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Wolf Cut for Men: 10 Styles for the Modern Man

There’s something about the wolf cut for men that oozes confidence. The style is wild and shaggy but doesn’t mess up your appearance. Instead, it adds that extra oomph that suits any facial structure.

Though initially popular among women, the coiffure has also gained grounds among men.  It’ll be surprising if you haven’t caught the fever yet, but I doubt that since you’re on a page that talks about this special half-mullet, half-shaggy haircut.

Full picture of a guy rocking the wolfcut for  men

Let’s say you took a break from doing normal fade hairstyles like mid fade or high taper fade and decided to grow out your hair. Then this look is the perfect solution for a cool makeover. In this article, we’ll dive into why this hairstyle is so unique, breaking down its origin and styling techniques. We’ll also give you a rundown on all the different wolf cut men’s hairstyles you can consider. 

The Origin of the Wolf Cut

Full picture of a guy rocking the wolf cut for men

The term “wolf cut” draws inspiration from the untamed, wild appearance of a wolf’s fur. It’s all about embracing natural texture and volume while maintaining a certain level of controlled chaos. Originating from South Korea, this haircut gained immense popularity due to its versatility and ability to suit various hair types and face shapes. Spotted on multiple K-pop stars from BTS’ Jungkook to Stray Kids’ Hyunjin to TXT’s Beomgyu, this haircut has also taken the Western world by storm

Why the Wolf Cut for Men?

Side picture of a guy rocking the wolf cut  for men

Here are some reasons this look is fast becoming a favorite for men:


One of the key reasons for the wolf cut’s popularity is its versatility. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, this style can be tailored to complement your natural hair texture. 

Effortlessly Cool

The wolf cut exudes an effortless coolness that is hard to match. It strikes a perfect balance between ruggedness and refinement, making it ideal for men who want to make a statement without appearing too polished.

Low Maintenance

Although this hairstyle is not entirely low maintenance like the buzz haircut, it still doesnt cost much time and effort to maintain it. So you can achieve that stylish look without spending hours in front of the mirror.

How to Achieve the Perfect Wolf Cut

Side picture of a man rocking the  curly wolf cut

Wanna rock this coiffure with style, here are some things you need to do:


Start by consulting with a skilled hairstylist who understands the nuances of the wolf cut. They can assess your hair type and face shape to tailor the haircut accordingly.


Texturizing techniques are important for the wolf cut. This involves creating layers and subtle asymmetry to achieve that effortlessly tousled look.


To style a wolf cut, use a lightweight styling product such as a matte pomade or texture spray. Apply the product evenly, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends, to enhance the natural texture of the hair.

Regular Maintenance

While the wolf cut is low maintenance, regular trims are essential to maintain its shape and prevent it from looking unkempt.

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Wolf Cut Styles for Men You Can Try

Guy rocks wolf cut with shaved sides

Now that you have an idea of this gorgeous and stylish look, you may need a style that will suit your face perfectly. Here’s a look at them:

Wolf Cut Mullet

Picture of a guy rocking the mullet

This wolfcut for men is derived from a mullet. To achieve it trim the sides but leave more hair in the back. This wolfcut mullet combo produces a mullet fade that is incredibly bold and edgy. With it, you are sure to be the center of attention.

Short Wolfcut

Full picture of a guy rocking the unique hairstlye

Don’t worry if you don’t like long hair. Your best bet for a short haircut that is cool and stylish is the wolfcut. With this hairstyle, you look more organized and you can wear it to work. The sides of the head are neatly trimmed, while the top and front of the head are longer than the rest of the hair.

Oasis Style Wolf Cut for Men

picture of a guy rocking the stylish look

Look at this awesomely jagged wolf cut. It is fantastic for anyone who likes to move their hair a little. It is a round classy style that never gets old. This haircut works well on fine to medium hair textures.

Alternative Blonde Wolf cut

Full picture of a guy rocking the alternative look with blond vibes

Wanna take this edginess a notch further? Attempt this look with bleached hair and out-of-proportion layers. The cut will seem noticeably different if you keep your tone cool and use silver shampoo.

Bowl Wolf Cut

Picture of a guy rocking the bowl wolf cut with class

K-pop lovers will definitely recognise the bowl wolf cut. It is popular among K-pop idols, and the bowl-like shape and wispy layers of this hairdo exude a very fun and youthful vibe. To get the airy and light finish you need for this look, apply just a tiny amount of hair wax and you’re good to go.

S-Shaped Wolf Cut

Full picture of a guy rocking the S shaped wolf cut for men style

Longer layers cut “in a feathered style” is the main feature of the S-shaped wolf cut. This gives your hair a wavy S-shaped pattern that adds volume and movement. If your hair is already naturally wavy, then don’t hesitate to try this look. 

Heart-Throb Medium Length Wolf Haircut

Full picture of a guy rocking the unique style

This look transports you back to your high school years and screams teen heartthrob. The style retains a strong masculine vibe and you can rock it to feel good.

Low-Maintenance Wolf Cut with Contrasting Edges

Side picture of a guy rocking the wolfcut for men  with shaved sides

Go short to keep it simple but experiment with different effects on the edges of your wolf cut.  Make sure you mix things up and don’t be like everyone else. The combination of soft layers on the neck and hard lines gives the hairstyle an edge and balance.

Curly Hair Wolf Cut

Side picture of a guy rocking the curly wolf cut  for men  with curls

Curly hair works just as well as any other texture for a wolf cut, which is one of the best aspects of this hairstyle. Furthermore, a curly wolfcut has a lot of inherent structure and definition, so you won’t need to work too hard to get that bold style. Adding permed mullet or simply running your fingers through your hair while using a texturizing product is a simple way to style this look.

Long Wolfcut

Full picture of a man rocking the long wolf cut  for men with class

It is left to you to decide how long you want the men’s wolf cut hairdo. If you don’t mind having long hair, you are guaranteed to have a stylish and cool look. If you pair a long wolf cut with an equally vintage-inspired attire, you will be considered one of the most fashion-savvy guys in town.

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Wolf Cut Men: Embracing the Wolf Within

Side picture of a man rocking the look

Beyond being just a hairstyle, the wolf cut for men represents a mindset – one that embraces individuality and self-confidence. It signifies breaking free from societal norms and expressing oneself in a bold, unapologetic manner. By opting for a wolf cut, men can tap into their wild side, channeling the spirit of the wolf – strong, resilient, and fiercely independent.

So, if you’re looking to redefine your style and unleash the inner wolf, consider embracing this hairdo.

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