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Forbidden Pants: How to Look Sexy in Them

Some time ago, a particular pair of pants trended on social media. Why? Because the pants, when worn, hug, and accentuate a lady’s curves: they fit snugly on the body, promoting every contour and God-given asset. These pants are none other than forbidden pants.

a lady wearing forbidden pants with green curly braids

You must have come across them on X (fka Twitter), TikTok, or Instagram. Many influencers donned them and they still do. And if you, too would like to jump on the trend, we’ll show you how to go about it. But first, why the name ‘forbidden pants’? Let’s find out together.

What are Forbidden Pants?

a lady wearing forbidden pants

These are body-hugging high-waisted long bell bottoms with tapestry-like or Bohemian prints. In other words, they’re skintight boho flared pants. The brand, Daisy Del Sol, makes these pants with a unique blend of materials designed to hug your curves and provide a flattering and comfortable fit. Furthermore, since the pants are high-rise, they help to hide belly fat while enhancing your natural silhouette.

In addition, some ladies wear forbidden pants to work out, others wear them to lounge at home, run errands, go on dates, or simply flaunt their curves and leave onlookers drooling. They’re functional, stylish, and a versatile staple to any wardrobe.

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Why are These Pants Called ‘Forbidden’

a screenshot of a Twitter post about these pants

These pants are considered “forbidden” on Reddit, TikTok, and other places because they accentuate a woman’s buttocks. Some argue that this makes men horny. 

But these didn’t stop the pants from going viral as almost every girl on social media wanted a pair. You’d see videos of netizens twerking in their Daisy Del Sol pants and garnering massive engagement.

How to Style Forbidden Pants

a lady rocking her Daisy De Sol pants with a tank top

There’s no hard and fast rule for styling these pants. You only need to follow the right tips as these:

Pair it With a Crop Top

a lady rocking her Daisy De Sol pants with a crop top

While your pants flaunt your lower body, wear a crop top to show off your midriff. You’ll look so sexy and alluring.

With a Cute Top

a lady wearing a back yop with forbidden pants

Besides a tank top or crop top, you can pair your pants with any style of top and look great. It can even be a buttoned shirt you either tie around your waist to give it a pseudo-cropped look or tuck into your pants to create a blouson effect.

Forbidden Pants With a Tank Top

beautiful model posing in Daisy De Sol pants and a tank top

If you wanna dance on the timeline or work out, this is a great option.

It helps to flaunt your arms since your legs will be well hidden in your pants.

With a T-Shirt

pretty lady wearing her multiprinted bell bottoms with a graphic tee

Is there any bottom a tee doesn’t go with? I doubt. So pair your pants with a tee. Feel free to go for your exact size or rock a large tee. Whichever one you wear will still make sense.

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Layer Your Look

a lady with a huge backside wearing boho bell bottoms and an orange jacket

Adding a jacket, coat, sweater, hoodie, etc., to your look is one way to repeat your outfit your outfit without actually repeating it. So, when in doubt, throw on some layering. Yeah, they work with forbidden pants too.

Wear Befitting Shoes

a pretty lady donning multiprinted bell bottoms

The shoes you pair with your Daisy Del Sol pants depend on the kind of look you want to achieve. For instance, if you want something casual, sneakers, sandals, and leather flip-flops would work. But if you want something smart-casual, you may want to add two to four-inch heels to your look.

Throw on Some Accessories

a pretty lady accessorizing her boho flare trousers

Your outfit will never be complete if you don’t accessorize. So, don’t forget to wear your sunglasses, earrings, cap, scarf, hat, bracelet, bag, etc. They add more accents that always magnify your look.

a lady sittin on a carpet posing for the camera is a casual chic outfit

Daisy Del Sol pants are more than wardrobe staples; they’re a fashion statement that’ll always come in handy when you feel like flaunting what your mama gave you. Though some perceive them as indecent, they aren’t. All they do is flatter your figure. But if you aren’t comfortable in them, you can either pair them with a long top that covers your backside or not wear them at all.

pretty lady wearing a white top with multicolored bell botoms

However, if you love the trend and have always envisaged your body giving life to these pants, this is the sign you need to go for it!

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