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Invisible Locs: Everything to Know About this Gorgeous Hairdo

Ever looked in the mirror and wondered what you could do with your hair? It’s a normal thing for ladies. Once in a short while, the dilemma always comes. But quick one, have you tried invisible locs?

a lady wearing brown invisible locs with knotted ends

Unlike other faux locs hairstyles, these are non-committal dreadlocks with a twist-like way of installing. So if you’re contemplating dreads but don’t want to fully commit to a loc journey, wear invisible loc. Wondering what it entails and the many styles that come with it? You’ll find all your answers in this piece as we’ve got the lowdown on invisible locs, including how to achieve them and take care of them afterward. 

Why’s this Hairstyle Called Invisible Locs?

pretty young woman wearing invisible locs hairstyle

If you’re a lover of low-maintenance locks, this hairstyle is the one for you. Don’t be deceived by the name, the coiffure isn’t invisible at all. Instead, it gets its name from how they’re installed which differs from regular faux locs or soft locs.

The locs are usually blended into your natural hair to create a seamless look. Here, your hairstylist doesn’t wrap the extensions around the roots of your hair to the ends. Instead, they make two flat twists on your natural hair before twisting the locs hair extensions into your flat twists.

Furthermore, some stylists use the crochet method to achieve these locs. For instance, they can make two small braids to crochet the extension through before blending it with a flat twist. In the end, you get natural-looking two-strand twists that give the illusion of locs. So yes, invisible locs are basically two-strand twists that look like locs.

They’re versatile enough to be styled in different ways. What’s more? They’re becoming the go-to choice for lovers of locs without commitment.

What Extensions Do You Need to Install Invisible Locs?

beautiful lady showing her locs hairdo

Marley hair, Cuban hair, or pre-fluffed freetress hair are the right extensions for this hairstyle. Depending on the size and length you aim to achieve, you’ll need two to six packs of extensions.

How Long do Invisible Locs Last?

pretty bespectacled black girl wearing invisble locs hairstyle

With proper maintenance, this style can last for three to four weeks. But this largely depends on your hair type and how well you maintain the locs.

Are Invisible Locs Real Locs?

fine lady wearing twists locs hairstyle

No, they aren’t. Invisible locs aren’t even locs but twists and they differ from other faux locs for that reason. The style consists of two sections twisted with braiding hair fed into your hair for length. Then your hairstylist will twist the two sections together to form that rope-like appearance that can be left long or knotted at the ends for a bob look.

Any Difference Between Invisible Locs and Faux Locs?

a lady rocking her invisible locs tiwsts as two buns

Yes, there’s a difference between both types of locs and it mostly lies in the installation methods. For one, invisible locs are not crocheted at the roots like regular faux locs. Instead, your hairstylist twists the extensions into your natural hair just like feed-in braids. But this isn’t the same for faux locs which you install by either crocheting or tying to your hair.

In other words, while you twist invisible locs, you don’t twist faux locs. So in conclusion, the major difference between both is in their appearance: invisible locs are twists, and faux locs are fake dreadlocks achieved with extensions.

What’s the Difference Between Invisible Locs and Senegalese Twists?

pretty lady smiling and flaunting her hairstyle

As earlier established, invisible locs begin as flat twists before transitioning into two-strand twists. On the other hand, Senegalese twists begin right from the roots as two-strand twists. In addition, while you can use Marley hair for Senegalese twists, the most preferred hair extension for it is attachment/synthetic braiding hair. But this isn’t the case for invisible locs.

What are the Pros and Cons of Invisible Locs?

a lady looking beautiful in her invisible locs hairdo

Let’s start with the goodnews. First, it’s a protective hairstyle. And if your scalp is tender, you’ll love this coiffure. And that’s because the extensions are lightweight and you won’t experience the tight process of wrapping extensions around your roots like how it’s done for soft locs, faux locs, or Senegalese twists. 

Furthermore, taking out the twists is easy too. All you need to do is to unravel them and they’ll be off. But if your stylist includes smaller braids to crochet the Marley hair to your hair, your loosening process may not be that easy. Also, this style comes in different lengths and colors so you can always go for the one that suits your fancy.

On the flip side, invisible locs don’t last as long as faux locs do. And you can’t retouch them as you would regular locs. Instead, you’d have to remove the twists before reinstalling them. 

How to Maintain Invisible Locs

a young lady smiling while showing off her black and brown invisible locs

Unlike traditional locs that require regular maintenance, invisible locs are low-maintenance. You don’t have to spend hours retwisting or palm-rolling your locs and visiting the salon for upkeeps. This style is perfect if you have a busy lifestyle.

You only need to sleep with a silk bonnet/scarf or a silk pillowcase to preserve the twists and protect your roots from frizzing. In additon, you can also apply natural oils to your scalp and hair mousse add more sheen to the twists.

Invisible Locs Hairstyles to Try Today

chubby lady rocking invisible locs

This is one versatile coiffure that comes in different forms ranging from:

Short Two-Strand Twists

side-view of short invisible locs

If you don’t want your tests all over your back, keep them short. This can be around your neck or even a bob length.


shoulder-length burgundy bohemian locs

If you want things a tad longer than short, aim to keep your twists around your shoulders. They’re neither long nor short and this helps you stay stylish and comfy.

Peekaboo Invisble Locs

half-done black and yellow invisible locs

Would you like to add a pop of color to your twists without doing too much? Use the peekaboo technique. It involves combining a bold shade of hair extensions with streaks of a muted shade to create a pretty hairdo.

Long Invisible Locs

back view of long peekaboo twists

Would you like to draw attention to your back? Then keep your twists long. You can take them all the way to your waistline or even your buttocks.

Invisible Locs with Knotted Ends

a lady wearing eyeglasses while flaunting her nvisible locs with knots

You can also knot the ends of your twists. This will give it a twist (pun intended) from the usual blunt ends you may be used to.

Boho Twists

a lady wearing brown bohemian invisible locs

Thinking of ways to add more accents to your twist? Attach curls to them. These twists or braids with curls are similar to Bohemian braids. They’re super attractive and give your hairdo a dazzling looks.

Accessorized Twists

pretty girl accessorizing her hairstyle with cowries

Don’t forget to add cuffs, beads, scarves, scrunchies, cowries, barrettes, etc., to your hairdo. They help spice things up while magnifying your look.

Colored Twists

back view of red invisble locs with knotted and curly tips

And if you don’t want your twists in black or brunette extensions, go for other bold colors that suit your skin tone. They ensure you stand out while looking your best.

Invisible Locs are a Must-Wear for All Hair Types

pretty invisible twists with colorful knots at the ends

Are you doubting this hairstyle would suit you? Come off it and give it a try already. Why? This is one coiffure perfect for any hair type. So whether your hair is short or long, natural or relaxed, give it a shot. I’ll protect your hair from damage while fostering hair growth. And if you need more style inspo, here you go:

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