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White Chrome Nails: 34 Amazing Ideas for Your Next Manicure  

Besides accessories and gorgeous hairstyles, manicures are one of the things that complete every woman’s outfit. From pretty nails to solar nails and other cute nail designs, your mani adds that extra sparkle to your hands. Little wonder new fake nail styles saturate the market to keep up with the demand. White chrome nails aren’t left out from this fad. Their glittery shine is something you don’t wanna miss out on.

Celebrities like Hailey Bieber have come to be identified with this trend. The star is known to always adorn her nails in the glazed donut chrome pattern that is now recognized as her signature look. And you can’t fault her–she does it so perfectly that the trend has now been named after her.  

If you have spent any time on TikTok or Instagram in the past few months, you must have come across the shiny chrome nail art on your feed. They come in different styles and colors, but for this piece, we’ll be focusing on white chrome nails alone. Your presence on this page means they interest you. So if you nodded to my guess, this article explores the nail trend, including the different styles you should hop on. We also show you how to achieve it for a chic look.

The Reflective Allure of White Chrome Nails 

almond white chrome nails

When Rihanna said, “Shine bright like a diamond”, she was probably referring to white chrome nails. They’re the perfect manicure to transform your fingers into a diamond shining bright. But just so you don’t think we’re making empty promises, let’s see what these nails really are.

Take out the white and you’ll have chrome nailsa reflective shiny detail often overtop a base color. These nails are achieved by adding chrome powder to lacquer before sealing with a top coat. As the popularity of chromic nails increases, many nail polish brands like OPI and Londontown make regular polishes and high-shine hues with a built-in chrome effect to imitate these nails.

In addition, chrome manicures come in different finishes and white chrome is one of them. They’re simply a combo of white polish and the shimmery sheen of chromes. This version of white nails adds a metallic sheen that gives your already mani a transformational finish. Ultimately, you get a stunning look that pops you out of any crowd.

Why You Should Wear White Chrome Nails

fingers adorned with rings and white chrome nails

They Elevate Your Outfit

Whether you’re wearing a pair of jeans and a tee or a sultry dress for a night out, these nails add a touch of sophistication to your entire look. The sheeny, mirror-like surface of white chrome nails is sure to grab attention.

Your Nail Shape Doesn’t Matter

Do you want your white chrome nails long, short, square, flared, ballerina, or almond? Go for it. This art is versatile enough to suit any nail shape. So don’t hesitate to experiment with different shapes and lengths to get the manicure you love.

They Complement Your Overall Aesthetic

Whether you prefer a practical, low-maintenance mani or you’d rather make an edgy statement, white chrome nails say you’re welcome. These nails aren’t limiting; they fit into your lifestyle, giving you a manicure that complements your style.

You can Customize to Your Taste

Feel free to tailor these nails to suit your mood and personality. So if you want to add more sparkles, throw on some glitter or gems. And if you want to keep it subtle, rock them as chrome as they are. The choice is yours.

How to Achieve White Chrome Nails

pretty white chrome nails

The unique shiny finish of chrome nails makes them a striking manicure. If you don’t do your nails yourself, your best bet for achieving this style is to go to a reputable nail tech and let them do their job. But if you’d rather do it yourself, great! What you need alongside your other mani items is a chrome powder which is usually made of metal, glass, and pigment. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t contain any chrome. This is because chrome is a heavy metal that isn’t safe for cosmetics use.

Chrome powder is available in different colors but since white is your goal, that’s what you should get. Afterward, follow these steps:

Prep Your Nails

  • Use a nail file to get your desired nail shape. 
  • Use a cuticle stick to push back any skin overlapping your nails.
  • Buff your nails with a buffer and wipe off the nail dust.

Paint on a Base Coat

  • Paint on a base white gel coat to protect your nails from stains and ensure your mani lasts longer.
  • While doing this, ensure the brush bristles align with your nails’ growth pattern to create a smooth surface.

Cure Your Nails

  • Place your hands under a UV or LED lamp to seal and harden the gel polish.
  • Or let it simply air-dry by waiting for a few minutes.

Add a Top Coat

  • Complete your nail polish with another layer of base coat or a top coat. 
  • Place your nails under a UV or LED lamp until the top coat is dry.

