style and taste.

lady wearing ankara dress and man wearing suit with ankara pocket filler for a photoshoot

But choosing outfits for your pre-wedding photos goes beyond picking any of the latest ankara styles for couples and heading to the studio.

What to Consider Before Taking Ankara Pre-Wedding pictures

happy couple wearing ankara outfit in a photoshoot

You have to consider other important factors that determine the success of your outfit. They include:

1. The Quality of Your Ankara Fabric

man and woman rocking matching ankara outfits

Just because you’re making a dress for a particular occasion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it every other day.

In fact, fashion becomes an investment when your items are durable. And for that reason, don’t buy just any ankara fabric with a nice print.

fine man and woman donning matching ankara outfits for photoshoot

Pick a good one that’ll last long and give you value for your money. Furthermore, ensure the fabric quality elevates both the design and your reputation. It should be classy, beautiful, and durable.

2. Your Chosen Style

couple wearing matching ankara outfits

The style you choose should suit and flatter your body type. You don’t want to wear something that hides your physical assets when it should instead frame them well.

couple wearing matching ankara outfits posing in a photoshoot

Most importantly, pick a style you’re comfortable rocking and not something you’ll keep adjusting while at the studio. If it isn’t comfy, it’ll affect your poise and expression in your pictures.

3. A Good Tailor

man and lady wearing matching ankara outfits for a prewedding photoshoot

It’s not enough to pick a good style. You also need a good tailor to bring it to fruition. Not only will your tailor do that, but they’ll also tell you if the style would suit your body type or not. 

couple in matching ankara outfits walking down the steps in a pre-wedding shoot

They’ll  offer professional advice on the right body fittings, accessories, and the necessary adjustment to give the style

4. A Good Photographer

couple in matching ankara playing drum and dancing in a photoshoot

Once your ankara couple outfits are ready, it’s time to go preserve memories. But before you head right for the studio, ensure you work with a quality photographer who won’t ruin your ankara pre-wedding pictures.

smiling man wearing kaftan with his lady wearing ankara dress in a photoshoot

That is, from lighting to background, editing, and props, everything should crown the effort you put in to pick the best ankara styles for couples.

So, work with an excellent photographer. And combine the remaining tips we shared here to take pre-wedding photos that break the Internet.

man in suit with ankara tie and woman with matching ankara skirt sharing love

Now that you know what to consider before going to take your ankara pre-wedding photos, let’s see the best ankara styles for couples that’ll give you want.

Here you go:

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