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How To Choose Your Outfit Every Day

It’s a new day and you have no clue what you should wear today? Don’t beat yourself over it. This is common, especially for those who own a ton of clothes or feel they don’t have enough clothes. You just need to know how to choose outfits and your problem will be solved.

I laugh anytime I hear men complain about how ladies take hours or even days to pick out what to wear. 

They don’t understand the struggle is real because it could even get worse depending on why you’re going out and where you are going.

But since our aim here at Svelte Magazine is to teach how to dress better in a few paragraphs, we thought it wise to prepare this piece for you.

So, if you always find it difficult to settle for what to wear, keep reading. You’ll learn how to choose outfits every day right here n this page.

What Makes it Difficult to Choose What to Wear?

Choosing an outfit

If you experience this problem when dressing up, you’re guilty of either of these reasons:

You think you don’t have clothes

This thought comes from thinking you don’t have what to wear to the event that day. And so you end up concluding you have no clothes in total.

It’s funny, right? But it happens, and this particular problem can leave you stranded for hours.

You don’t like what you have

This thought, in particular, means  “I have repeated this outfit too much, I need something fresh and new .“

Of course, who wouldn’t like to have new clothes to choose from.

But would you go buy a new dress when you already have what to wear?

One time, a friend had this thought, she still ended up wearing a cool outfit from her wardrobe. All thanks to her friends and the tips you’ll learn in this post.

Putting together outfits every day can be such a hassle sometimes. It takes mental effort and a remarkable sense of style. And to do that easily, you have to follow a guide.

Allow us to be that guide as we show you…

How to Pick Your Outfits Every Day

1. Consider the Weather

considering the weather when choosing outfit

 Checking this out is very important. You wouldn’t want to get all sweaty in winter clothes when it turns out to be sunny that day. What about when it rains and you’re putting on a sleeveless top? No one likes that.

To make it easy, study the weather before choosing your outfits. But since the weather is always unpredictable and you can’t tell by taking a guess, download an application that gives you daily notifications of the weather forecast. 

This way, you avoid feeling uncomfortable throughout the day.

2. Pick Your Essentials

laying out the essentials when dressing up

This includes items like your bottoms i.e., jeans, skirts, shorts, etc., if you aren’t wearing a dress. 

Also, shoes, handbags, jewel, and other accessories that transform your outfit will help to set the base for what you can wear that day.

For instance, let’s say you need to go to work on Wednesday. Then you choose a pair of black jeans with a nude bag and a floral scarf to accessorize. You should be able to imagine suitable T-shirts, shirts, and jackets you can add to create a beautiful outfit.

3. Consider Your Mood

considering your mood when choosing an outfit

Think about this because your mood determines how you dress every day. Knowing your mood and what you want to portray to the world that day is essential to add touches to the last tip mentioned. 

Although some argue that when you consider how people see you, you’re not dressing for yourself but for others to notice you.

This isn’t entirely true. 

For one, when you step outside, the world will always get to see you. So, if you have the chance to first look good for yourself and in turn control how they see you, then why is that a problem?

As Harry Winston, veteran American Jeweler famously said: 

“People will always stare. Make it worth their while.” 

Harry Winston

4. Consider the Purpose of Your Outing

considering your activities when choosing an outfit

Another helpful tip on how to choose outfits is to consider your activities for the day before dressing up.

Imagine wearing a seemingly tight dress or high heels only to end up struggling to board buses and sort out activities in different locations.

Frustrating, right?

We don’t want that to be you. So, consider your daily activities and narrow down your outfit options to suit them. 

If you‘re attending a conference or a party, check online to find style inspiration that’ll guide you on how to dress and suit that event.

Always dress for the occasion so you don’t wind up feeling out of place.

5. Accessorize

accessories for outings

Putting on an extra piece magnifies your entire look for that day. If statement outfits aren’t your style, you don’t have to wear bold accessories. A simple accessory like a scarf, rings, bracelets, etc., can do the magic for you.

6. A final touch to your outfit

using style apps

Before you decide to wear that outfit, make sure you aren’t breaking any of the fashion rules to live by.

Ensure all you wear matches your style and body type. And don’t be afraid to mix colors and prints so long as they are visually appealing.

Furthermore, groom your hair, put your shoes on, pick up your bag, and look at yourself in the mirror. If you like what you see, go out already. You nailed your outfit.

We don’t want you looking half-baked— that’s not the aim. We want you to look beautiful and handsome in every outfit you choose to wear each day.

And for that reason, here’s a bonus tip to choosing and planning your outfits:

Did you know there are outfit planning applications that will help you learn how to choose outfits everyday? 

When next you get stuck, consult any of these virtual styling tools to pair and schedule your outfits every day:

  • Closet space (Android & IOS)
  • Purple outfit planner (Android & IOS)
  • Closet+ (IOS)
  • Stylebook (IOS)
  • My wardrobe (Android)
  • Enty (IOS)
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