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36 Gorgeous Valentine Hairstyles for Your Romantic Date

It’s that time of the year when red and white will be the order of the day. And if you’ve got a date with your val, you not only need to know how to rock red outfits. You also should wear one of the best valentine hairstyles.

They’ll not only enhance your beauty. They’ll also align your look with the season.

And no, we aren’t referring to only red hairstyles here. Of course, you can wear a red-colored hairdo to blend with the season. But wouldn’t that be predictable?

Instead, choose from any of these hairstyles for Valentine we’ve curated for you and stand out when you go have fun on Valentine’s day.

Valentine Hairstyles for Women in Love

Got a date to attend with that special one? Wanna look your best so your partner falls deeper in love with you? 

After picking the perfect dress that accentuates your curves, ensure your hairdo also flatters your look.

Thinking of the one to go for? Not a problem. Go for any of these:

1. Cornrows with Heart Details

lady rocking love cornrows for Valentine

Give your shuku hairstyles, stitch birds, ghana weaving, and other cornrow braids a different look by adding the heart shape.

lady wearing love cornrows

It’s the season of love. How about you let your hair express it for you?

lady rocking cornrows with love shape at the back o her head

2. Ponytail

lady rocking long black ponytail for Valentine

This hairstyle is great for framing your facial features. If you belong to the forehead gang, it’ll highlight your forehead to everyone’s admiration.

smiling lady wearing braid ponytail for Val

What’s more? It takes your hair all to the back so no strand interferes with your face.

lady making gelled ponytail at the salon

You can wear some nice hoop earrings to add more accent to your face. And when your date sees you, he’ll be forced to bask in your beauty.

3. Pixie Cut

black lady wearing blond pixie hairstyle for Valentine

Need something that won’t disturb you while you chat with your date? The pixie cut is a great choice.

brunette rocking pixie cut

It comes with less stress as you won’t have to spend hours brushing your hair before you step out.

lady wearing curly black pixie cut

4. Twists

pretty lady rocking fat twists for Valentine's Day

Senegalese twists are protective hairstyles that are easy to install and maintain. Make yours chunky or thin, you’ll still look beautiful.

lady wearing long black Senegalese twists
pretty lady wearing black twists

5. Colored Box Braids

lady wearing red box braids for Val

If you don’t wanna do the regular black box braids, go for a color that pops you out and blends with the season.

lady wearing box braids with face masked

This could be red, wine, gold, or any color that suits your style.

lady wearing big box braids for her Valentine outing

You can go for knotless braids, chunky box braids, or slim ones too.

6. Wig

lady wearing red wig for Valentin outing

Got no time to do your hair? Not a problem. Just slip on a sleek wig and go attend your date already.

Victoria Willie wearing braided wig

You can go for a bob, curly, or straight human hair wig or a braided wig made like any attachment hairstyle. You’ll look great without experiencing any stress.

lady wearing wig for Valentine's Day outing

7. Low Cut

lady wearing silver haircut for ladies

This is a good option if you’re already on low cut. You don’t need to wear a wig, you know.

lady rocking short hairstyle dyed red

You can rock your haircut like that and go chill with your lover. To add more details, feel free to try out any of the latest hair color trends if you don’t mind the cons of dyeing your hair.

lady rocking black haircut for Valentine

8. Faux Locs

lady rocking blond faux locs

Would you like to look like you locked your hair? Faux locs are your best bet to achieve that.

pretty lady rocking faux locs

Rest assured they’ll last longer and give you value for your money even after valentine’s day.

lady in red rocking black faux locs for Val

9. Butterfly Braids

lady wearing butterfly braids

Wanna rock box braids in a different dimension? Go for butterfly braids. They are beautiful and the little curves around each braid make it more standout.

smiling lady rocking butterfly briads

As we earlier established, you can rock any of these hairstyles in any color of your choice be it red, black, or blonde.

lady wearing black butterfly briads

The important thing is that they suit your style and your entire outfit.

By the way, if you don’t plan to wear ready-made clothes on Valentine’s day, check out these ankara styles for Valentine. They’ll also give you that chic look you desire.

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