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30 Gorgeous Corset Asoebi Styles for Your Next Owambe

If Saturdays are for weddings, then corset asoebi styles are for ladies. It is as though this is the uniform style of most female wedding attendees who buy the lace asoebi fabric. From brides to wedding guests, this trend has won the hearts of almost every Nigerian fashion lover. And guess what? It doesn’t seem like it’ll be leaving the style scene anytime soon, not when we have badass designers like Veekee James, CEO Luminee, etc., dishing new corset asoebi dresses every now and then.

A pretty lady dressed in one of the nice corset asoebi styles

So if you have a wedding to attend and would like to jump on the corset asoebi dress trend, you’re on the right page. Keep reading as I show you dashing asoebi corset styles that’ll make you almost as beautiful as the bride.

Corset Asoebi Styles are ‘Deeper’ Than You Think

beautiful lady wearing asoebi corset dress

Corset fashion didn’t sprout up today. From the 16th to 19th centuries, they were the signature pieces of most women. And now, they still are.

These dresses are known to enhance a woman’s figure and show off her curves while giving more structure to her body. Little wonder wedding guests opt for corset asoebi lace styles to look stunning. How it cinches your waist while framing your silhouette is not something to miss out on. And when you incorporate the style into a fabric as dazzling as lace, know for sure you’ll look ravishing.

Thanks to women’s obsession with the hourglass figure (a tiny waist and broader hips), corset styles have become the go-to asoebi style. But if you want to slay comfortably and effortlessly in a corset, here’s something you should know: the construction of your corset lace asoebi matters. And it all boils down to these factors:

Your Fashion Designer

a lady wearing one of the beautiful corset asebi styles with gele

Whether you pick the finest corset asoebi styles or not, you’ll be disappointed if you don’t work with a skilled tailor. Even if you have the most alluring shape in the world, if your designer doesn’t understand the complexities of corsetry, your dress will be ruined.

So, before you give anyone who claims to be a tailor your material and money, ensure they’re exceptional. Check for their construction and finishing and not just how the dress looks.

Your Body Type

a lady wearing onion-colored corset asoebi lace

If you’re naturally curvy, you won’t need to do too much to slay in a corset lace asoebi dress. And that’s because the enhancement is already there. Your fashion designer or tailor may only need to work on your waist to make it slimmer so your hips are more obvious.

But if you aren’t naturally curvaceous, the next tip is for you.

Hip Padding for Corset Asoebi Styles

A beautiful cury lady wearing a blue lace corset dress

Some of the photos you see on Instagram of curvy ladies donning corset dresses are neither natural nor BBL-inspired. Sometimes, the hourglass silhouette comes from what we call hip padding.

As the name implies, this involves padding the hip part of a dress with a cushion to enhance the wearer’s figure. This technique works for women with apple or straight body types who’d love to look curvy in their corset asoebi styles. It’ll give you that gush-worthy figure-eight look.

Waist Snatching

a lady looking good in her Nigerian guest wedding dress

Your corset has to be firm around your upper body to accentuate your figure. And for this to happen, your tailor or seamstress must snatch your waist. They do this by reducing your waist measurements and including lacing at the back to ensure it fits perfectly.

Through the lacing, you’ll be able to adjust the tightness of your corset asoebi dress when you wear it.

Boning for Corset Asoebi Styles

beautiful lady wearing blue corset asoebi dress

Your asoebi corset dress must have boning inside or outside. As Nigerian Fashion Designer, Penchu Swaddles, shared with Legit.ng:

“If the dress is not boned, it’s not corseted even if it has visible corset lines on the outside. The boning gives the dress a proper structure and helps in snatching the waist and reducing belle folds when the waist and stomach are snatched.”

So if you want that perfect corset structure, insist on your designer boning your dress.

The Neckline

beautiful lady wearing pink corset asoebi dress

Most corset asoebi styles feature a sweetheart or off-the-shoulder neckline. But if you don’t want your cleavages out, ask your tailor to include a yoke around your neckline. They can either use tulle, skin net, or any other fabric that suits the style. And you can always wear any type of sleeves you’re comfortable with too.

Latest Corset Asoebi Styles to Rock in 2023 & Beyond

a pretty ldy wearing blue lace dress

Now that you know what it takes to get an enchanting asoebi corset dress, it’s time to see the latest corset lace gown styles we curated for you.

From long to short, straight-cut, mermaid styles, etc., these asoebi corset lace dresses are awe-inspiring and will help you slay when you turn up. In addition, you can rock them with or without gele and still look gorgeous. Here they are:

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