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28 Cow Print Nails Ideas to Beautify Your Hand Game

I recently stumbled on cow print nails while scrolling through my IG feed and I’ve been obsessed with them. Cow prints are such a fun take on getting your nails to resonate with the bubbly spirit of summer. Now, here’s what makes it fun: this nail design not only draws inspiration from cows but also allows you to tap into your well of creativity by wearing the print in any color.

Full picture of lady rocking the cow print nails

While the classic black and white cow print nails are undoubtedly eye-catching, there’s no limit to the beauty you can unleash with this trend. You can experiment with different colors to add a fresh twist to your look.

Full picture of a  lady rocking the brown cow print nails

So if you’re looking for a delightful way to spice up your nail style, get ready to show your nail tech stunning cow print designs that’ll elevate your outfits. 

What Exactly are Cow Print Nails?

Full picture spring a lady rocking nude nails with cow prints  tips

These nails take inspiration from the white and black patterns found on cows, hence its name. 

Full picture  rocking hand accessories on her cow print nails

The exciting thing about cow print nails is that you are not limited to black and white colors. You can try your hands on other hues making it an aesthetic nail with a unique appeal that is perfect for all seasons.

Danielle Naer, Freelance Beauty Writer at WhoWhatWear, says it better:

The underrated, über-versatile pattern plays the perfect complement to everything in your closet, from neutrals to bright colors, and even other animal prints. Cowprint nails is the playful, extraverted, summer-ready update you didn’t know your mani needed.” 

There you go. So you see, cow print nails are cute nail designs that go beyond taking their styles from the black and white patches of a cow. 

How to do Cow Print Nails at Home

Close up picture depicting the gorgeousness of this nails

The beauty of these nails is you can do them at home if you don’t wanna visit a nail technician. What better way to spend time with yourself than a self-care routine?  It’s one way to relax and let your imagination come to play. So if you choose to install your cow print fake nails yourself, here’s how to go about it:

  • File your nails to give them a round shape. This step is optional, especially if you prefer longer talons.
  • Apply a clear polish as a base coat and allow it to dry to prevent your nails from yellowing.
  • Apply your white polish on your nails and let it dry. However, if the nail polish you want to use is not thick, then put another layer on your nails. This will ensure that the white color really pops out.
  • Use a bobby pin to make the cow print spots. Dip your pin in black (or any color you choose) polish and start making blobs on your nails. When you finish, allow your nail to dry for a few minutes
  • The last step is to apply a clear polish to help you seal the design and prevent your nails from chipping.

Watch this video below to see how to achieve these nails at home. It’ll show you a visual explanation of the steps you read earlier:

How to Care for Your Cow Print Nails

Lady shows off her pink cow print nails  in style

Like any nail art, cow print nails require some care to maintain their beauty and longevity. Use these tips to keep your nails looking fabulous while you wear them:

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

You must be careful while using household cleaning products, as they can chip or dull your nail appearance. Try as much as possible to wear gloves to protect your nails during household chores.

Moisturize Regularly

Like it or not, a good hand cream always does the magic when it comes to keeping your nails looking good as new. So invest in one and apply it daily.


Want to rock your nails longer? Always have a backup plan. And in this case, regular touch-ups seem like the perfect answer to your problem. So keep a black nail art pen handy to touch up your design.

Stylish Cow Print Nails Ideas To Try

Close up view of the cow print nails with beads

Wear any of these cow print nail ideas. They’re chic and will bring your cow print mani dream to life.

Black and White Cow Print Nails

Full picture of a lady rocking white nails with some cow prints vibe

The most common nail design for the cow print is black and white. It is gorgeous and a modest color combo you can rock with any outfit.

Close up view of a lady rocking the cow print aesthetic art with class

You can choose to have the print on just one finger or all fingers. This depends on your preference. But whichever choice you settle for, the nail art is gorgeous either way.

Pink Cow Print Nails

Full picture of a lady rocking a mix match of  pink and colorful cow print nails

You can combine this beautiful nail art with other hues and still look good. 

Full picture of a lady rocking  statement accessories with her gorgeous nails

Whether you are a fan of strawberry, blush pink, bubblegum, or hot pink, every shade of pink complements your cow print just fine. So you wear them and rest assured you’ll look chic.

Brown Nails

Close up photo  of a gorgeous  brown cow print nail design

Want a subtle look but with the cow print vibe? Then use brown polish for your nails. Brown nails are so classy that I’ll pick them any day. 

Another  picture depicting a lady rocking the brown hue

Apart from the fact that this nail design is super gorgeous, there’s a sophisticated feel to it. It transforms you into a luxurious soft baddie especially if you have a baddie outfit to pair with it.

Blue Cow Print Nails

Close up photo of a lady rocking a  mix match blue and cow print nail design

Another sweet color shade for this aesthetic nail is blue. Any shade of blue works but lighter hues complement it better. 

Short  blue  nails with cow print tips in the picture

So you might wanna go for sky blue, baby blue, and other lighter shades. But try as much as possible to keep it simple so the colors don’t clash but appear tasteful.

Green Cow Print Nails

Full picture showing the gorgeous  green color combo with cow  print

You have to be pretty smart if you wanna go for the green shade for your nails as any slight mistake may ruin the whole look. 

Full picture of a lady rocking her green nails with cow print combo

Therefore, ask your nail technician to give you a hue that will suit your nails and complement the cow print better.

Cow Print Nails: A Trend That is Hard to Resist

Gorgeous cow print design with hand accessories

The appeal for cow print nails is growing amongst fashion lovers. In fact, it is one of the trending 2023 nail designs that has taken the beauty world by storm. And you shouldn’t be left out of this irresistible trend. You can make yours white with black for the print patches. 

You can as well make the cow print patches pink, purple, blue, green, or any color of your choice. And if you choose to spin things around, use a darker shade for the base color while the white becomes the patches. Any style you choose works as this nail design is a versatile one.

So, whether you choose to let your creativity run wild and do them at home or visit the salon, the result will be nothing but fabulous. And if you need more inspiration on cow print nails to tickle your style buds, check out the photos below:

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