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Panda Dunks: How To Style Them Like a Pro

I heard someone say 2022 was the year of Dunks and I couldn’t agree more. But this is 2023 and guess what? Dunks are still in style! It’s probably why we have fashionistas donning Panda Dunks to create mind-blowing outfits.

Picture of a lady rocking the panda dunks

This monochromatic-styled dunk is unquestionably the most popular of all dunks. Nike made them a wardrobe staple that can go with almost any outfit by using a straightforward black-and-white block color design. These Dunk Low Retros have a wonderful feel thanks to their all-leather upper.

Lady rocking the jacket wearing the panda dunks

Having said that, if you sometimes stand in front of your closet but can’t figure out what to wear with your black and white Dunks, look no further. Why? In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to style these kicks. So let’s get started right away.

The Birth of Panda Dunks

Full picture of the panda dunks

The Panda Dunks, part of Nike’s SB Dunk series, made their debut in 2008. Designed by American artist and designer Jeff Staple, these sneakers were an instant hit. Their name is derived from the black and white color scheme, resembling the distinctive markings of a panda, a beloved animal known for its rarity and charm. 

The unique design element of these kicks immediately caught the attention of sneaker enthusiasts worldwide, sparking a craze that continues to endure.

Limited Editions and Collaborations

a picture of a pair of panda dunks

When Nike recognized the immense popularity of Panda Dunks, they released several limited editions and collaborations over the years. These collaborations, involving renowned artists, musicians, and fashion designers, elevated the Panda Dunks to a coveted status among collectors. Their limited availability and unique designs turned these sneakers into prized possessions, often commanding high prices in the resale market.

How to Style the Panda Dunk With Ease

Picture of a lady rocking the crop top and jean with the sneakers

Athleisure Look

Full picture of a girl rocking the athleisure  outfit

You can pair your Panda Dunks with sportswear for a chic athleisure look. You can either wear shorts or high-waisted leggings, a sports bra, a cropped tank, or even a zip-up hoodie, whichever one you prefer will still look really good on you.

Go for Skirts

Full picture of a lady rocking a beautiful skirt and the panda dunks

The black and white feature of the panda dunks makes it blend well with any outfit you want to wear. Also, you can decide to rock a tight-fitting skirt with your dunks and look great.

Try a Street Style Vibe

Girl on jean and jacket rocks the panda dunks in style

Pair your Panda Dunks with high-waisted jeans, a cropped shirt or jacket, and an oversized jacket to create a striking and stylish style.  This footwear is perfect if you’re aiming for a streetwear vibe.

Monochrome Look

Picture of a lady rocking the monochome outfit and the sneakers

You can pair your Dunks with all-black or all-white clothes or even a mix of black and white to create a sleek, minimalist look. For instance, you can wear white or black skinny jeans with a white or black shirt, a black or white Bomber jacket, or even a blazer and accessorize with a black or white handbag or sunglasses for a monochromatic outfit.

Casual Style

Picture o a girl casual style with the panda dunks

Panda Dunks are a perfect option for casual attire and are great for matching almost everything you own. Just make sure you have an appropriate pair of jeans or joggers to ensure your shoes look their best. Those kinds of pants aren’t only comfy but will also highlight the stylish shape of your footwear.

Leather Pants Work too

picture of a lady rocking leather pants and the sneakers

Who says you can’t take it a notch further by swapping your jean pants for leather pants? No one! So rock this look with a jacket and thank us later.

Classic Jeans & T-Shirt

Picture of a lady rocking a tee and the sneakers

Dunks will always look great when paired with a pair of jeans and a tee. It doesn’t matter the color of the jeans because denim goes with almost any type of footwear.

Blazers and Shorts Work Too

Picture of a lady rocking blazers and short with her sneakers

Imagine looking chic and stylish in a pair of shorts layered with blazers and your dunks on your feet. This is one style inspo you should recreate to give you that perfect statement-worthy look.

Maxi Skirts 

lady rocks maxi skirt and crop top with her sneakers

We see why the panda dunks are so popular; they complement any outfit so well. So if you don’t want a tight skirt with your Dunks, go for a Boho or maxi skirt. You can rock this look with a crop or full top with accessories and look chic.

Rock a Coat and Slay

PIcture of a lady rocking a coat with the outfit

This footwear is the perfect look if you want to exude some baddie vibe by layering. All you need do is to layer your outfit with a coat and you’ll get stares of admiration while donning your kicks. Furthermore, you can decide to keep things monochrome to maintain the Panda Dunks vibe.

Panda Dunks are Perfect For All Outfits 

Picture of a lady rocking shades and panda dunks

Panda Dunks exemplifies the power of sneakers to transcend their purpose and become symbols of creativity, individuality, and cultural significance. In addition, they complement any kind of outfit, helping you exude charm and casual elegance.  

From their humble beginnings as a unique colorway to their status as coveted collector’s items, Panda Dunks have left an indelible mark on the sneaker culture. As we move forward, these sneakers serve as a reminder of the enduring allure of artistry in fashion and the endless possibilities of self-expression in the world of sneakers.

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