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11 Edgy Ways to Wear Loafers for Any Occasion

If there’s any pair of shoes that suit both business and casual settings, it has to be loafers. It’s a timeless classic in every sense of the word. Ever since it became popular in the mid-50s, it’s become a wardrobe staple serving both formal and informal outfits. And now, fashion enthusiasts are cooking up more trendy ways to pull off loafer outfits with more edge.

a lady's legs wearing lug sole soafers, jeans, pretty nails and rings on her fingers

If you just got a pair and are looking forward to creating dashing looks with them, read on to see our edit on loafers outfit ideas. This guide covers different looks: the structured elegance of suits and blazers, the fluffy appeal of faux fur coats, the effortless sensuality of slip dresses, and the edgy simplicity of denim. You’ll also find practical tips that’ll help you pull each one of them off with ease.

The Timeless Classic Called Loafers

pretty girl wearing a black blazer adorned with belts and loafers with white socks

The loafer is a type of footwear you easily slip on and off your foot without any laces to worry about. It was originally designed to be an indoor footwear. But now, it’s evolved to be suited for a variety of occasions. 

This footwear has been around for hundreds of years. It’s a mainstay of any modern wardrobe. It’s comfy and the perfect footwear to relax and loaf around in, as the name implies.

What defines them is the lack of laces. This makes them easy to slip on and off even while standing. Besides the absence of laces, loafers also have:

  • Exposed ankles
  • Heels (can be low or a bit high)
  • Decorative elements like tassels, chains, etc.
  • An extra piece of leather (known as a saddle) placed across the top of the vamp to add more fit and style.
  • Separate soles and heels.
  • Upper vamps that look like moccasins.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to specifically classify loafers because of their flexible looks. They come in different colors, materials, or trimmings, unlike dress shoes such as brogues and derbies.

Types of Loafers

a stylish lady wearing a loafer outfit that features a long red leather coat with a multicolored ankle-length dress

These shoes come in different styles. The most popular ones include:

Penny Loafers

a lady wearing a coordinated denim outfit with penny loafers

Penny loafers feature a simple, slip-on design with a leather strap across the tongue. They earned the name back in the 1930s when it was popular to put a penny in each shoe to hide a little pay phone change before the advent of mobile phones. Penny loafer shoes are the most versatile and classic style of loafers.

Tassel Loafers

a lady wearing loafer outfits with tassels and jeans and a ruffle long-sleeve top

This one has decorative tassels across the vamp. The tassels serve as an embellishment that adds more flair to the shoes. They can be worn as formal and casual.

Loafer Mules

black loafer mules

This is a hybrid of loafer and mules. It features the front coverage of the former and the backless design of the latter. This style is perfect for casual or semi-casual outfits.

Pointed-toe Loafers

pointy loafers

Pointy ones add a contemporary twist and some edge to these shoes while elongating your legs. They can be styled with simple workwear pieces for a timeless look.

Horse-bit loafers

black horsebit loafers

This style derived its name from the horse bit snaffle. It has distinctive metal detail across the vamp and has become popular as one of the ideal business shoes. You can dress them up with tailored pants for work, or dress down with corduroys or jeans.

Lug-sole Loafers

a photo showing lug sole loafers with a pair of lacy white socks

These chunky loafers are characterized by their thick rubber soles with deep indentations designed to give good footing. They’re a shift from the classic silhouette of typical loafers. Lug soles offer style and functionality, transforming these shoes into a statement piece.

Are Loafers Formal or Casual?

a lady wearing pointy loafers with a midi skirt outfit

Loafers are neither formal nor casual footwear. Instead, they’re a blend of both, depending on the material and look of the shoes. For example, leather loafers are formal and can be worn to dress up any outfit while rubber ones are suitable for dressing down.

How to Pull off Loafer Outfits for a Chic Look

lady rooking black loafers with sunglasses

This footwear offers a plethora of styling options yet its potential is often overlooked. But not to worry—here are the chicest ideas to redefine your loafer game:

Understand Your Loafer Type

loafer outfits with cargo pants

The first thing to do when nailing this footwear is to know the type of loafers you have. You can do this by examining the color, print, or type of material used in constructing it. For example, if they’re white, black, brown, or any other neutral color, they’ll pair well with any color of clothing. But if yours has animal prints or bold or multiple colorways, you’ll have to pay more attention to your clothes and accessories.

