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Solar Nails—Everything to Know About this Manicure Trend 

The manicure world seems to draw inspiration from everything. For example, there are daisy nails from flowers, marble nails from rocks, cow print nails from animals, etc. Now, here’s another for you to explore—solar nails.

This manicure’s name draws inspiration from the solar system. Unlike acrylics or gel polish, solar nails have their unique look and application designed to replicate and amplify the natural nail. The result is artificial extensions that look and feel like your real nails —only better!

Picture showing a lady wearing a  glowing solar nails

Many nail enthusiasts are hopping on the transformative look solar nails bring. Don’t wanna be left behind? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading as we show you how to achieve these nails and inspos to get you started. Let’s dive in.

What are Solar Nails?

Picture showing a full view of a glossy solar nail

Solar nails are composed of a special powder and liquid-building resin. The powder contains a polymer while the liquid acts as a bonding agent. Together, they create durable enhancements that nail techs apply directly on natural nails and shape to your desired length and style.

Once applied, they have a similar feel and flexibility to natural healthy nails. The powder comes tinted in sheer pink or clear variants to seamlessly blend with most skin tones. Plus, the formula is breathable, allowing air and moisture to pass through so your real nails stay strong.

Interestingly enough, they are not so new. These nails have been around since the 70s, manufactured by Creative Nail Design (CND). Although people mistake them for acrylics, they are not the same. One of the major differences lies in their application process: while nail techs glue acrylic nails on top of natural nails, solar nails are attached directly to your natural nails.

Why Get this Manicure?

Picture of a lady showing off her glossy solar nails

Solar nails are a great choice for these reasons:

  • Thin yet strong: They are remarkably durable considering their thin profile near the cuticle.
  • Lightweight: They weigh the same as natural nails for comfortable wear.
  • Low maintenance: They don’t require frequent infills like acrylics or gels.
  • Natural appearance: They look similar to your real nails.
  • Encourage nail health: They allow nails to absorb nutrients easily.

The result is beautiful natural-looking extensions that gain length but not bulk or weight. Solar nails give all the benefits of long nails without the hassle.

What’s the Process of Getting Solar Nails?

Full picture showing a natural looking nail

The process of getting this manicure is quite easy. The first step involves prepping your nails. This includes filing and cleaning your natural nails. Next, your nail tech applies your solar nail to your natural nails. Since they come in gel form, this step is easy.  However, for that permanent French manicure look, the application may be different. Your nail technician will place the white nail on your natural nail, followed immediately by the pink on your nail bed.  

How to Care for Solar Nails

Picture showing a mismatched colorful looking  solar nails

While solar nails are low-maintenance compared to other nail designs, proper care is still essential. So, be gentle with your hands, moisturize your cuticles daily, and avoid excessive water exposure. Furthermore, fill your nails every two to three weeks. Also, spritz them with 91% rubbing alcohol and scrub under them with a nail brush every time you wash your hands.

With appropriate aftercare, your manicure can last over a month on natural nails. Their breathable polymers create the closest thing to a natural artificial nail service for fabulous fingers.

Pros of Solar Nails

Close up view of the variation of the  permanent french manicure

Rocking this manicure comes with many advantages. The most outstanding of them all is their long-lasting nature. You don’t have to worry about replacing them, just go for a refill every three weeks and you are good. Another interesting advantage of the nails is they are made from high-quality materials. These nails are tough. They don’t break easily and can even pass as your natural nails. Also, when it comes down to it, they are quite low maintenance,. Though expensive, their long-lasting nature makes them worth it.

Cons Of Solar Nails

Picture showing beautiful solar nails accessorized with rings

Solar nails are exclusively made by the CND brand and they are available at limited places for application. Due to this limited access, you’re likely to get scammed. For example, you may get a different product from a different brand with false claims of giving you solar nails.  
Furthermore, another disadvantage of this manicure is that your natural nails start growing after about two weeks. And it can start showing or even form a separate line between your natural nails and the solar nails.

A Beautiful Nail Look Worth Trying

Picture showing the variation of the permanent french  manicure of solar nails

Solar nails offer a natural-looking artificial nail enhancement which is perfect if you want longer, durable nails without an excessive or glamorous set. With careful application and simple aftercare, the light yet strong polymers provide a breathable extension of your natural nails. 

The nails create an aesthetic that is artificial yet almost indistinguishable from your actual nail growth. Understated yet beautiful, solar nails give all the aesthetic benefits of length without any unnecessary frills or added weight. So next time you visit your nail salon, consider the low-maintenance, elegant, and resilient perks of solar nail enhancement. It’s one of the healthiest faux nail options for your hands. And if you need more inspiration to get you started, here are some solar nail ideas you should recreate:

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