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Milan Fashion Week 2023: Best Runway & Street Style Memories 

You may have thought the top fashion weeks had come to an end after experiencing Paris, London, and New York runway shows. But those are just three fashion capitals and we have four. One last fashion capital had its show from September 19 to September 25, 2023, and that’s none other than Milan Fashion Week 2023.

This event crowned the entire September fashion experience with the monumental and awe-inspiring collections that graced the catwalk.

Gigi hadid walks the runway for Milan Fashion Week 2023

Milan Fashion Week has long been a beacon of style and creativity in the fashion world. With each passing year, it continues to redefine and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of haute couture. In 2023, the fashion week once again took center stage, showcasing the latest trends, breathtaking designs, and the fusion of tradition and innovation.

If you missed all of this, stay on this article as we dive into the highlights and key moments of the MFW23.

MFW 23: A Celebration of Futuristic Visions and Sustainability

Another picture  of models for Milan Fashion Week 2023

Fashion is cyclical, and Milan Fashion Week 2023 was no exception. Designers drew inspiration from various eras, creating a beautiful blend of retro and futuristic styles.

On one hand, classic silhouettes from the ’80s and ’90s made a comeback with a modern twist. And on the other hand, bold, avant-garde designs pushed the boundaries of what fashion could be. Milan once again proved its ability to balance tradition and innovation, resulting in a diverse range of styles.

One of the most notable aspects of Milan Fashion Week 2023 was its strong emphasis on sustainability. Fashion houses and designers recognized the urgent need for more eco-friendly practices in the industry. Therefore, many shows featured sustainable materials, recycled fabrics, and a commitment to reducing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. This shift towards sustainable fashion not only reflects a growing awareness of environmental issues but also sets a new standard for the future of fashion.

Celebrities At Milan Fashion Week 2023

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade looks really good for the fashion show

As usual, there was a shortage of celebrities at the fashion week. Stars like Naomi Campbell, Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade Kate Moss, Demi Moore Christina Ricci, Cara Delevingne, turned up. Here’s a look at some of the star presence that brought the heat during Milan Fashion Week SS24 runway show.

Lori Harvey in red for Milan Fashion Week 2023
Gorgeous star for the fashion show
Winne Harlow for the fashion show
Gorgeous star for Milan Fashion Week 2023
Naomi campbell and fellow models for the fashion show
Cara for Milan Fashion week
Jaden smith rocks pink hoodie and  jean for the event
Charlie XCX rocks a beautiful gown for the event
Gorgeous star rocks a beautiful gown for the event.

Famous Highlights at Milan Fashion Week 2023

Models walking at the Milan Fashion week 2023

Different moments made MFW23 a memorable one. For instance, world-class designers like Versace paid tribute to the 90s, a decade that played a pivotal role in shaping the brand into what it is today. The collection from the Versace house featured a Sorbet-colored palette, a deliberate choice that Donatella Versace explained as an embodiment of a powerful yet sweet femininity. 

Furthermore, among the gorgeous pieces were cotton tweed suits and chainmail dresses adorned with Gianni’s iconic chequerboard motif from his spring/summer 1982 collection. The collection, in essence, represented a shared wardrobe that resonated with the contemporary era.

Another highlight that got everyone talking was Moschino’s 40th anniversary in the industry with a collection inspired by the 80s and 90s. Models dressed in double-breasted suits, pleated trousers, and black turtlenecks, while some accessorized with regal necklaces and earrings.

Street Style Looks at Milan Fashion Week 2023

Guy wears suit for the street style moment at Milan

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is Milan!  It wouldn’t earn its name as one of the four fashion capitals in the world if the street style isn’t captivating or doesn’t make you want to change your wardrobe. And that was the case this year.

The streets of Milan were filled with people rocking trendy styles and bringing their A-game to the streets. 

Another guy rocks a shirt for Milan Fashion Week 2023
Beautiful lady looks good with her leather gown for Milan Fashion Week 2023
Blonde lady wears silver for the fashion event
Guy shows off his cool casual style for the event
Guy channels his cool with piercings at  Milan

Notable Runway Collections at Milan Fashion Week 2023

Milan Fashion Week 2023 brought top fashion brands all over the world to showcase their collections. Here’s a look at some of your favorite designers bringing new trends to the runway:

Giorgio Armani

Model catwalks for Geogio Armani

With a collection that started by considering the application of makeup, Giorgio Armani resumed his career-long exploration of beauty.

