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Skullet Hairstyles: 25 Daring Ideas for Modern Men

The skullet is one of the vintage hairstyles that have stood the test of time and still bangs to this day. This haircut is a unique one that transforms your appearance in an edgy and stylish manner. 

Picture of a man wearing the skullet hairstyles

Its bold fusion of a shaved skull and a mullet has been turning heads for good reasons. Whether you love or hate it, the skullet is impossible to ignore. It’s one of the unconventional options that helps you make a statement with your hair. 

This post will cover everything you need to know about this hairstyle. Whether you’re a skullet enthusiast or simply curious about this unique look, this article promises to be an informative and entertaining read. So, be ready to unleash your inner rebel and make a statement with this haircut. 

The Origin of the Skullet

Picture of a man wearing the skullet

The origin of the skullet can be traced back to the 1980s when mullets were all the rage. The iconic hairstyle featured short hair on the top and sides with long hair in the back. It was a staple among rock stars, athletes, and anyone who wanted to project a rebellious and edgy persona.

As the popularity of the mullet surged, hairstylists churned out cooler variations and combos that many loved. One of them was the skullet. 

This haircut takes the mullet to another level by combining it with a shaved head to create a striking contrast between the bald crown and the long locks in the back. Many trendsetters have embraced this unique twist on the mullet, from punk rockers and skaters to fashion influencers and celebrities.

How to Style and Maintain the Skullet Hairstyle

Side view of a man wearing the iconic hairstyle

First and foremost, ensure the shaved portion of your head is well-groomed and defined. Regular trips to the barber or hairstylist are also essential to maintain the sharp, clean lines that make the skullet so striking.

As for the long locks at the back, proper hair care is essential. So, invest in high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and manageable. Also, trim your locks regularly to maintain the mullet’s desired length and shape. 

When it comes to styling, the key is to strike a balance between edgy and polished. A sleek, slicked-back look can exude a punk rock vibe, while a more tousled, windswept style can lend a carefree, laid-back aesthetic. Experimenting with different styling techniques and products will help you find the perfect look that reflects your personal style and attitude.

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10 Cute Skullet Haircuts to Try This Season

Picture of a man getting hair his cut

Note that this haircut is for people who refuse to conform to the traditional look of the mullet. If you’re one of them, we’ve done a roundup of cool skullet haircuts this season. Let’s dive in:

Skullet Fade

Picture of the iconic skullet fade

The skullet can be combined with popular hairstyles like the fade to give you a sharp, edgy look. This style is more of function than appearance, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t want your locks falling over your forehead.

Spider Bun

Back view of a man using the clip at the back of his head

There is never a shortage of styles with guys with longer locks, especially lovers of the skullet. Use accessories like hair clips to keep your hair in place and elevate its beauty. All you need is the right tool. So go ahead, shave your scalp, and secure the back section with the clip. It’s an effortless statement look anytime, any day.

Bleach Blonde Skullet

Back view  of a man  rocking the beach blonde skullet hairstyle

Thinking of an extra excellent way to announce your presence? How about you switch your hair color after getting the skullet haircut?  Yes, it’s all shades of cool, and we can’t think of a better statement look for you than this.

Crew Skullet

Picture of a man rocking the crew skullet hairstyle

Combining the crew haircut and the skullet is definitely one for the books. It’s a unique style without too much hassle. Ask your stylist to shave the scalp like the crew cut and keep some locks at the back section for that proper skullet vibe. 

The Double-Take Style

Picture of a man wearing the stylish double - take skullet

With its close resemblance to the mohawk, the double-take skullet is the go-to look if you’re aiming for the touch of the skullet without shaving your scalp. It’s a stylish look any time, any day.

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Punk Prince

Picture of  a man wearing the stylish punk prince variation

This stylish variation of the skullet was a staple in the ’70s and ’80s among punk rock stars. You may have come across lovers of punk rocking the look. It was one statement cut that encapsulated what the punk subculture is about. If you’d love to bring the good old days back, go for this haircut and make a statement.

Curly Skullet

Picture of a  man wearing the stylish curly hairdo

Got curly hair and you’re worried the skullet won’t fit? Don’t fret; you can still rock the style with your natural curly mane and look good. All you need to do is shave the sides and top of the hair down. Then, put some curling gel on the back for that perfectly coifed hairdo.

Hulk Hogan Skullet

Picture of the man rocking the hulk hogan hairstyle

The Hulk Hogan skullet was coined after the famous wrestler Hulk Hogan. He gave a contemporary twist to the traditional haircut.  Although he started with a traditional mullet haircut, but as the years progressed, he transitioned to the skullet. 

To get his edgy appearance and larger life aura, rock this look and grow a horseshoe mustache like him.


Picture of a man wearing the wood pecker  variation of the skullet

As its name suggests, the style involves your stylist leaving a small patch of short hair on the crown of your head before letting the locks loose. It’s a cute way to tap into your artistic side. If you wanna add more accents to the look, dye the patch any color of your choice and see how you transform.

The Viking Skullet

Side view of  a man wearing the viking variation of the haircut

Nothing screams Viking hairstyle more than a haircut with a long section at the back and a full beard. This low-maintenance look is easy to achieve and helps you stand out easily.

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The Skullet is a Statement Hairdo for Non-Conformists

picture of a man wearing the afro skullet hairstyle

The skullet is an unconventional hairstyle that combines a shaved head with long hair in the back, creating a bold and eye-catching look. While it may not appeal to everyone’s taste, the haircut has garnered a dedicated following among those who want to stand out.

Rocking the skullet requires confidence and a willingness to embrace a daring, edgy style. However, maintaining this look involves regular trips to the barber or stylist to keep the shaved portion crisp and well-defined and proper hair care for the long locks behind.

Whether you choose to sport the hairdo or not, it’s undeniably a statement piece that demands attention. And if you want more inspos, check out the photos we’ve curated below: 

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