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Mushroom Haircut: 28 Cute Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hairdo

It is no longer news that fashion trends are cyclical. What goes around today, comes back around in a few years’ time. This principle works for hairstyles too, We’ve seen the wolf cut, mullet, and other haircuts from the past resurface into the 2020s. And mushroom haircut is one of them.

a lady smiling showing her mushroom haircut

Perhaps, you may not know that’s the name, but you’ve definitely seen this hairstyle before. It’s an androgynous haircut some people call bowl cut. And if you’re looking to take a blast from the past, give this style a shot.

Wondering how to go about it? That’s what this article will cover. Keep reading as we dive in.

What is the Mushroom Haircut?

a man with a tatoo on his neck wearing a mushroom haircut

The mushroom hairstyle, also known as a bowl cut, is a simple yet detailed way to style your hair. It features short hair on the sides while the top is left long and even. The result is usually a rounded hairdo that resembles a mushroom head, hence its name.

Traditional mushroom haircuts always have the same length, but modern iterations allow for more styling options at the back while focusing on the round bangs.

Furthermore, celebrities and models have donned this haircut. For instance, French actress Marion Cottilard rocked this haircut on the Met Gala 2023 red carpet and looked dazzling. Similarly, Charlize Theron has sported the haircut too. If you’re still doubting, here’s the go-ahead you need to take the plunge. If world-class celebrities rock the bowl cut, that lends credence to its coolness. So, if you’re still doubting, this is the sign you need to go ahead with it.

How to Style Mushroom Haircuts

Mary J Blige wearing blonde bowl haircut

After your hairstylist has given you this haircut, styling it won’t be difficult. First, you have to ensure your hair is clean always by washing your hair with a volumizing hair care product. This will help add volume to your bowl hairstyle.

Afterward, enhance the texture by applying a texture finishing spray all over your hair. This is perfect for short bowl haircuts. Once you’ve boosted the texture, use a blowdryer with the concentration nozzle attached to dry your hair. As you do so, finger-comb your strands and use your hand to lift your hair at the roots. But if your hair is naturally curly or wavy, use a round brush to straighten your texture first before blow-drying.

Once that’s settled, your hair is almost ready. But don’t leave the mirror yet. If you need curls, use a one-inch curling iron to create loose, chunky curls that don’t have to be perfect.

Cute Mushroom Haircuts You Should Try

Ready to rock this haircut? Choose from any of these inspos below:

The Straight Mushroom Cut

Zendaya rocking a bowl haircut

As the name implies, this style is straight with no curls or waves. In addition, it may or may not feature uneven lengths.

Shag Bowl Cut

a lady wearing feathered mushroom haircut

Go for this one if you’d like your bowl haircut to have different lengths. It’s a great way to add more definitions to your hairdo.

Blunt Bowl Cut

lady wearing blunt mushroom haircut

This blunt cut gives your hairstyle sharp edges that create a clean and neat look. But just so you know, this haircut needs a lot of upkeep lest the lengths become uneven and lose their sharpness. So, be ready to visit your hairstylist at least every six weeks.

Messy & Edgy Mushroom Haircut

pretty lady wearing messy mushroom hairstyle

This style requires less product and styling to maintain. All you need do is to use your hands to tousle it to keep that messy look going.

Choppy Bowl Cut

a lady with a model-like face and statement earrings wearing a choppy bowl cut.

This look is boyish and also shorter than most mushroom haircuts. But guess what? It still has its way of oozing femininity.

Bowl Haircut with Bangs

pretty lady showing off her bowl hairstyle

If you want to give your fringe a unique look, make it longer than the back of your hair. You can also add some slight curls to spice things up.

Wavy or Curly Mushroom Haircut

a guy rocking a wavy mushroom haircut

How about you add some beach waves or ringlets to your mushroom hairdo? You can never go wrong with ‘em curls, so go for it.

Mushroom Haircut with Undercut or Fades

a guy wearing Mushroom Haircut with Undercut or Fades

If you don’t wanna transform all the hair on your head to this style, shave the sides into a fade or the back and neck into an undercut. It’ll create a gradual transition that uplifts your hairstyle

Mushroom Haircut with Cropped Bangs

a cute girl rocking a bowl haircut with cropped bangs

This fringe will frame your face and keep it open to shine. It’s a great way to rock this hairstyle with bangs that don’t overwhelm your entire look.

Fringeless Mushroom Haircut

white lady wearing an almost fringeless bowl style

Don’t want anything disturbing your forehead? Go ahead and rock your mushroom style without bangs. Most times, it’s not like the style doesn’t have bangs. Instead, they feature way too short cropped bangs that can pass for fringeless.

Bold-Colored Mushroom Haircut

Bold-Colored Mushroom Hairstyle

Need to make a statement at a major event? Wear this hairstyle in a bold color. It could be blonde, blue, neon, red, or any color that makes you pop out. But you have to be confident enough to pull it off.

And that’s a wrap on the mushroom haircut. If you aren’t satisfied with what we’ve curated so far, don’t give up. You just might find what you’d like below:

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