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37 Breathtaking Ankara Styles for Couples

It was another beautiful Sunday in church. But before the sermon began, the preacher told us a newly wedded couple would be having their thanksgiving service and we all anticipated it. As congregants began to walk in we were quick to recognize the celebrants, all thanks to the ankara styles for couples they wore.

Have you ever looked at two people and realized at a glance they had a connection? Perhaps, not because of the way they held each other in public but because of the matching outfits they wore.

Right from time, the ankara fabric has proven to be the uniform family and friends wear to show solidarity during social functions. If it isn’t lace, then it’ll be ankara asoebi.

It’s also become the go-to native wear for men and women who want to stamp their union in the hearts of everyone else.

couple wearing matching casual ankara outfits posing for picture at home

And if you have an occasion you plan to attend with your better half, why not wear any of the best ankara styles for couples?

They’ll stand you out from the crowd and let everyone else know you and your spouse belong to each other.

I guess that’s what attracted you to this piece in the first place. 

And if you keep reading, you’ll find the best ankara outfits for you and your spouse, right on this page.

Here’s what we’ll cover.

Ankara Styles Every African Couple Should Rock Soon

husband and wife wearing matching ankara and holding hands

Wanna wear some cool matching outfits for couples but don’t want ready-made clothes? Go for the ankara styles for couples.

They’re bespoke and you can tailor them to suit both your style and your spouse’s.

Whether it’s your introduction, traditional wedding, engagement ceremony, child’s naming ceremony, or pre-wedding shoot, these styles always come in handy. You can also wear them as a guest at someone else’s wedding and make a fashion statement there with your better half. 

And when it’s time to take a family portrait with your kids, these styles always save the day.

In addition, when you wear the same outfit as your spouse, you both will look stunning.

What’s more?

It shows you and your partner don’t just have an emotional connection but a stylish one too. And when this happens, you spur others to admire you and maybe mutter the God-when phrase popular among millennials and Gen Z. 

Let’s check them out below.

Ankara Suits for Couples

smiling man wearing ankara suit with smiling lady wearing dinner gown with matching ankara

This works in two ways: either you and your partner rocks ankara suits or the man does while the woman wears a beautiful dress to complement.

man wearing ankara blazer with wife wearing matching blazer gown

Whichever way, you’ll make a picture-perfect outfit worthy of social media reposts and emulation.

Ankara Senator and Dress to Match

couple wearing ankara suit and matching short gown

As a man, you can as well make a senator outfit with your ankara while your woman wears a matching dress or maybe skirt and blouse.

man wearing ankara senator with wife wearing matching gown

It’ll look great as the regular ankara up-and-down.

Mix and Match

couple wearing matching ankara and black material outfits

How about you combine a piece of ankara with plain materials? Let’s say black, brown, white, or any color of your choice.

man and wife wearing matching ankara and plain material outfits

This style gives more room for creativity in fashion and won’t consume much ankara fabric.

Ankara Bottoms and Shirt/Top

man wearing ankara pants with wife wearing matching skirt with white shirts

Here, you sew a pair of ankara trousers or shorts and wear a black or white shirt that blends in with the fabric.

couple wearing matching ankara pants and white T-shirts

As a woman, you can sew a skirt if you don’t wanna wear trousers. The idea is to wear ankara bottoms and pair it with a shirt.

Afro-urban Way

couple posing for a shot in matching ankara Afro-urban outfit

This works by combining your ankara fabric with your shorts, joggers, jeans, and other streetwear outfits.

Afro-urban fashion blends streetwear and Afrocentric fashion. It portrays you and your partner as a trendy, evergreen couple.

couple walking in matching Afro-urban ankara outfits

You can achieve these ankara styles for couples in different unique ways. Scroll down to feed your eyes and be sure to use your download button when you find the style that catches your fancy.

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