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Face Piercings: Everything You Need to Know About This Body Art

Face piercings are becoming the norm in fashion. You can’t scroll past your IG feed without seeing pictures of people with different forms of jewelry on their faces. From nostril piercings to septum, Ashley, double nose piercings, and even extreme snake eyes piercings, these body modifications are more in trend than ever before. And this is quite common among people who love to show their unique sense of style.

Close up view of a girl rocking her face piercings

Even your faves too aren’t missing out on the trend. Just recently, I stumbled on an IG story of Davido showing off his nostril piercings and he’s one out of many that have rocked this form of facial piercings. So if you’re looking to learn more about piercings on the face and would love to get one someday, this article will show all you need to know about this body art.

A Quick Peek into the History of Face Piercings

A look at an indian rocking her face piercings

Facial piercings have been in existence as far back as the book of Genesis. In many cultures, they hold religious, spiritual, or symbolic meanings. For instance, nose piercings have been a  part of Indian culture for thousands of years and are associated with marriage and fertility. Similarly, some cultures practice septum piercings as a rite of passage or a symbol of tribal affiliation.

Do Face Piercings Hurt?

Close up view of a girl with face piercings

Well, people have different levels of pain tolerance. So, what might cause intense pain for you may not cause much pain for you, and vice versa. However, cheek piercing typically hurts less than other facial piercings because the cheek has no cartilage unlike other piercing sites

What to Consider Before Getting Face Piercings

Close up view of a gorgeous girl with her piercings

Before going ahead to get a piercing. Consider the following: 

Do Your Research

Research reputable piercing studios or professional piercers who prioritize hygiene and follow proper sterilization methods to minimize the risk of infection. Check out online reviews about them to ensure you get a safe and clean experience.

Will it Affect Your Daily Activities?

Most people go ahead to get face piercings without thinking about how it will impact their daily activities such as eating, speaking, or makeup. So ask yourself this question and once you’re certain of the answer, go for the piercing you are most comfortable with.

Long Term Implications

While it’s okay to want to jump on the trend, remember that some piercings may leave a permanent scar when you remove them. So it’s advisable to think carefully before committing to any type of piercing.

Different Types of  Facial Piercings Making Wave in Fashion

Girl shows off her piercings in a selfie

Here’s a look at the types of piercings setting the trend. They’re instigating the rise of daring style enthusiasts with statement accessories on different parts of their faces:

Nose Piercings

Close up view of a girl with her pierced nostrils

Nose piercings are probably the most popular kind of face piercings available. This form of body modification is fashionable as many people wear them. The exciting thing about nose piercings is that it comes in different types and the names are based on the pierced part of the nose.

Septum Piercing

Lady shows off her septum piercings in a selfie

This piercing goes through your nasal septum, which is the thin cartilage between your nostril.

Nostril Piercing

Close up view of a beautiful girl with her nostril piercings

This piercing goes through your nostril cartilage.

Rhino Piercing

A close up picture showing the rhino piercing

This piercing goes through the tip of your nose. It’s similar to a rhino’s horn.

Double Nose Piercings

Lady shows off her double nose piercings

This piercing is done on both parts of your nose and you can choose to rock different accessories on them.

Septril Piercing

beautiful girl shows off her septril piercing

 It’s a combination of a rhino and septum piercing.

Austin Bar Piercing

A close up view of the septril piercings

This one goes through the tip of your nose without cutting across the nostrils or septum.

Lip Piercings

Cara shows of her iconic lip piercing

Lip piercings are warming their way into the hearts of fashionistas. 

Another look at the lip piercing

You can have lip piercings done on either the upper lip or lower lip. Although the lip is sensitive, it doesn’t hurt too much and takes 3 months to heal completely.

Tongue Piercings

Lady shows off her gorgeous tongue piercing

Interestingly, tongue piercings are relatively painless. As Jim Kelly, Head Piercer at Banter by Piercing Pagoda, shared with Allure

“Tongue piercings are unique in that they seem scary and intense from a customer-facing perspective, but the actual procedure feels like a pink or less.”

Another picture showing a lady  with her tongue pierced

Tongue piercings come in different types, but the most common has to be the snake eye because of how edgy and fashionable it looks

Third Eye Piercing

Lady shows off her third eye piercing in a selfie

This unique form of body modification gets its name from its resemblance to a third eye. 

Another look at the third eye piercing

It is a vertical piercing that sits between the eyebrows. 

Eyebrow Piercing

Keke Palmer shows off her unique eyebrow piercing

Another popular face piercing is eyebrow piercing. It is a vertical piercing done along the brows. 

Another picture showing the unique body modification

However, it gets rejected the most than other piercings, especially when you use the wrong jewelry.

Bridge Face Piercing

Close up view of the bridge body modificaton

This piercing isn’t so too popular though but it’s unique. Also known as Erl piercing, it’s a surface piercing you do on the bridge of your nose.

Another look at the iconic body modification

This piercing is a perfect way to draw attention to your eyes. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t hurt much.  

Anti-Eyebrow Face Piercings

Full picture showing the anti-eyebrow face piercing

The anti-eyebrow, also known as butterfly piercing, is done on the upper cheek. 

Another picture showing a girl with her anti-eyebrow face piercing

But you have to be careful with it because it can scar your face. 

Cheek Piercing

Beautiful girl  shows off her cheek piercing

This type of face piercing gives you the illusion of dimples without having them since it goes through your cheeks into the mouth. And for those who have dimples, the piercing helps you enhance them.

Another look at the beautiful cheek piercing

But there’s a clause: of all the types of face piercings, cheek piercing comes with the highest risks. For instance, it can cause dental damage when the jewelry continuously rubs against your teeth. Also, you’re prone to pain from swellings or even infections. In addition, the piercing has a long healing period ranging from six months to a year.

Face Piercings are Bold Fashion Choices 

Picture of a lady smiling with her beautiful piercings

Like it or not face piercings are bold fashion choices that you can rock to stand out. It doesn’t matter which type you go for. They are a captivating way to express your style. 

So whether you want a regular nose piercing or an elaborate combination of piercings, it’s a personal decision you should approach with careful consideration. And when you do, don’t forget to rock them with style. It becomes perfect when you’re an alte fashion enthusiast. This makes you a perfect combo of cool, edgy, and chic. 

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