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How to Become a Highly-Sought After Bikini Model

You see them on Instagram, gorgeous young women dressed yet undressed in sultry swimsuits. These images often leave you appreciating the masterpieces of their bodies. And these alluring women are none other than bikini models. Their stunning photos are an industry on its own.

one of the top bikini models sitting by a pool with a bottle of drink beside her

It’s called bikini modelling, a sub-category of modelling often used for editorial and commercial shoots. While they may look perfect, bikini models work extra hard to maintain their summer body all year round. And if you’re looking to become one, you have to imbibe their habits. 

But first, what does this model category entail? Find out as we dive into the world of bikini models.

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Who are Bikini Models?

a thick bikini model looking beautiful in her element

These are models whose niche involves dressing in swimsuits and underwear for commercial or editorial purposes. They mostly work with brands that sell holiday, swimwear, and beach merchandise. Since most clothing brands have a swimwear line, runway and commercial models get to wear bikinis when the occasion calls for it.

Though this niche may seem attractive, it’s uncomfortable. For one, you may be asked to pose in sand or water to the glaring eyes of bystanders. And since fashion is always one season ahead, expect to have bikini shoots in the freezing winter cold. Hear it from Denise Bidot, the first plus-size model to walk in New York Fashion Week, as she shared with Cosmopolitan:

.”Usually you’re shooting coats in summertime and sweating, or you’re shooting swimsuits in the wintertime and you’re freezing. That’s just the nature of fashion; we’re always one season ahead, so we’re usually definitely off topic off time. It’s one of those things where I’m like, ‘Oh my god, here I am, while people are going summer blonde, I’m going winter brunette.'”

Denise Bidot

Beyond that, swimsuit modelling is a glamorous niche you should try if you feel confident in your skin. It lets you flaunt your God-given assets and shows how much work you put into maintaining your body. 

Furthermore, bikini models eat well and work out to maintain a nice figure all year round. They also have a healthy skincare routine, shave their leg, pubic hair, and armpit hair, and have make-up applied to most or every part of their body.

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Types of Bikini Models

sexy bikini model posing on the beach

This modelling sub-category is further divided into:

Swimsuit Bikini Models

a swimsuit bikini model

These models typically don swimwear such as bikinis, tankini, monokini, etc., during shoots. 

Lingerie Models

a plus-size lingerie model

These models wear underwear and other intimate apparel for women.

Fitness Models

plus sized model wearing fitness outfit

These models mostly wear skimpy activewear. They’re more or less bodybuilders and undergo intense and strict lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain their physique. 

Requirements for Bikini Models

a pretty girl wearing swimwear ith a hat

Requirements for bikini modelling depend on the agency and brand involved. High-fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret often work with top models who are over 5’8″ tall with svelte or hourglass figures and toned limbs.

On the other hand, fast fashion brands like BooHoo, Shein, H&M, Next, Pretty Little Things, etc., work with commercial models who may be 5’7” or even shorter, as the case may be.

Besides the height requirement, you also need to look fit and have a body that fits your clients’ specifications or your niche. This may require training every day in the gym and eating a strict diet tailored to your body. You must maintain this routine all year round so as to be photo-ready in an instant when gigs come calling.

Also, expect to wear tan, use bikini wax, and apply make-up so your features can be highlighted. And you have to know how to make poses that spotlight the bikini and your body at the same time.

The Difference Between Bikini Models and a Regular Fashion Model

gorgeou black girl smiling in her swimwear on beach

Though bikini and regular fashion models need to look photo-ready, eat well, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, they aren’t the same. For one, a bikini model is mostly dressed in no-coverage clothing, while a regular model is almost always fully dressed. Also, bikini models pay more attention to their groin area, buttocks, and underarms as these parts are mostly in front of the camera.

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How to Become a Bikini Model

one of the sexy plus-sized bikini models

The bikini modelling industry is a glamorous one. Hence, you may feel tempted to get in after staring at the attractive features of these ladies. But before you jump at it, follow these steps:

Be sure it’s what you want

Are you comfortable in your skin and wouldn’t mind standing in the sun or rain wearing bathing suits that show too much? Once you’ve answered yes to those questions, proceed to the next step.

Build your portfolio

Bikini models are expected to have a great portfolio showcasing their abilities. So, collaborate with photographers and take bikini shots to build your portfolio. Go to nice locations like the beach, swimming pool, or anywhere that will be a perfect backdrop for your tanned body. Furthermore, if you can’t work with a photographer, start small. For example, consider using a smartphone with a clear camera and and asking a friend who can spare to take photos of you.

Leverage Social Media

When you take these photos with photographers or with your smartphone, share them on social media, particularly Instagram. to attract followers and brands to your page.

That’s how many swimwear and lingerie models start their careers, and brands hire them via Instagram because of their huge follower base which serves as an audience they can sell to.

Look out for Modelling Agencies

While building your portfolio, be on the lookout for modelling agencies who work with bikini models. Apply to be one of their models and don’t feel less of yourself if you aren’t accepted.

But be careful while applying to agencies. A lot of fraudsters now parade as modelling agencies. Some may ask you for a fee before working with them, while others may act sneaky about their activities.

A good and legit modelling agency will give you time to learn about them. They’ll be open with their activities, sharing them on their website and socials. Moreover, they won’t ask you to pay any fee or agent before working with them.

So, do your research on agencies to confirm its authenticity. Check their website and reviews, not just what you se on their pages. And ensure the agency has people you can contact for more details.

Learn from top bikini models

Follow models who are ahead of you and learn from them. Some top bikini models include Emily Ratajkowski, Tyra Banks, Paige Hathaway, Ashley Graham, Michelle Lewin, etc. Also, check out the bikini photos of stars like Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, Jenna Ortega, etc., and try to recreate the poses that catch your fancy.

Beyond the Sexy, Bikini Models are a Lot

a bikini model layering with jean jacket

The confidence bikini models exude is worth emulating. But beyond that, a lot goes into making a name in the industry. Use the tips we’ve shared here to kickstart and accelerate your swimwear modelling career. And remember to establish relationships with photographers, brands, and other stakeholders in the industry.,

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