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9 Quality Fabrics to Match with Faux Fur

Fake fur is a popular fabric for trims, accessories, and clothing items. It comes in handy when you want to add some plush softness and texture without ethical concerns. But knowing which fabrics to match with faux fur is crucial to attaining that elegant combination. Thankfully, several luxurious and cozy options pair beautifully. 

Picture of a lady rocking the faux fur fabric

With some strategic matching, you will create stylish looks that are both cozy and chic. From velvet to silks, knits, and denim, we’ve curated cool options for a combo that helps you stand out when you dress up. 

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Faux Fur and its Properties 

Fabrics to Match with Faux Fur: Picture of lady rocking the gorgeous fabric

Faux fur fabric is a synthetic material that is designed to resemble real animal fur without using animals. It’s an ethical alternative for real fur and this makes it an attractive choice for people who want to enjoy the luxurious look and feel of fur without feeling guilty.

The properties of this fabric make it a great choice for everyone. From the texture and feel, weight and density, durability and longevity, and maintenance and care, the fabric gives a feel of the natural pelt. The weight and density of the fabric determine its warmth and suitability for different applications. Also, the fabric is designed to last long for you with proper care that ensures it retains its appeal for years to come.

Top Fabric to Match With Faux Fur and Their Benefits

Fabrics to Match with Faux Fur: Picture of a lady pairing her faux fur with white suit

Rich Velvets

Picture showing a red velvet.

Velvet has a similar lush, tactile quality as faux fur. Pairing the two creates an eye-catching textural interplay. Whether you choose a matching color of velvet or go for contrast with a vibrant tone, velvet jackets, tops, and dresses make perfect partners for faux fur items. For example, faux fur pompom keychains and bag charms pop up against a deep burgundy or emerald velvet bag. Also, amp up the drama with a bright fuchsia furry scarf wrapped around a black velvet coat.

Sleek Silks and Satins

Picture showing a blue satin material

Silk and satin provide the perfect juxtaposition next to the fluffy texture of this fabric. Known for their smooth and lustrous finishes, they are commonly used as lining materials for faux fur jackets which enhances the comfort of the jacket on your skin. The combo of fake pelt with satin or silk instantly elevates your look while portraying you as stylish and comfortable. 

Cozy Knits

Picture showing cozy knits fabric that you can match with your faux fur

Knits like wool, cashmere, alpaca, and mohair have incredible softness and warmth that complement the snuggly plushness of faux fur. Plus, the casual, relaxed vibe of knits balances out any over-the-top glamour of large faux fur collars or accessories. For maximum coziness, match textures and hues, like an oversized cream cable knit sweater with cream faux fur earmuffs and scarf.


Picture showing the denim material, a fabric you can match with faux fur

Despite the sturdy nature of the denim, it stands out as a perfect contrast to the softness of the faux fur. Pairing these two combo creates a timeless and comfortable look you don’t wanna miss out on.  Also, the durability of the denim complements the faux pelt fabrics well, that designers are now making faux fur-trimmed denim jackets.

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Leather and Faux Leather

Fabrics to match with faux fur: Picture showing the different forms of leather

We understand that making a bold fashion statement is all about perfecting the concept of contrast and in this case, think faux fur and leather. This results in a modern and bold aesthetic fashion that is stunning. It’s no wonder this pairing is becoming a popular choice for those who love to make a statement with their appearance. And if that’s you, jump on it already.

Cotton Blends

Picture showing a white cotton blend

Cotton blends are popular for their versatility and breathability. This makes them a practical choice when you want to pair your faux fur with various applications, most especially in creating interior decor items such as pillows or throws. The combination showcases your luxurious taste while ensuring your comfort too.


Picture showing a gorgeous lace material that you can match with your faux fur

The delicate texture of lace creates an elegant contrast next to plush faux fur. For example, accent a black lace cocktail dress with a stole or shawl in a matching black fluffy dress. Furthermore, try mixing materials with a blush lace top featuring faux fur cuffs and hemline.


Picture showing the different colors of Felt

The dense, nubby texture of felt makes a complementary match for faux fur. Felt in colors like charcoal or camel serve as rich backdrops to brightly hued fluffy scarves or gloves. Also, the combo works if you pair wide-brimmed felt hats with fuzzy pompom embellishments.


Fabrics to match with faux fur: Picture showing the tweed fabric

With its colorful threads and flecks of texture, tweed suits the fabric personality of faux fur fabrics. So incorporate fake fur linings or lapel collars on tailored tweed blazers and coats for pops of softness.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Fabrics to Match with Faux Fur

Fabrics to Match with Faux Fur: Picture of lady rocking her faux fur with denim

When matching fabrics with faux fur, keep the purpose and function of your outfit in mind. For example, consider the level of formality. While fake animal pelt oozes glam, certain pairings like velvet can take that luxury to black-tie events. Meanwhile, knits keep furry fashion laid-back and casual.

Also, think about the climate and weather conditions where you’ll wear the fuzzy item. In extremely cold temperatures, stick to wool and cashmere knits layered under or over faux fur coats and hoods. Cool weather calls for lighter knits, along with silks and velvets.

Garment accents like collars and cuffs show off fake fluff trims beautifully, so match with fabrics that won’t overwhelm you. Let furry stoles and accessories shine by keeping accompanying fabrics in solid colors or simple patterns. Scale is also important so pair oversized faux fur coats with more delicate materials to maintain balance.

Most importantly, choose fabrics you find appealing next to soft, sensuous faux fur. The right material combinations will ensure your fake animal pelt fashion makes an elegant, cozy statement.

Explore Different Textures When Picking Fabrics to Match with Faux Fur

Picture of a lady rocking the fuzzy fabric with white camisole top

When it comes to the perfect fabric pairings for faux fur, the possibilities stretch as far as your imagination. Classically luxurious textiles like velvet, silk,  and fine gauge knits match well with the inherent plushness of faux fur. More unexpected combinations like denim, lace, and tweed also complement this fabric’s distinctive texture. 

Above all, don’t be afraid to get creative with fabrics in varying colors, prints, and textures next to fake fluff. Proper preparation and care will ensure eye-catching, cozy statements that exude high style. With the right complementary fabrics, your fluffy garments and accessories transition effortlessly from casual weekends to black-tie events. And in the end, you elevate any outfit by donning the one-of-a-kind sensuous, soft, faux fur fabric.

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