Wear Your Loafers with Jeans

a lady wearing loafer outfits with jeans paired with a white cropped turtleneck and layered with a denim bra top

Denim works with almost everything, including loafers. So if you’re stuck on how to pull this footwear off, your best bet is to pair it with a nice pair of straight or wide-leg jeans. Complete the look with a t-shirt, tank top, crop top, button-up shirt, or even a cardigan. It all depends on where you’re headed.

Pair Them with Tailored Pants

loafers and tailored pants outfit

This is the classic workwear option. Use your loafer to complement your tailored trousers with a dress shirt or a blazer for a clean, professional look. This style comes in handy when it’s time for work, business meetings, or other corporate events.

Mix Textures and Patterns

loafer outfits featuring an asymetrical plaid skirt with a jacket and a white shirt and a tie

This works in two ways: 

  1. Wear loafers with a subtle pattern or texture to add more interest to your outfit or 
  2. Wear clothes with different textures or patterns. Say you want to wear something fluffy, pair your shoes with velvet, cashmere, denim, twill, and other fabrics that match faux fur.

Loafer Outfits With a Short Dress

a lady wearing a short white dress withj socks and black dress shoes

Need something laidback yet chic? Don your shoes with a cute short dress. You don’t have to work with a dress per se. You can also transform your oversized tees, button-downs, or blazers into a makeshift dress. It gives your regular staples a novel feel.

Loafer Outfits With Suits

lady wearing an all-black suit ensemble

Wanna ooze off power and class? Wear a suit and slip on a pair of neutral-colored loafers. This option is perfect for professional settings that require you to appear in charge.

Pair Loafers with Midi or Mini Skirts

a lady reclining by a pole, wearing a mini skirt with a sweatshirt and lug sole shoes

This footwear pairs well with mini or midi skirts and suitable tops. The midi options are versatile enough for relaxed or formal occasions while miniskirts are strictly casual with a touch of smartness.

Monochromatic Loafer Outfits

white monochromatic Loafer Outfit

Coordinate the color of your shoes with your outfit to create a monochromatic (one shade) or analogous (two or more hues) outfit. A one-color aesthetic is an easy yet chic way to pull off this trend.

With Shackets and Jackets

a lady wearing a ponytail hairstyle with a black bomber jacket, red socks, and dark brown dress shoes

A jacket or shirt-jacket worn atop your bottoms and combined with these shoes creates a smart-casual outfit you don’t wanna miss out on.

Throw on Some More Layering

a lady layering her outfit with a brown cardigan

From fluffy coats to dusters, sweaters, puffer jackets, cardigans, etc., your layering options with this footwear are limitless. A pro tip is to work with what suits the weather and your style intent.

Loafer Outfits with Pantyhose Underneath

a lady wearing loafer outfits featuring a pantyhose underneath a mini skirt

Add more deets to your skimpy looks by donning a pair of pantyhose underneath. Try the fishnet one for some teasers and complete the look with your formal-informal lounger shoes.

Loafer Outfits with Socks

a lady wearing a white elbow-length shirt with shorts and a brown cross handbag as loafer outfits

For a school-girl vibe, wear a pair of low or high socks before wearing these shoes. Choose a color that contrasts your shoes, say white, so it pops out when you strut or pose for pictures.

Accessorize Your Loafer Outfits Always

Add some earrings, bracelets, handbags, belts, sunglasses, wristwatches, or any other add-on that’ll further elevate your outfit. Remember, the littlest details matter too.

Loafer Outfits are a Must-Try for All Occasions

a lady wearing loafer outfits featuring baggy jeans and a crop suit jacket

Slipping on loafers instead of sneakers or heels adds a fashion-forward detail to an otherwise laidback aesthetic. From classic low-heeled loafer shoes to trendy platforms, this footwear has become a creative linchpin in every woman’s wardrobe. The reason isn’t far-fetched: these shoes offer comfort while giving you on-trend looks.

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