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Peekaboo Braids: 45 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hairdo

Do you get bored of wearing only one color of synthetic braiding hair? Maybe not bored. Maybe you just want something different from what you usually wear like wearing two colors at once. If that’s the case, peekaboo braids are the perfect coiffure for you.

A lady taking a selfie while showing her black and green peekaboo braids

They’re great when you want to play around with bold hair colors but don’t want anything distracting. You can either add color to the top or underneath section of your braids and let the bright hues peek through.

Sounds interesting? Let’s see what these braids are about then.

Why are Peekaboo Braids Unique?

pretty girl rocking short peekaboo braids

Many braided hairstyles today tend to stick to one color shade to play it safe. This is perfect for those who love to blend in. But if standing out is something you fancy, you need to take risks.

One of such risk in the hair world is wearing bold colors. And that’s what peekaboo braids are about, only this time you’re adding the colors as streaks to your hair. They involve combining a bold shade of attachment extension with a muted shade to create a unique hairdo that pops you out of any crowd.

a lady showing her hairstyle while wearing nose ring

These are box braids (with or without knots) that involve braiding a section of the hair with bright-colored extensions in contrast to the rest of the hair which stays a different color, mostly black or any neutral color. The word peekaboo describes how the hairstyle features colored braids peeking out from the remaining braids. They’re an excellent blend of subtlety and uniqueness.

Though this hairstyle have been existing for a long time like other braids, it just recently got a name since it began to trend in the braid lovers’ community.

Are Peekaboo Braids And Regular Braids The Same?

a lady wearing black and red braids with beads

Yes, these braids are installed the same way you install regular braids. It can be through the knotless braiding technique or traditional box braids.  The only difference is the color of the hair extensions you use and where you place the colored braids.

Why Wear Peekaboo Braids

a bespectacled black girl wearing black and grey braids
  • This hairdo protects your natural hair from accidental damage, manipulation, and harmful environmental elements.
  • They are durable and don’t need you to spend much time maintaining them.
  • They are versatile as they come in different lengths, colors, and styles, suitable for any kind of outfit too.
  • These brightly colored extensions will contrast with your natural hair color, making you look different and stylish. 

Are Peekaboo Braids Another Fad that’ll Soon Pass?

a lady wearing multicolored braids

While we can’t say for sure how long the highlight braids trend will last, we’re sure of one thing: it’ll never go out of style. Like every other braid style, black women will always wear this hairdo as braided wigs or by installing them to their natural hair. And this is so because the art of braiding itself has been with us for many years. As the black culture continues to live, so shall it too.

So, if you believe this coiffure is the one for you, go ahead and rock it as you want.

How Long Do Peekaboo Braids Last?

pretty girl wearing two red and black synthetic braiding hair

If you maintain them well, these stunning braids can last between four to eight weeks. But how do you care for them so they last long?

First, ensure the braids aren’t too tight lest they should pull your edges and break your hair. Furthermore, endeavor to sleep with a silk scarf or use a silk pillowcase and moisturize the braids with oil sheen or mousse to keep them looking fresh. And most importantly, you also need to take care of your scalp while your braids are on.

How to Style Peekaboo Braids

a lady wearing curly peekaboo braids

There are different ways for you to style your peekaboo braids to suit what you intend to achieve. Whether you want to use two colors of extensions or go for three, the choice is yours. Furthermore, you can decide to make the back portion of your hair bold while the front is neutral; anyone works.

Peekaboo braids let you experiment with different options. And in the spirit of its versatility, here are a few of the best ways to wear highlight braids: 

Long Peekabo Braids

a lady in a hoodie showing off her long curly peekaboo braids

This style involves braiding your hair into a length that extends from your back down to your waist or thighs.

a lady wearing long blonde and black braids

Long highlight braids give you two ways to make a fashion statement: through the colors and through the length.

Short Peekaboo Braids

black and blue short peekaboo braids with beads

These styles offer convenience.

black and red hort peekaboo braids with beads

From bobs to lobs or shoulder-length braids, you can wear yours and feel comfy.

Jumbo Highlight Braids

a lady showing the back view of her peekaboo hairstyle

Chunky braids are stylish. They add more volume and accents to your braids.

a lady showing the back view of her hairstyle

Go for them if you love your braids thick. But remember, they may sometimes feel heavy.

Micro to Small

black and brown braids

If jumbo braids aren’t your thing, stick to micro or small braids. Though they may take a longer time to install, they’re light and can be easily manipulated into different styles.

lady showing the back view of her black and blonde hairstyle

However, small and micro braids can ruin your edges. Just be careful your hairstylist doesn’t pick them tightly.

Knotless Peekaboo Braids

a lady wearing knotless peekaboo braids

As the name implies, this style involves installing braids without knots at the root.

a lady in a salon who just had her braids done

Your hairstylist achieves it by first braiding your natural hair before feeding in extensions as they continue. This way, it’s less likely to damage your hair,

Black & a Bright Color

a lady in a face mask wearing black and green peekaboo braids

This is one of the popular styles of this hairdo.

a lady outing and showing her peekaboo braids hairstyle

Here you combine black extensions with a bold color such as pink, blonde, grey, red, green, blue, purple, etc.

Brown & a Bright Color

brown and pink and curly peekaboo braids

This style is similar to the one above only this time the base color is brown which you combine with a bright-colored extension.

short brown and pink curly peekaboo braids

It’s a great hairdo that offers a shift from the color black.

Accessorized Peekaboo Box Braids

a lady wearing brown and pink peekaboo braids with beads

Are you going for short to shoulder-length highlight braids and are thinking of ways to beautify them?

a lady wearing curly braids with beads

Adorn them with beads, cuffs, barrettes, and other hair accessories. You’ll love the finished work.

Peekaboo Box Braids with Unique Parting

a girl sitting on a chair showing her hairstyle

If you don’t want to section your braids into the traditional box parting, explore other unique patterns.

closeup shot of blonde and black paids with unique sectioning

The best of them are triangles (pineapple), zigzags, hearts, diagonal, side parting, etc.

Bohemian Peekaboo Braids

a pretty girl wearing purple  and black Bohemian braids

This style falls under Bohemian braids. It works by adding wavy or curly ends/extensions to each braid.

black and pink bohemian braids

It’s an excellent way to add more accents to your hair without doing too much.

Scanty Peekaboo Streaks

brown and a few blonde braids

Here, your bold braids are few.

scanty peekaboo braids

It’s a good option if you don’t feel comfortable wearing bold colors but would still like that pop of color on your hair.

Freestyle Placement

a lady holding her braids into an updo

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to placing your peekaboo braids. You can place them near the nape of your neck so they hide under the neutral-colored extension. You can also scatter them across your hair or place them in front or in the middle.

black and purple long braids with beads

No rules—just do what works for you.

There you have it—cute peekaboo braids to switch up your hairstyle. Before you leave this page, remember this isn’t an exhaustive list. So feel free to combine two or three ideas until you arrive at what suits you. But if you need more inspiration, here you go:

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