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Dua Lipa Bikini: A Look at Her Sexiest Collection

Dua Lipa is that girl. The gorgeous singer-cum-songwriter is multi-talented with a killer taste in fashion and a banging body to add. It’s no wonder queries like “Dua Lipa bikini” are no stranger to Google search.  Her body is a delight to behold and fans like you and I aren’t backing down in getting a total dose of her hotness in swimsuits.

Picture of Dua Lipa rocking a black bikini with mesh top

From cool tie-dye designs to unique gemstone-colored bikinis, Dua Lipa’s swimwear collection is every girl’s sun-loving dream come true. Although, the star doesn’t post pictures of her bikini self that often, when she does, the internet goes agog. So if you’re like us who can’t get enough of Lipa in bathing suits that show too much, read this piece to feast your eyes on the star’s beach-body physique.

The Allure of Dua Lipa’s Bikini Collection

Picture of Dua Lipa rocking a teeny tiny bikini

Ever since the gorgeous star burst into the music scene, it’s been a series of mixed feelings. One moment, we’re crooning and dancing to her song, Levitating, the next, we’re on her IG page basking in her beauty. The Grammy-award winning star’s style taste is proof she doesn’t just make good music but is also a fashion icon. 

Greenery view of the star relaxing by the pool

A trip to the star’s Instagram page will show you she has quite an eye-candy bikini collection. From vacation trips to cool and relaxing beach moments, Dua Lipa’s bikini photos are every girl’s summer body dream. If you doubt, look at them below and concur they can pass for a hot magazine cover.

Dua Lipa Lounges In Pink

Dua Lipa Bikini: Pictures of the beautiful star in pink

On Feb 6, 2022, Lipa took “fun in the sun” to another level, when she stunned in this hot pink two-piece in Miami.

Dua Lipa Rocking a Blue Two-Piece

Dua LIpa Bikini: Pictures of the star in a blue two piece

Yup! That’s the star wearing a beautiful blue two-piece. This particular bikini is gorgeous and complements her skin so well. Her makeup-free face and messy bun were the icing on top.

Dua Lipa in a Black & White Bikini

Dua Lipa rocks a black and white chekered bikini

This hot photo of Dua Lipa in a black and white polka dot bikini showcased the star’s tanned skin and abs so beautifully. While explaining her bold approach to fashion with Refinery29 back in 2018, she said:

“Everyone is allowed to wear whatever they want, and it’s so important that they do. This is the way we move forward in the world. We have to break the norms. If women wearing womenswear is deemed normal, women wearing menswear should be normal, too. But normality is a tricky one. It’s putting things in a box, and it shouldn’t be like that. Because what is normal, anyway?”

A Gorgeous Yellow Two-Piece

Dua Lipa looks gorgeous in a yellow two - piece

This shot of hers in a Yellow bikini was taken in Miami in 2018. You’ll agree the star looks stunning.  Side note, Dua has once teased about the possibility of her own fashion line. Hear it from her: 

 “I’d love to do something fun in terms of fashion. At the moment, my focus is music, but I want to be able to branch out and do something else. I would love to start a brand at some point, even if I start off really small. I have to take it in baby steps”

We can’t wait for the star to go into fashion. And like Rihanna, we know Lipa will do nothing but release gorgeous and all-inclusive collections.

A Bubblegum Pink Two-Piece

A bubble gum two piece bikini is all she needs to look his good

Isn’t she gorgeous slaying in a bubblegum two-piece? One would almost conclude Lipa had the premonition she would star in Barbie, a movie where this color is considered lit.

Dua Lipa in Animal Print Bikini

Dua Lipa lounges  in a beautiful leopard print  bikini

The singer’s shot of this Leopard bikini is a true definition of “sun-kissed and stunning.” Trust me, not many people look this good on leopard print but Lipa does it effortlessly.

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Dua Lipa Bikini In Colors 

Dua LIpa Bikini: Pictures of the star in a multi colored bikini

A colorful bikini does all the magic and the singer understood this when she rocked this thong bikini in Tulum, Mexico.

A Hottie in Bikini

Dua Lipa shows off her abs with this bikini while rocking sunglasses with a fashionable pants

Nobody does it better than Dua Lipa. The star dazzled in a bikini top with a pair of pants for her birthday party in Los Angeles. This combo was straight fire and to crown her look, she donned a neck piece and a pair of stunning sunglasses 

Dua Lipa Rocking Floral Bikini

Dua lipa looks amazing a  floral bikini with class

Dua Lipa took things to another level with this gorgeous bikini set. She paired the look with beaded bracelets, a ring pop necklace, and a massive star-shaped earring. Lipa is the ultimate inspo when it comes to soaking up the sun.

Dua Lipa in Crocheted Bikini with Matching Headpiece

Beautiful picture of Dua Lipa rocking a crocheted piece with matching headwear

Dua Lipa has also rocked a beautiful blue crocheted piece with matching headwear, and she looked great. This style is definitely a must-try for ladies who love to show lot of skin.

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Dua Lipa Bikini: A Beauty Trendsetter and Style Icon

Dua Lipa shows off her rock hard abs with sexy chain on  her body.

Dua Lipa, the British-Albanian pop sensation, has not only captured hearts with her chart-topping music but also with her impeccable fashion sense. Her style is a perfect blend of elegance and edge.

Furthermore, it’s not just on the red carpet or the stage she shines. Dua Lipa knows how to make a statement even on the beach, and her bikini moments are nothing short of spectacular.

Thankfully, she has a ton more to inspire you. So if you need to see more Dua Lipa bikini photos, check out these photos we curated for you.

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