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New York Fashion Week 2023: A Run down of the Glitz, Glamour, and Style

If there’s anything spectacular about the four fashion capitals of the world, it’s the fact that their fashion weeks are always something to anticipate.  New York Fashion Week 2023 was no different. From Sept 8-13, 2023,  we witnessed a grandeur of splendid collections and street style that set the trend for coming years.

Gorgeous models on the runway for New york fashion week

NYFW has been a staple in the industry since its emergence in 1943. It was first organized by fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert, and was initially called “Press Week of New York”. 

Its primary purpose was to divert attention from Paris, which was inaccessible during World War II. Over the years, NYFW has evolved into a major global fashion event, and in 1993, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) officially rebranded it from Press Week to “New York Fashion Week.

Ever since then, it has grown in stature and influence, with designers, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts like you and I eagerly anticipating each season’s offerings.

Stylish model on jeans for the fashion week

If you missed this monumental event or couldn’t follow it up on social media, this post will fill you in on everything that went down during New York Fashion Week 2023. Let’s dive in.

New York Fashion Week 2023: Reliving the Goal Every Year

Model on the runway for New York Fashion Week 2023

September is the January of fashion,” said the eminent Candy Pratts Price, Former Vogue Editor in one of its September Issue. And that’s true. September not only represents the beginning of a new year of fashion with the launch of spring collections but also is the industry’s back-to-school moment.

Gorgeous model for New York Fashion Week 2023

The goal of the NYFW is to be a platform for both established and emerging designers to push the boundaries of fashion with their elegant pieces. And every year, the organizers achieve this goal.

NYFW 2023 Best Highlights

Ice Spice singing for New York Fashion Week 2023

While this year was a little low-key compared to the buzz of last year, we still had moments worthy of the adulation. One of the major highlights was Ice Spice’s debut at the NYFW. The Bronx-born rapper sat next to top fashion designers and also performed at the Tia Adeola and LaQuan Smith afterparties. 

Model showcasing Elena Velez collection

Another major highlight was Elena Velez’s female rage. The designer has a knack for making people feel a bit unsettled during her shows and this year was no different. Her NYFW 2023 show built on that frenetic energy from the past few seasons. It also featured models walking briskly down the dark runway and engaging in a mud fight, almost as if fueled by rage. 

Ice spice poses for the camera at New York Fashion Week 2023

Celebrity Presence at the New York Fashion Week 2023

Janet Jackson wear orange leather for New York Fashion Week 2023

Fashion weeks aren’t not only a showcase for fashion; they’re also a place where celebrities gather to support their favorite designers and make bold fashion statements of their own. 

The front rows of the NYFW 2023 runway shows were adorned with A-list actors, musicians, and influencers, all dressed to impress. From Jennifer Lopez to Janet Jackson, Julia Fox, Venus Williams, etc., there was no shortage of star power at the event. Moreso, the presence of these celebrities not only amplifies the event’s global appeal but also leads to trending fashion moments that capture the world’s attention.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity looks: 

Jennifer Lopez looks gorgeous for the red carpet
Merrit looks good for the Fashion week
Julia Fox wears a  bridal dress for the New York Fashion Week 2023
Gorgeous stars on black for the fashion week
Sia and her fellow stars on the red carpet
Venus Williams rocks pink hair for  New York Fashion Week 2023
Blake Lively looks like a goddess for New York Fashion Week 2023

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Street Style Looks at New York Fashion Week 2023

Famous street style looks for the fashion week

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer ‘24  is never complete without street style. And this year, the street style looks were a testament to how the fashion industry is evolving.

If you’re a true lover of fashion, you’d get the hunch to recreate some of these street-style outfits. They are too gorgeous to pass up. Feast your eyes on them below:

Gorgeous ladies rocking street style New York Fashion Week 2023
Another model rocks jean for New York Fashion Week 2023
Gorgeous black model look s really good for New york fashion week
Hot blondie looks goof for the fashion week
Another look of a star for the fashion week
Model on black for NYYFW23
Model on jean looks really good on NYC streets
3 models looks really good on NYC streets

Notable Runway Collections at the New York Fashion Week 2023

Here’s a look at the top fashion designers who  showcased their collections at New York Fashion Week:


Model rocking Adeam for NYFW23

Adeam is known for using traditional Japanese techno in modern silhouettes. Hanako Maeda, the Founder and Creative Director, didn’t disappoint this year. 

