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Button Nose: What to Know About this Nose Shape

Ever wondered why no two humans (except really identical twins) have the same face? It’s because our facial features are different. While two siblings may have the same eyes, their noses, eyebrows, and lips, may be different. It’s why Person A may have a button nose and Person B has an entirely different nose shape.

pretty lady with a button nose

Speaking of button nose, this is one attractive type of nose shape. It’s so attractive that people go under the knife to achieve it. If this is your nose shape or you’re contemplating getting a nose job, you’ll learn more about this type of nose in this piece. Keep reading as we dive in.

What is a Button Nose?

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A button nose is a small, petite nose that has a round tip. It’s called ‘button’ because you can slightly turn the nose up or down to appear rounder.

Nostrils for this nose shape are relatively small. It also has a low bridge which is often below the level of the nostrils. The button nose is quite attractive and is common among Asian, European, or people with small faces. Furthermore, many people have this nose shape, including celebrities such as Jenna Ortega, SZA, Kelly Rowland, Scarlett Johansson, etc.

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Is Button Nose a Good Nose Type?

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Yes, this nose shape is a good one. According to Julian De Silva, Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, it’s the most frequently requested nose shape. However, he also added that “people usually don’t like these noses because it mostly comes with a short nose bridge.”

How to Treat Button Nose?

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If this is your nose shape and you want to treat it, your best options are rhinoplasty or a non-surgical procedure. Let’s look at both of them:


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of your nose permanently. During this procedure, your surgeon will create a small incision along the base of your nose after putting you under sedation anesthesia. This incision will allow them to access the bones and cartilage inside of your nose. Afterward, they’ll reshape your nose by making precise alterations to the cartilage, bones, and tip before closing any remaining incisions. 

The side effect of this procedure includes swelling, bruising, and discomfort. And since the nose is a sensitive organ that reacts drastically to trauma, these side effects will likely happen for at least a week after the procedure. But if you take prescribed medications, rest well, and apply ice, they’ll help to reduce the discomfort.

Non-Surgical Nose Treatments

Non-surgical nose treatments use premium dermal fillers or medical nose threads. For dermal fillers, here’s how Lime Tree Clinic describes the procedure:

“By placing the right amount of dermal filler in the area of the tip and along the nose bridge, our cosmetic injector can raise the nose bridge and change the position of the tip, improving the nasal proportions.”

On the other hand, nose threads are a biocompatible, comfortable procedure with definite results. They’re safe medical sutures that give the nose a more defined appearance. 

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Is a Button Nose Job Right for You?

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If you aren’t comfortable with how your nose looks or you had an accident that damaged your nose, yes, a button nose surgery is right for you. But you’ll have to be healthy and mentally prepared for it.

Why Get a Nose Job for Your Button Nose?

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If you already have this nose shape, you can get a nose job to enhance its looks. For instance, you can make it look more masculine or feminine. But what you must know is that it’s difficult to transform this nose shape without medical help. So if you meet the common prerequisites for a nose job (discomfort or accident), by all means, go for it.

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