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20 Cardi B No Makeup Photos to Boost Your Confidence

You won’t find celebrities sharing their natural photos every day. You can’t blame them for that though. For one, not every woman looks as beautiful with her bare face as she does with makeup. But Cardi B no-makeup photos say two things about her:

  1. The American rapper is beautiful with or without makeup.
  2. She is confident and proud of her natural beauty.
cardi no makeup photo flaunting her nails

And that’s what not every celebrity has. Some feel they aren’t complete without the glam and wouldn’t dare go to TikTok or Instagram with their bare faces. So when Cardi shares a no-makeup photo, you should tap into her self-confidence. And to help you do that successfully, you’ll find in this piece more makeup-free photos of the rap star. 

How Cardi B No Makeup Photos Stun Fans

Cardi B glammed and natural photos mixed together

Cardi remains one of the household names in the global rap industry. Her music which she combines with her beautiful face and banging body appeals to her fans. But that’s not all people love her for.

Take a visit to her Instagram story and you’d fall in love with the positive vibes she exudes. From addressing her fans to making jokes with her husband, Offset, you just can’t help but love this megastar. 

I mean, what better way to connect with your fans than give them a glimpse into your life behind the lights, camera, and action?

Now here comes the best part.

Cardi loves fashion. It’s evident in how much detail she pays to all her outfits whether on the red carpet or on the streets. Her fashion style is daring. Little wonder she never shies away from sharing her bare-faced selfies regardless of what anyone thinks.

What Kinda Makeup-Free Photos Does Cardi B Share?

Cardi B and Offset

Most of Cardi B’s no-makeup photos are videos showing her skincare routine, casual outings, airport looks, interactions with fans, bathrobes, random moments with her hubby and kids, etc.

Though her face may be void of foundation, drawn eyebrows, eyelashes, lipstick, and what have you, Cardi still flaunts her nail designs in her zero-makeup photos. It’s like those nails are a part of her signature style— long, sexy, and colorful. So if you get surprised when she pulls a no-makeup stunt, focus on the nails and remember it’s Cardi!

Furthermore, once she shared a natural photo on Twitter alongside one of her glammed-up photos. This got mixed reactions from fans. 

While some deemed her unattractive without makeup, others eulogized her natural beauty. Trust the Bodak Yellow crooner. She sure ignored the naysayers and couldn’t care less what they thought of her. So long as she sees herself as the queen that she is, that’s all that matters.

And indeed, no matter what anyone thinks, one thing is sure: Belcalis Almánzar (her real name) is real and true. Her sharing natural photos for netizens shows she has embraced her true self and isn’t afraid to show it to the world. 

This makes her an inspiration, especially when we remember her background from being a stripper to becoming a Grammy-award-winning artiste. 

How to Look Stunning in Makeup-Free Photos Like Cardi

Cardi B no makeup photo taken from a video

Besides her self-confidence and natural beauty, one reason Cardi never hesitates to occasionally give fans a glimpse of her life without the glam is her skin. Her skin looks almost perfect in all her zero makeup photos. And this wouldn’t be so if she wasn’t deliberate about her skincare regimen. 

So if you’ll like to have glowing skin that’ll make you wanna share natural photos often like Cardi B, use these tips:

Exfoliate Regularly

Your skin cells die almost every day. And f you don’t take the dead ones off your face, they’ll clog your pores and prevent skincare products from penetrating.

Exfoliating gets rid of these dead skin cells. You should exfoliate at least three times a week with a natural or chemical scrub. Thankfully, we have a piece that shows you how to exfoliate properly without harming your skin. Do check it now or if you’d rather do it later, let’s proceed.

Moisturize Your Skin and Hair

If you don’t lubricate your body and hair with creams and oils, it’ll get dry. So moisturize with the right products to get that healthy sheen that leaves eyes staring.

Clean Up Well After Makeup

If you wear makeup often, don’t joke with your routine. Always wipe the products off your face and cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed.

Eat Good Food

What you see outside is a reflection of what’s inside. So try as you may with the best skincare products you’ll find in the market, if you don’t work on what goes into your body, your efforts will be in vain.

Now, how do you do this? Be deliberate about consuming a balanced diet. Incorporate the foods for healthy skin into your diet and watch how your skin glows better.

Drink Enough Water

Ever heard the saying, “Water is life?” It’s not a lie. Water is indeed life. Without it, we’ll all get dehydrated and pass out. Without water, your skin will look so parched and unattractive. So aim to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Your skin will flourish like a tree planted by the rivers of water.

Get Enough Sleep

After the day’s stress, if you don’t sleep well enough, there’ll be telltale signs on your face such as puffy eyes, dark circles, etc. And those aren’t signs of healthy skin. So aim to sleep for at least eight hours every day. Your body needs it to feel reenergized for another day’s stress.

Now that we know the secrets to sharing stunning zero-makeup photos like Kulture’s mother, feast your eyes on some Cardi B no-makeup pictures and let us know what you think. Is she a stunner without the lashes and brows or not? We think she is. But what do you say?

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