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45 Gorgeous Soft Locs Inspos to Elevate Your Style Game

Soft locs are super comfy and really gorgeous. They’re like the fancier version of faux locs. But the good thing about this version of fake locs is that they aren’t as heavy as other locs. Just as its name implies, soft locs are lightweight and soft. 

Furthermore, they give you this general feel-good feeling. Need I also mention that styling your hair differently is easy with soft locs.

Lady on  jean shows off her beautiful soft locs

There’s really no excuse for why you haven’t worn this look yet. But, I believe you’re on this post because you’ve had a change of heart and need some style inspo to help you rock this hairdo. 

And if that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. Read this article to see the best soft locs style that’ll enhance your beauty. 

What are Soft Locs?

Full view of the centre parted soft locs

Soft locs is a protective hairstyle; a type of faux locs that mimics the appearance of traditional dreadlocks without locking your hair permanently. They’re made from a mixture of textured hair like the bohemian locs and butterfly locs. 

Furthermore, one of the most appealing aspects of this hairstyle is how easy it is to install and remove them. This means you can switch up your look whenever you please, making it the perfect choice if you love to experiment with your hair.

Types of Hair to Use for Soft Locs

Picture of a lady rocking the mixed colour soft locs

There are different hair extensions you can use to achieve these locs. Choose from the ones below and rest assured you’ll get a neat and durable hairdo:

  • Kinky wrapping hair
  • Afro kinky hair
  • Crochet faux locs
  • Water weave hair

How to Care for Your Soft Locs

Lady shows off her soft locs with beautiful curls on them

Maintaining your locs is easy and relatively straightforward. Just do these:

Regular Washing

If you plan to keep the locs for a longer period of time, say two to four weeks, visit the salon for washing. This helps to prevent grime from building up on your scalp.


To keep your coiffure shiny and bouncy, ensure you use a lightweight or conditioner. This helps to prevent dryness.


With time, your locs may loosen. To avert this, schedule regular salon trips so your hairstylist gets your locs back in shape.

Wear Satin or Silk Bonnet to Sleep 

There’s no way your hairdo will last if you neglect a proper maintenance routine like sleeping with a satin or silk bonnet. Doing this helps you reduce friction and prevent your hair from frizzing. 

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How Long Do Soft Locs Last?

Lady poses for selfie while rocking her soft locs

If you want to give your hair a rest from heat styling and other operations, this hairstyle is ideal because it lasts up to four to six weeks. But don’t leave the style in longer than this timeframe lest it should cause too much tension on your scalp.
Furthermore,  the extra weight of the hairdo will strain and weaken your roots, thereby causing breakage.

What is the Best Way to Remove Soft Locs?

Lady wraps her locs in a half up half down style

Uninstalling these locs takes less time than it does to install them.  But to avoid cutting your real hair, cut your locs around six inches below your natural hair and unravel them from there. Additionally, use conditioner to soften hair as it helps remove the locs easily.

Stylish Ways to Wear This Hairdo

Lady sits gorgeously rocking her long soft locs

Here are some style inspos you can consider when you’ve installed this hair:

Short Soft Faux Locs

Lady on mask show off her soft locs

The good thing about soft loc is you can wear it on any length and still look good.

Another version of the iconic hairstyle

So if you want it short, go for it as styling is also easier with this length.

Neutral-Colored Soft Faux Locs

Lady shows off her brown soft locs wearing in a side parted way

You can decide to opt for soft locs that suit your skin tone by wearing black or brown locs extensions. 

Another look at the neutral colored locs

 In this case, the neutral-coloured soft locs stand out as one gorgeous look that blends perfectly with your skin.

Bright-Colored Locs

Full picture of a lady  rocking a bright pink soft locs

Who said you can’t spice things up by wearing colorful lightweight locs? No one!

Another picture showing a lady rocking the blue version

Colorful soft locs are bright, bold, and beautiful and you are sure to draw attention when you install them.

Soft Locs with Mixed Colors

Picture showing the iconic hair in mixed colors

What many ladies don’t know is that they can do so much with this hairdo. I mean, you don’t have to wear black all the time.

Another picture of the hairdo in mixed colors

So try your hands on mixed-colored soft locs and have fun with them.

Accessorized Locs

Picture of a girl wearing bead on her soft locs

Feel free to accessorize this coiffure with hair accessories such as beads, headbands, scrunchies, gold cuffs, cowries. etc.

Another look of the hairdo with hair accessories

Accessorized soft locs are gorgeous and have a way of enhancing the hair’s appearance.

 Soft Locs Bun

Another look of the soft locs pony

Everyone enjoys wearing their hair up in a bun to keep it off of their faces quickly. Making a huge ballerina bun with your hairdo works beautifully.

Another picture of a girl wearing the bun high atop her head

 Wear this sophisticated look and feel more relaxed by letting some loose locs frame your face.

 Pony Locs

Picture of a lady wearing the hairdo in a pony

Nothing feels better than throwing your hair into a fast ponytail to get it off your neck when you’re on the run. 

Another look of the soft locs pony

You can wear a ponytail with your hairdo because they’re light enough to do so. And if you want to accessorize the ponytail, tie your hair back with a scarf or ribbon.

Space Buns

Lady shows off her hairdo wrapped in two space buns

Whether you’re having brunch with pals or spending the weekend at your favorite festival, space buns are a beloved type. 

Another picture showing the space buns

To try this adorable hairstyle, gather your locs into two buns at the top of either side of your head.

Goddess Locs

Lady shows off her beautiful goddess soft locs

The soft goddess locs has a lot of volume which can be a perfect fit for you. To achieve it, wear curled locs, leave some curled hair unlocked, or simply curl the ends a little. 

Another look at the soft  goddess locs

Goddess locs look amazing whether you leave them traditional or add charms and beads for added personality.

Long Locs

Lady shows off her long hairdo

The best thing about extensions is that they allow you to wear long locs even if your hair grows slowly.

Another look at the long hair do

Furthermore, you can go for a very long time without getting a headache because soft locs are so much lighter than other faux locs.

Lady wraps her hair in a cute bun

Wearing soft locs is like getting the best of both worlds. You get that loc feel and styling becomes easier because the locs are super light and comfy. It is one stunning hairstyle that allows you to enjoy the beauty of dreadlocks without the long-term commitment of real dreads. 

So whether you’re looking for a fresh change or simply want to try something new, this hairstyle may be the perfect choice to unlock your inner beauty and confidence. And if you need more inspiration for this gorgeous look, feast your eyes on the photos below:

Picture showing her soft locs as a bun
Picture of a lady wearing her locs hairdo in a bun

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