Another model walks the runway for the brand

Models for Armani dressed in languid glamour – silk dresses that recalled pyjamas in their fluidity, and trousers cut with generous proportions. Other garments evoked the richness of texture and embellishment, from swathes of velvet and faux fur to beading and fringing.

Bottega Veneta

Beautiful black  model in red rocks the runway

Bottega’s collection was a celebration of the vibrancy and multiplicities of the country’s people, traditions, and craft.

Another model looking good for Bottega

Bottega came back with full force at Milan Fashion Week 2023 presenting 81 looks. The collection began with riffs on nightwear as if models were rising from bed at the start of a day to bolder hues and colorful gowns.

Dolce & Gabbana

Gorgeous model looks good for Dolce and Gabbana

Since the launch of their eponymous brand in 1985, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s designs have always been noted for their high-octane sexuality. 

An array of model walking for Dolce and Gabbana

This was fully on display in their new collections at Milan Fashion Week 2023.


Model in gorgeous red fur looks good for MSGM

Massimo Giorgetti settled for the title ‘The Ultimate Illusion’ for an A/W 2023 collection he described as “an infinite journey, a dream within a dream”. This line was from Edgar Allen Poe’s 1949 poem, A Dream Within A Dream, and it was quoted on the collection notes. 

Model rocks blue jumpsuit for the brand

Giorgetti’s vision for this season at MFW23 was one of heady vibrancy, with broad strokes of color such as shades of mauve, pink, electric yellow, and emerald.


Beautiful black models shows off her style for Ferragamo

Maximilian Davis, the British designer for Ferragamo, has continued to hone his vision with the accomplished sophomore collection presented at Milan Fashion Week 2023. 

Another look of a model doing the bossy vibe for the brand

His exploration of Hollywood was shown at the fashion show with sleek, elegant garments that signaled a distilling of his house codes. 


Gorgeous model looks good for Ferrari at Milan fashion week

Rocco Iannone the designer for Ferrari has translated elements from Ferrari’s rich history of carmaking into sleek, contemporary collections.

Another look of a model wearing white for Ferrari

At Milan Fashion Week, he ensured his models represented what the brand stands for with their gorgeous monochromatic dresses and coats.

Jil Sander

Model rocks an edgy look for Jil Sander

For Jill Sander, it was a case of expecting the unexpected. Their latest collection at MFW23 

represented a new mood of eclecticism drawn from formative memories of the 1990s.

Another look of a guy rocking the  coat for Jil Sander

The collection began with an exploration of the motocross jacket emblazoned with a sporty take on the Jil Sander logo. Then it moved toward cherry-print tabard tops, and minimal riffs on the parka jacket (another 1990s staple).


Model looks good with a body con dress for the event

The collection of Adreadamao showed the designer’s signature sensual, second-skin silhouettes while adding a series of expansive overcoats and raw-edge tailoring at MFW23. 

Girl roc beautiful dress for the fashion show

His collection ended with a downpour, seeing models doused with water from a rain machine placed in the center of the show space.

Gucci at Milan Fashion Week 2023

Model looks really good for Gucci

Gucci came with a bang for its SS24 show at Milan Fashion Week 2023. A surreal picture of an office space or lobby provided the backdrop for Gucci’s latest collection.

Another model looks good for Gucci

The setting lent the collection an eclectic mood that was largely rooted in sensual designs, notably in the collection’s body-baring opening look. 


Model dressed Leather shows her swag for blumarine at Milan Fashion week 2023

The Blumarine collection on the Milan runway charged up the whole atmosphere. 

Another look at  a girll rocking her dress for Blumarine at Milan Fashion week

With models dressed in skintight draped dresses and boots in shiny liquid metallics, the collection exuded a bold, forceful vibe.It was magnetic, majestic, and powerful.

Milan Fashion Week SS24 Show: The Crowning of it All

Kylie Jenner looks good for Milan Fashion Week 2023

Indubitably, the four fashion capitals of the world have given us s various trends from luxury dresses to ready-to-wear collections and even street-style moments. Milan Fashion Week 2023 was no different. It was a celebration of style, innovation, and progress. The event placed a strong emphasis on sustainability, inclusivity, and technology.

Furthermore, it not only reflected the current state of the fashion industry but also set the stage for a more dynamic and forward-thinking future. 

As we look forward to subsequent ones, the show remains a shining example of the creativity and artistry that define the world of fashion. But what we’ve covered here isn’t all that graced the runway. So, if you’d like to see more, visit Milan Fashion Week’s official website to satisfy your style buds.

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