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26 Trendy Shag Haircut For Stylish Men and Women 

The shag haircut is one cute, timeless, and effortless hairstyle. It’s been a staple known for the sexy vibe it exudes. What’s more, the style suits every face and head shape. Little wonder it’s a favorite among hair enthusiasts.

Picture of lady wearing the shag haircut

Is it still taking the industry by storm in 2024? Absolutely. We’ve seen pictures of celebs and influencers hopping on the look, and we’ve also seen how stylists keep churning out new spins and variations of the hairdo. The train isn’t stopping any time soon. So if you’re looking to switch up your look and flatter your features, hop on the shag bandwagon ASAP.

Worried you may not get on? That’s where this post comes in. Keep reading to find cute shag haircut ideas and tips to maintain this look. Nothing feels better than having a hairstyle that helps you slay effortlessly, and this coiffure is one.

What to Know About the Shag Haircut

Picture showing a man rocking the hairdo

This layered hairstyle with uneven length dates back to the 1970s. It was popularized by rock icons like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Joan Jett. The shag was a stark contrast to the sleek, polished hairstyles of the time. With its tousled, layered look and undone vibe, the cut embodied the free-spirited ethos of the era.

As the decades passed, this haircut evolved. In the 1980s, it took on a more voluminized, feathered look, while the 1990s saw a resurgence of the classic, shaggy layers reminiscent of the ’70s. Regardless of the variations, the shag remained a statement hairdo. 

Fast forward to today, the haircut is experiencing a massive resurgence, with celebrities and trendsetters embracing it. From Zendaya to Taylor Swift, the modern shag is a versatile style that can be tailored to suit any face shape, hair texture, and personal aesthetic.

Getting Your Perfect Shag

Side view of a wine colored shag haircut

While the shag haircut may seem like a simple, effortless style, there’s an art to finding the perfect version for you. The key lies in communication with your hairstylist. 

First, consider your face shape. A shag with longer layers around the face can complement round or square shapes, while short, wispy layers can accentuate the angles of an oval or heart-shaped face. 

Furthermore, your hair texture also plays a significant role. Opt for more layers and texture if you have straight or fine hair. But if you have curly or coarse hair, wear a softer, looser shag.

Next, think about the vibe you want to achieve. Do you prefer a classic rock ‘n’ roll shag or a more modern spin like Zendaya’s? Or do you want to put your own unique spin on the look?

Regardless of your desired style, communication is vital. So, visit your hairstylist with inspo photos like the ones we’ll share in this post and tell them your vision. A skilled stylist will translate your ideas into a shag that flatters your features and complements your lifestyle.

Styling and Maintaining Your Shag

Side view of a guy rocking the hairdo

One of the best things about the shag haircut is its low-maintenance, lived-in look. However, that doesn’t mean you can roll out of bed and go. A bit of effort goes a long way in keeping your shag looking its best.

So, start with the right products. A salt spray or texture spray will enhance the natural wave and movement of your shag, while a dry shampoo will add volume and grit for those second or third-day styles. 

Also, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gently tousle and shape your layers when styling. And avoid excessive brushing or combing. It can disrupt the shag’s signature texture.

Furthermore, get regular trims to maintain your shag’s shape and prevent it from becoming overgrown or shapeless. Aim for a trim every six to eight weeks or more frequently if your hair grows fast.

10 Stylish Shag Haircut to Try

Full view of Halle Berry wearing the gorgeous hairstyle

Knock yourself out with this gorgeous shag haircut we’ve rounded up for you. You’ll be thankful you did:

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Curly Girl Shag

Picture of a lady wearing the curly shag

Got a curly hair? Don’t hesitate to try your hands on this look. Ask your hairstylist to create a major volume at your hair’s midsection, and use some curling moose to enhance your curls. This combo will certainly give you that soft, feminine look.

Soft Brunette with Golden Layers

Picture of a Brunnete shag with golden layers

Preparing for a romantic date night? Go for this chic shag haircut. Let the soft waves frame your face beautifully by incorporating side bangs with your fringe. This look is gorgeous and doesn’t take time to style. 

Wolf Cut Shag

Picture of Billie Eilish wearing the blond  shag haircut

An interesting thing about the shag is you can create cute combos of different haircuts that still give a shag-like appearance. Take the wolf-cut shag. This hairstyle is the perfect mix of the shag and the mullet, and when you rock it like Billie, you may be the new hot girl in town. 

The New Shag Haircut

Picture of  a star wearing the modern shag with contemporary twist

Remember that the shag hair haircut goes way back to the 70s. However, the modern take on the classic version is all about creating a more feminine look. This involves using soft layers to create a less choppy cut that still maintains the shape of the old shag. The hairstyle may include bangs, waves, and lots of layers. Plus, you can rock whichever length you want and still slay.

Textured Shag Haircut

Picture of a guy wearing the Textured Shag Haircut

Show me a sexier unisex haircut than the shag, and I’ll wait. This hairdo looks great on both everyone, framing and enhancing their features like never before. If you want to switch up your look, go for this style. Ask your hair stylist to add the right product for that texturizing magic. It adds depth and creates those cool layers you won’t get enough of. 

Long Shaggy Mullet

Picture of a guy rocking the shaggy mullet

The shag haircuts always incorporate a touch of the mullet. However, you can enhance your mullet and make a style statement by making it shaggy. This hairdo offers a mix of edgy and casual vibe. It’s a fantastic throwback to that ’70s flair but with a modern twist. 

Razor-Cut Shag Haircut with Longer Back

Picture of a guy wearing the  Razor-Cut Shag with Longer Back

Want to spice things up? Go for this razor-cut style. This hairstyle is effortlessly cool, with layers that flow naturally. It exudes that edgy yet relaxed look you’ll absolutely adore. 

Short 70s Shag Haircut 

Picture of a guy wearing the 70s shaggy hairstyle

To nail that 70s vibe, think short layers and lots of texture. This look offers a retro charm that is so adorable even in the 2020s. Don’t forget to tell your stylist to finish the hair with a good product for the right vibe.

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The Shullet

Picture of Miley Cyrus wearing the Shullet  style

Don’t get confused, the Shullet is just another name for the popular combo, shag, and mullet. As mentioned earlier, any gender can pull off this look and make a fashion statement.  But if you want something similar to Miley’s, go for shorter layers in the front and sides, with long layers at the back. 

Messy Shag With Faded Beard

man wearing Messy Shag With Faded Beard

A messy shag hair haircut with well-groomed hair offers that stylish contrast you’ll love. So, don’t hesitate to go for this hairdo. Paired with a sleek faded beard, you may just be the new Mr handsome in town.

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Embracing the Timeless Appeal of the Shag Haircut 

Picture of Kerry Washing ton slaying her  hairdo

Whether you’re a or a newcomer to the shag haircut, there’s no denying its timeless appeal and effortlessly cool vibe. With their tousled layers and undone texture, shags are the perfect way to show off your sense of style.

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a classic 70s-inspired shag or a more modern take, the key is finding the right variation to suit your face shape, hair texture, and desired aesthetic. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shag styles.

The shag haircut is more than just a hairstyle, it’s a way to make a bold statement with your look. True fashionistas know the shag is more than just a fad but an iconic hairstyle for anyone. And if you need more inspiration to hasten your pace to the salon, check out these photos below:

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