Guest Wedding Dress for Winter—How to Wear with Style

”For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” If you’re familiar with the nuggets of King Solomon, that verse from Ecclesiastes 3 should ring a bell. It also applies to fashion too. Just as there’s a season for everything, there are clothes for every season too. So if you have a wedding to attend in winter, your outfit should be a guest wedding dress for winter. Why?

a lady in a deep pink maxi guest wedding dress for winter

Weddings during winter are a double celebration. While you’re enjoying the bliss that comes with yuletide and a new year, you’re also prepping to celebrate loved ones getting hitched. Regardless of the fun, it can be somewhat stressful for guests. One reason is the cold and icy weather.

a lady in a deep green maxi guest wedding dress for winter

You can’t rock your summer dresses to a winter wedding otherwise you’d freeze. Your best bet is to go for winter wedding guest dresses and we’ve done the legwork for you. 

a lady wearing a blue midi dress

Below, you’ll find the best outfits for winter nuptials in this piece. Keep reading as we dive in.

What Should a Guest wear to a Winter Wedding?

a lady in a black guest wedding dress for winter with pantyhose

Before you start rummaging through your wardrobe or shopping for the best dress for a wedding guest, here’s something to keep in mind:

The best winter wedding guest dresses are a balance of formality, comfort, and style. They also need to suit the weather, the dress code, and the venue of the event. 

a lady in a brown plunging neckline maxi dress

But finding a look that meets these requirements is never easy.

For instance, an outdoor winter wedding would require you to cover up, while one indoors would be a bit liberal. But if your goal is to stay warm while looking stylish, pull off your guest wedding dress for winter this way:

a lady wearing a navy blue ruffle guest wedding dress for winter

Wear Thicker Fabrics

a lady in a sequin guest wedding dress for winter with black fur shawl

If you don’t wanna find yourself wrapping your arms around your body, wear cold-resistant fabrics like velvet, satin, denim, silk, corduroy, twill, wool, etc. Save your chiffon, lace, organdy, crepe, etc., for summer or spring weddings unless you plan to layer your outfit.

Opt for High Necklines

three women wearing a high neckline bodycon dresses

To prevent the cold from getting to your chest, wear clothes with high necklines such as turtlenecks, bateau, jewel necklines, keyhole necklines, collars, halter necks, etc. Avoid off-shoulder, strapless, or plunging necklines especially if you’re allergic to cold.

Go for Longer Hems

A lady wearing a pair of lilac palazzo pants and a lilac shirt

Long wedding guest dresses for winter are a must-have this season. They help protect your legs from cold. Some of them include bodycon dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses, sequin dresses, jumpsuits, palazzo pants, etc.

But be careful. Longer hems can be drab if you don’t style them well. To be on the safer side, go for long outfits with slits, cut-outs, ruffles, puff sleeves, tight-fitting silhouettes, or standout details for a stylish effect. 

Layer Your Mini/Strapless Guest Wedding Dress for Winter

a lady in a burgundy maxi guest wedding dress for winter with a faux fur jacket

Do you really love low necklines and short hems and aren’t ready to put them aside for the winter wedding on your calendar? That’s not a problem. Just layer them.

Fashion isn’t a one-way street so you can’t write off a piece as there are a thousand and one ways to style it. So, rock your mini skirts and dresses, off-shoulder, and other low-necklines with faux fur coats, shawls, leather jackets, puffer jackets, long coats, denim jackets, thick blazers, etc.

Furthermore, you can also wear a pair of leggings or pantyhose underneath your skimpy wedding guest outfits. It’s still a part of layering.

Wear Long Sleeves

a lady in a light brown maxi dress with thigh slit

Layering means you’ll be wearing more clothes. So, why not save yourself the trouble by opting for long sleeves dresses, jumpsuits, or tops as wedding guest dresses for winter?

Nobody said long sleeves have to be boring. You can add some ruffles, volume, pleats, or other embellishments to give yours a chic look.

Try Different Prints for Your Guest Wedding Dress for Winter

a lady in an illusion print maxi guest wedding dress for winter

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your guest wedding dress for winter should be solid colors only. Wear your bold prints as you’d love.

In addition, don’t keep your floral prints for summer days alone. Wear them to your winter nuptials. Do the same with your checkered fabrics, polka dots, gingham, plaid, African prints, etc. You can even mix two or three prints in one outfit but make sure the prints have a dark base color.

We have a style guide on how to mix prints. Check it out right away, or better still, let’s proceed.

Damn the Cold & Go Edgy

a lady wearing pink two-piece pants and pleated top

If the wedding would be indoors, you can as well damn the cold and wear what you want. This could be dresses with cut-outs, short hems, slits, or revealing necklines. A pro tip to help you play safe is to combine mild and extreme together.

For instance, you can wear a maxi dress with cut-outs around the waist or a short dress with long sleeves paired with knee-high boots. Damn the cold and go edgy. But this shouldn’t be to the detriment of your health and comfort. It’s why merging mild and extreme is crucial.

What Do You Wear On Your Feet For A Winter Wedding?

a lady wearing a glittery red suit with thigh slit

If comfort is your priority, opt for close-toed shoes to keep your feet warm. They may be flats or heels. This includes pumps, sock boots, knee-high boots, sneakers, etc.

a lady in a floral long guest wedding dress for winter

However, this doesn’t mean your open-toed shoes are inappropriate.

What Color do You Wear to a Winter Wedding?

a lady wearing a royal blue thigh-high slit guest wedding dress for winter

The perfect colors for a winter wedding guest dress are toned palettes, warm colors, darker shades, and jewel hues. Some of them include green, gold, red, brown, blue, burgundy, purple, olive, black, etc.

What Color Should You not Wear to a Winter Wedding?

a lady in a deep green two-piece guest wedding dress for winter

If the bride doesn’t say otherwise, avoid white, ivory, and cream colors. These colors can compete with the bride for attention. It’s not your wedding, remember?

Can You Wear Bare Legs to a Winter Wedding?

a lady in a black blazer suit dress and knee-high boots

As a general rule of thumb, it’s not ideal to wear bare legs to a winter wedding. Such short women’s winter wedding guest dresses expose your body to cold. Furthermore, you may even look out of place or underdressed for the occasion.

a lady wearing a black mini gest wedding dress for winter with pantyhose underneath

So, don’t bare your legs. But if you choose to, pair your bare legs outfits with outerwear, leggings, pantyhose, knee-high boots, etc. They’ll provide warmth while elevating your style.

How to Look Your Best with Your Guest Wedding Dress for Winter

a laldy layering her black miniskirt and top with a long red coat

Your wedding guest dress for cold weather will not be eye candy if you don’t strive to look good. And this begins with your clothes. They should be chic enough to flatter your body and suit your style.

a lady in a metallic gold guest wedding dress for winter

But it doesn’t end with picking good clothes. You also need to accessorize them with fashion accessories, wear a nice hairdo and beautiful makeup, and smell nice too. 

a lady in a black guest wedding dress for winter

We detailed how to look your best as a wedding guest in this guide. Read it so you prep yourself for the winter wedding you plan to attend.

a lady wearing a pink blazer dress with pink pantyhose and pink heels

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