Another model for Adeam at NYFW23

The brand’s collection mirrored its ‘East meets West’ aesthetic that fuses inspiration sourced from Hanako’s upbringing spent between Tokyo and New York City.


Model rocks Rodarte for New York Fashion Week 2023

RODARTE was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2005 by Kate and Laura Mulleavy.

Another model for Rodarte at NYFW23

The brand is distinguished by the romantic, conceptual way Kate and Laura approach inspiration, storytelling, and how they see the world through landscape, art, film, poetry, culture, and music. This artistic side is evident in their collection.


Model rocks Alice and Olivia collections for  NYFW23

New York native, Stacey Bendet founded Alice +Olivia in 2002 with the quest to create the perfect pair of pants. 

Model on Alice and Olivia for NYFW

The brand was an immediate success, and shortly after its launch, Andrew Rosen, Founder of Theory Clothing,  joined as a partner. Since then, the company has grown into a full contemporary lifestyle brand. His collection at the New York Fashion Week were a testament to how he has incorporated a touch of modern style in colorful ensembles.

Bad Binch Tong Tong

Model rocking Bad Bing tong tong for New York Fashion Week 2023

Bad Binch Tong Tong, conceived by designer Terrence Zhou, is a NYC-based fashion brand that defies conventions.

Another model rocking Bad Binch New York Fashion Week 2023

At the New York Fashion Week, his eccentric side was brought to life in his collections. They were a precise definition of bold, bright, colorful.

Jason Wu

Male model rocks Jason Wu collection for New York Fashion Week 2023

Jason Wu is a leading global design talent based in New York City. 

Another look at a model rocking  the Jason wu collection

His merging of classic American sportswear elements that made him a powerhouse in the industry shone through his unique collection for NYFW23.


Guy rocks whensmoke clears collection for the New York Fashion Week 2023

Born from the heartbeat of New York, Whensmokeclears has grown into the distinctive, unparalleled aesthetic we recognize today.

Another look at a guy rocking the whensmokingclears collection

Motivated by their experiences, Whensmokeclear’s visionary designer and founder, Thermal, was determined to keep love as the center of everything the company does. And they proved this in their NYFW SS24 collection.

Chuks Collins

Model rocks the Chuks Collins colections in style

Chuks Collins is an international brand that exhibits exceptional quality and modern styling through personalized service.

His collections at NYFW 23 were flowing, gorgeous, and a definition of how freely people should live.

Fumi The Label

Funmi the label shows off her elegant pieces at New York Fashion Week 2023

Fumi The Label is the voice of Fumi Egbon has managed to build a presence through her unique style.

A look at Funmi the labels collection rocked by a model

Her collection at NYFW20 was bold, confident, and screamed women’s empowerment.

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Picture of a model rocking Kaphill collections

Kaphill by Krystal Phillips draws profound inspiration from her Jamaican heritage. 

Group of ladies rocking the kaphill collections

Her collections at the NYFW2023 paid homage to her Jamaican heritage. They were gorgeous and magnificent.

Kim Shui

Model on the runway rocky Kim shui for the fashion week

This season Kim Shui takes her ongoing unabashed celebration of the female form to another height.

Model rocked Kim Shui collection for NYFW 2023

She particularly shows what it means to live and express oneself freely in her collections at New York Fashion Week.

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New York Fashion Week 2023: The Glamour Still Lingers

The glamour of New York fashion worn by a model

One thing about New York Fashion Week is you’ll definitely get served. This year was no different. The glamor and the glitz still linger. A case in point is Saweetie’s fresh-off-the-runway look from Kim Shui SS24 at the VMAs 2023 award night.  

Indubitably, New York Fashion Week is a global phenomenon that epitomizes the dynamic nature of the fashion industry. It is not only a showcase for cutting-edge design and creativity but also a platform for embracing inclusivity and sustainability. 

The pieces we’ve shown in this page aren’t all that was showcased. If you’d like to see more, visit New York Fashion Week’s official website and feast your eyes.

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