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Braids with Curls: 27 Stunning Ideas for Your Next Hairdo

Braids are a statement hairstyle on their own. But what if I told you that you could add more accents to them, not by accessorizing this time around, but by curling? Sounds interesting, right? And that’s just how braids with curls are.

a lady wearing long boho braids with curls

They add that extra interesting detail to your coiffure that transforms you from plain Jane to a baddie. Furthermore, curls bring that fun and playful vibe. And when you wear them you look super gorgeous.

Want to get that jaw-dropping effect for your mane? In this article, we curated the most elegant braids with curls. Whether you’re searching for a minimalist coiffure or a sassy one, scroll down and make your choice. But first, let’s see how to get these curls on braids.

How to Achieve Braids with Curls

a pretty girl rocking short curly braids

Curled braids are braids with curls around the ends, middle, and a few inches from the top of the braids. Sometimes, these curls are simply attached as strands to the braids. And they’re achieved through different methods which are:

With a Curling Iron

This method only works with human braiding hair. This is because curling iron can burn or melt synthetic braiding hair. So, to curl human hair extensions, wrap the parts of the braids you want to be curled around the curling iron. Let them sit for some seconds before gently releasing them. The results will be loose bouncy waves that’ll leave you feeling happy.

With Hair Rollers and Hot Water

Hair rollers are hair styling tools that are used for creating curls. If you want to use them to get your curls, wrap one or a few individual braids around a hair roller, and dip in hot water for a few seconds before taking them out. Do the same for all the braids. Afterward, hold a towel in your hand and use the other hand to remove the braids from the rollers.

However, hair rollers have different types such as perm rods, curl formers, ribbon curlers, flexi rods, and steam rollers, etc. And they all create different curls. For example, while the smaller ones give tighter curls, the larger ones give loose curls. So before you go for any, consider the size of curls you want to achieve.

With Thread, String, or Yarn

You can also use thread, yarn, or string to create braids with curls. It’s an alternative for when you have no rollers available. You do this by tying the string, thread, or yarn around the part of the braids you want to be curled, then push the braids from the ends to where the tying starts. Afterward, secure it into a knot with the same piece of string at the ends of the braids. 

After tying the braids and pushing them up, dip them in hot water and leave them for some seconds before taking them out. Afterward, cut out the straight ends that weren’t tied to the rest of the braids to give it a clean finish. And once that’s settled, untie or cut off the yarns, strings, or threads.

Curl by Braiding Your Braids

You can also get braids with curls by braiding your braids and dipping them in hot water. This works by weaving some of the individual braids into a large one, starting from where you want the curls to begin. Then dip each large braid into hot water for some seconds before taking it out and using a towel to pat dry.

When you loosen the large braids, you’ll get loose curls.

Use Pre-Curled Hair Extensions

This works if your intended hairdo is goddess/boho braids. You use them by adding the curls to the braids while braiding to create that gorgeous diva look.

Types of Curls with Braids

a lady holding her curly black braids

Here we go:

Coi Leray Braids

a lady showing the back view of her Coi Leray braids with curls

These braids are another name for jumbo braids with curly ends. It traditionally features 16 medium-length knotless box braids (eight on each side) with bouncy curly ends and laid edges. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go beyond the usual 16 braids or give your curls a unique twist.

Bohemian Braids

lady rocking bohemian braids accessorized with gold cuffs

Also known as goddess braids, these are braids with curly ends or loose/wavy strands braided into the braids to give a soft, fuller, and voluminous look. The curls aren’t completely finished. Usually, your hairstylist braids only the first couple of inches and leaves the rest undone and curly.

Small Braids with Curls

beautiful lady with a pair of sunglasses on her short curly braids

If you love to wear thin braids, you can spice things up by curling the tip. It’s a way to add more definitions to your look.

Jumbo Braids with Curls

a lady wearing large braids with curls

If you love your braids thick and fat, whether knotless or traditional box braids, add some curls to them. Large braids are already super attractive. Now imagine rocking them with curls.

Watermelon Braids

back view of watermelon braids

This style involves braiding your hair with the extensions into loose braids and then twisting two individual braids together before putting them in hot water to get the wavy-like curls.

Passion Twists

a pretty lady rocking passion twists

This hairstyle involves creating beautiful curly twists using synthetic hair extensions. What sets it apart is the use of wavy or curly hair extensions that give the twists a more textured and voluminous appearance.

Stitch Braids with Curls

a masked lady wearing stitch braids with goddess curls

This hairstyle involves feeding extensions into each cornrow that has deliberate spaces and sectioned lines in between. You can attach curls to the tips or inside the braids to enhance the look of the braids.

Updo with Curls

lady wearing updo braids with curls

Shuku hairstyles achieved through the Ghana weaving or stitch technique also look superb with curls. Go for it if you’d like to flaunt your forehead while taking all of your hair to the back. 

Cornrows with Curls

a lady wearing cornrow braids with curls

Similarly, all-back cornrows are great with curls. You can either rock them long or short and experience the beauty of cornrows.

Fulani Braids with Curls

a lady wearing fulani braids with curls

Fulani braids are updo or all-back cornrows carved curvy on the scalp with box braids that drape down the side of the head.

Butterfly Braids

a ady wearing long butterfly braids with curls

These braids naturally have curls achieved by incorporating a free water wave braiding hair into the strands to give it a fluffy look. In short, these are African braids that have small curves or curls around each braid.

Braids with Curls are Worth the Hype

a lady wearing micro braids with french curls

Yeah, you read that right. These braids are worth the hype. And the best part is they’re also versatile. For instance, you can rock them long or short with any color of hair extensions. And you can rock them as wigs if you don’t wanna spend hours in the salon

So give them a shot already. And if you need more style inspiration, let these guide you:

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