Apply Your Chrome Powder

  • Apply a small amount of chrome powder on your applicator, eyeshadow foam applicator, or a rubber-gloved finger.
  • Apply the chrome powder to your nails in a single brushing motion. Start at the cuticle and move toward the end of each nail. 
  • Use multiple strokes to ensure you cover your entire nails with the powder.
  • Rub the chrome powder continuously across each nail with the applicator until your entire nails look shiny and reflect light.

Brush off the Excess Powder 

  • Use a fluffy brush to wipe away excess powder in the form of sparkling particles.
  • If you don’t have a brush, use a paper towel. 
  • Removing the excess powder isn’t compulsory because it can add a glimmering finish to your nails. So if you want this extra glam, let the powder stay. 

Seal the chrome layer with a gel top coat

  • Apply a gel top coat so the chrome doesn’t get stripy and eventually lose its shine. 
  • Add another top coat to make your chrome manicure more durable.

Re-cure Your Nails 

  • Place your hands under a UV or LED lamp to cure the top coat. 
  • If there’s residue afterward, dip a cotton ball in isopropyl alcohol and use it to wipe it off. 

You can also get this nail art yourself by using the eyeshadow hack or watching this video below:

White Chrome Nail Styles to Inspire You

sleek white chrome nails

When it comes to nail styles, there is something truly captivating about white chrome nails. Their versatility is one of the things that make them so appealing. No matter your personal style or the occasion, you’ll always find a white chrome nail design that suits your taste. From classic French nails to daring ombre effects, the possibilities are truly endless.

French White Chrome Nails

French white chrome nails

Bored of the classic pink/nude mani with white tips? How about you do it the chrome way? Switch up the plain white tips with some reflective whites and watch your manicure shine.

Pearl Chrome Nails

Pearl Chrome Nails

Though softer than white, pearl chrome nails are worth the hype. Wear them to weddings, red carpets, or any show you want to pull off the Hailey Bieber vibe.

Glittery White Chrome Nails

glittery white chrome manicure

Sprinkle some glitters on your nails with glittery nail polish. Like gemstones, they make your white chrome mani shine brighter. 

White Chrome Nails with Gemstones

White Chrome Nails with Gemstones

Add more glamor to your already shimmery nails by adorning them with diamonds and rhinestones. They add that extra sheen to your manicure.

Ombre White Chrome Nails

ombre manicure

Take it up a notch by transitioning from one color grade to white or vice versa. With the dusty effect of chrome, rest assured you’ll get a gorgeous ombre mani.

Shapey White Chrome Nails

well-shaped manicure

Pull off your chrome mani with a distinctive nail shape. From stiletto to almond, edge, coffin, or what have you, you have a plethora of options. Just make sure the shape you go for suits your lifestyle.

White Chrome Nails & Other Colors

a combo of white, blue, gold, purple chrome nails as one

Combine your chrome nails with other colors to create options such as pink and white, black and white, black and white, green and white, lavender and white, etc. You can also combine two or more colors with white. Whichever color choice you go for will give you a great mani.

Off-White Chrome Nails

off-white chrome nails

If you want a softer shade of these nails, go for off-white chrome nails. It offers an understated manicure while still maintaining the elegance of chrome nails.

Milky Chrome Nails

milky chrome manicure

If you want something reminiscent of a cloudy sky, go for milky chrome nails. Like off-white, they’re softer and add a touch of romance to your chrome mani.

Glazed Donut Nails

glazed donut manicure

These nails are a sweet combo of nude polish with the iridescence of chrome nails. They’re Hailey’s favorite; everyone knows!

Hop on the White Chrome Nails Trend Today

glazed donut mani

White chrome nails are a blend of elegance and versatility. They allow you to express your mani taste creatively while prioritizing your style. Moreso, their reflective finish makes them an alluring manicure you shouldn’t miss out on. If you can do them yourself, use the steps we shared above to recreate your favorite inspiration. But if you’d rather outsource to a nail tech, go ahead.

Now, head over to the salon and hop on the trend already. But if you need more ideas to kick your mani balls rolling, here you go:

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