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30 Modern Mullet Hairstyles for the Stylish Man

Remember the popular mullet hairstyle that was all the rage in the 80s and 90s? Well, this iconic hairdo is making a comeback as the modern mullet. It features short hair upfront to look professional, with long locks cascading down the back for a touch of rebel flair.

picture of a guy wearing the modern mullet hairstyle

The mullet has been a men’s hairstyle staple for years. But thanks to hairstylists, we’ve seen a more refined take on the style lately. No wonder it earned its moniker. Like Parachute pants and other Y2K fashion, trends from the 90s are prevailing in the 2020s. This modern twist complements the edgy vibe of the traditional mullet hairstyle.

So whether you want a low-maintenance cut to keep up with your busy lifestyle or switch up your look, the modern mullet delivers. And since you’re here to get inspos for your new haircut, you’ll find them all in this post. Keep reading as we explore stylish modern mullet variations for your new do and tips to help you maintain your tresses all day long. 

What is a Mullet Haircut?

Picture of a guy rocking the hairstyle

Ever heard of the phrase, “Business at the front, party at the back”? This quote was used to describe the iconic mullet hairstyle. It features short or trim hair at the front and sides and a longer section at the back of your head. 

According to History.com, the haircut dates back to the sixth century and was called the Hun cut. But It wasn’t until the 90s and the release of the 1994 song Mullet Head that it got its name. 

The popular haircut was a favorite of stars, with the likes of Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart rocking the classic version of the style. However, just like other hairstyles, the mullet has evolved with a contemporary twist for a more sophisticated vibe.  

How to Maintain the Modern Mullet

Side view of a guy rocking the hairstyle

Pulling off the modern mullet requires a bit of maintenance to keep things looking fresh. After all, you want your look to seem intentional rather than an accidental growout. Here are some tips to help you:

Regular Trims

This haircut requires frequent trips to the salon to maintain that sharp, styled look. Always go for a trim every four to six weeks.

Dry Shampoo is Your BFF

With shorter hair up, oils and grease can make the front look limp and lifeless fast. So, use a dry shampoo to soak up excess oil and add more volume.

Don’t forget to Deep Condition the Longer Section 

The longer hair at the back needs some love, too. Use a deep conditioner weekly to keep those long, luscious locks soft, shiny, and free of split ends and damage.

Use Heat Tools

Heat tools come in handy when you need to smooth the top portion in place. Also, on days you feel like, use these tools to give your hair a more wavy look.

Modern Mullet Hairstyle Ideas To Try

Back view of a guy wearing the modern mullet

Part of the fun of the modern mullet is putting your own spin on it. Here are some fresh takes to inspire your haircut:

The Faux-Hawk Mullet

Side view of a guy wearing the faux hawk mullet

Create an edgy faux-hawk look by gelling and spiking up the top shorter pieces. Then, let the back portions cascade into soft, loose waves for contrast.

Curly Modern Mullet

Picture of a guy wearing the hairstyle with shades

Got curls? Embrace them. Ask your hairstylist to add stylish lines for that sexy, edgy vibe. 

Colorful Modern Mullet

Picture of a guy wearing the colorful mullet

Who says you can’t rock this style in different shades? No one. So don’t hesitate to switch colors or have fun with highlights, ombre effects, and bold colors for that edgy vibe.

Short Mullet

Picture of a guy wearing the iconic haircut

One of the modern twists of this traditional haircut is the short mullet. Rock the haircut with trimmed hair without worrying about growing it out. This look is stylish and sophisticated.

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Mullet Undercut

Picture of a guy wearing the mullet undercut

A combo of the classic version and the undercut hairstyle can only birth one thing: a stylish and timeless haircut for fashionable men. So go for it; you’ll be thankful you did.

Surfer Mullet

Picture of  a guy wearing the Surfer Mullet

You don’t have to be a rockstar to look dashing with this style. Switch up your look with the surfer mullet and look like a fashion icon.

Shaggy Mullet

Picture of a guy wearing the shaggy variation of the hairstyle

One thing about the mullet that endears it to many men is you can combine it with other haircuts and still look good. The shag is one of them. So go ahead and rock the look and don’t forget to pair it a dapper outfit.

Afro Mullet

Picture of a Kanye West wearing the Afro version of the  hairstyle

Did you know there’s such a thing as afro mullet? Well, if you didn’t, now you know. With your textured hair, the combo of the mullet and the classic afro gives you a debonair vibe you’ll love.

Slicked Modern Mullet 

Picture of a guy wearing the Slicked Modern Mullet 

Embrace a more formal, polished mullet by slicking back the short front pieces with a high-shine pomade or wax. But keep the mullet lengths at the back smooth and straight for a sleek, structured look.

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The Rattail Mullet

Picture of a guy rocking a rat tail mullet

Feeling bold? Bring back the rattail by leaving braided tendril hanging from the bottom of your mullet lengths. Pair it with shaved or faded sides for an eye-catching look.

Modern Mullet: A Timeless Hairstyle For Men

Side view of a guy wearing the iconic hairstyle

The updated version of this classic allows you to rock a professional, polished look in the front while letting loose with long, edgy lengths at the back. Whether you go all-out with the full mullet or ease in with a toned-down variation, you’re sure to turn heads.

The key is finding the right version that fits your personal style. From braids to colors to undercuts, there are endless ways to put your own spin on the modern mullet. With some styling and a touch of attitude, rock your new hairdo like the perfect gentleman.

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Need more inspos to get you started? Here you go:

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