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Curly Mullet: 25 Cute Inspos for Your Next Haircut

Ever heard the saying: “What goes around comes back around”? It’s not just a life principle; it also applies to fashion. It’s the reason we see a hairstyle like the curly mullet from the 80s ruling the 2020s like it never left. 

What started as an 80s staple and transformed into a mainstream hairdo has re-emerged decades later with a contemporary touch. The mullet is one bold and genderless coiffure celebrities and fans are jumping on. We’ve seen it on Cardi B, Joe Exotic, Miley Cyrus, Barbie Ferreira, and a host of others.

Cardi B wearing wavy mullet

Curious about how to pull off mullet with curls? We did some research and compiled what we found into this piece. Here’s what we’ll cover.

What’s a Curly Mullet?

a guy wearing curly mullet

The answer boils down to first understanding what a mullet is. It’s a scissor and razor cut hair that features a longer back with a shorter top and bangs, and shaved or short sides. 50 years after it became popular, the coiffure has returned with a modern twist featuring more layers and less contrast with a long back. 

Furthermore, some even add more texture by accentuating the volume of the top layers while others go for bold colors, uneven bangs, and curls. Whichever twist you add, you’ll definitely get that radical look of the mullet.

Now back to the focus. Curly mullet hairstyles are simply mullets with curls. They’re perfect for people with curly hair. But if your hair isn’t naturally curly, your hairstylist can always add the curls for you.

Is a Mullet Good for Curly Hair?

a guy wearing burst fade curly mullet

Originally, the mullet hair was associated with rockers. Today, stylists have given it an avant-garde touch that makes it suitable for both young and old people looking to look sleek. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly, this style adds that attractive rebellious finish to your look.

So, if your hair is curly, go for a mullet to add more detail and movement around your face. However, try to keep it shorter and softer to suit your hair curl pattern.

Who Should Wear a Curly Mullet?

a lady with nose piercing rocking curly mullet

Anybody and hair type (whether afro-textured hair, 2A, 2C, or Asian hair) can wear a mullet.  As Bumble and Bumble Stylist, Tom Gallagher shared with Instyle:

“It is more about the person, character, and attitude than the age, gender, race, or hair texture. Ultimately, any hair type can wear a mullet. And, depending on how you style it, it can feel punk, romantic, or both, he says — giving you more options than you might think.”

How to Style Curly Mullet

smiling lady wearing a curly mullet hairstyle

The curly mullet haircut is a versatile hairdo. This means you can style it however you want. For instance, if you want more volume, apply a thickening spray. And if you want a natural finish, use styling cream on your wavy or curly hair. Notwithstanding, here are some of the best curly mullet styles you can experiment with to get that rebellious look:

Blonde Curly Mullet

pretty guy rocking blonde curly haircut

If you’re looking to switch up your look, take the plunge by bleaching your hair. You can go for any shade of blonde whether platinum or dirty blonde, etc. This style is great as the color collaborates with the messiness of your curls to help you stand out.

Bold-Colored Mullet

pretty lady wearing green curly mullet

If you don’t want blonde, you can either maintain black or dye your hair into any bold color of your choice. This could be red, green, blue, pink, or any color that suits your fancy.

Short Mullet with French Crop

Short Mullet with French Crop

If your curls aren’t so tight and you want to enhance your waves, go for this style. Just tell your stylist you want a mullet with short layers at the back, a slightly longer top, and a French crop in front or on the sides. It’s perfect for adding layers to fine hair.

Mullet with Fades

man wearing mullet with fades

You can also give your mullet a modern edge by fading the sides. A classic example is the burst fade mullet. It’s a cool haircut no stylish guy would miss out on.

Short Curly Mullet

a lady wearing short curly mullet

If you’re torn between wearing a traditional mullet or a shag, this look is for you.  It involves creating a haircut shorter in front and longer at the back while adding a gradual layering between them. To achieve it, keep your hair length slightly above your collarbones.

It’s a great length for women or mullet first-timers. And you can always add more texture with gel or mousse.

Mullet with Bangs

a guy wearing a face mask while showing his hairstyle

Who says people with curly hair can’t wear bangs? No one. So, don’t be reluctant to add some curly bangs to accentuate your mullet. The way the fringe will fall effortlessly over your forehead will complement your layers in the front and at the back.

But if you don’t want some of your hair over your forehead, rock your mullet without bangs. You’ll still look cute.

Pixie Mullet

pretty girl closing her eyes while showing her hairdo

Ever imagined wearing your curls into a ‘pixified’ mullet? It helps when you don’t want hair around the back of your neck. Simply ask your stylist to trim the front of your hair into a pixie cut to frame your face. But leave the back layers slightly longer than the regular pixie cut. Tada! Your cropped pixie mullet will be ready to sport.

Mohawk Mullet

man with ear piercings rocking mohawk curly mullet

Instead of a traditional mohawk, ask your stylist to keep the top a little shorter than the bottom. Then shave the sides and you’ll get that edgy mohawk-mullet combo.

Long Curly Mullet

lady rocking long curly hairstyle

If your hair is long, don’t trim it. Instead, keep your length and add layers to it through the mullet hairstyle. But trim the sides and the front to get that a drastic transition.

lady in the saloon wearing curly mullet

The curly mullet is a classic hairdo you don’t wanna miss out on. And since it has different types, it’s best you show your hairstylist a photo so they know exactly what you want to achieve. It’s a personalized coiffure with no hard and fast rules on how your hairstylist will achieve it.

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