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43 Aesthetic Nails Styles to Inspire You

Just as the name implies, aesthetic nails are gorgeous manicure designs invented by creatives seeking to take the world of nail art to the next level. These designs are blowing up all over the world. I mean, who wouldn’t love to rock them?

Full view of  lady showing off her aesthetic nails

Gone are the days when nails were merely an afterthought. Today, they serve as a powerful accessory, allowing you to showcase your personality and style in a visually captivating manner. And if your nails are aesthetic, there’s a high chance they’ll be different from what every other woman wears.

Aesthetic Nails: Close up view of nails with shiny stones for more enhanced beauty.

If you’re about to book an appointment with your nail technician, you might be wondering if aesthetic nails make sense for you. In this article, we’ll give you the insights you need to make an informed decision about this nail trend. Any inspiration works—you just need to find the one that’s right for your style.

What Exactly Are Aesthetic Nails?

Aesthetic Nails: Full view of nails rocked with different hand accessories

As written on Le Mini Macaron’s blog:

“Aesthetic nails are nail art looks that follow a specific style, theme, or trend”.

They are different nail art techniques that prioritize beauty, artistry, and personal expression. Aesthetic nails come in different styles, colors, and designs but that’s not all that’s needed to enhance their beauty. The shape of the fake nails also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the nail’s appearance

How did Aesthetic Nails Get Popular?

Aesthetic Nails: Full view of a lady rocking the gorgeous nails

One of the primary reasons for the surge in popularity of aesthetic nails is the advent of social media. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have become virtual galleries for nail artists and enthusiasts to share their creations. And this helps in sparking inspiration or fuelling trends.

Gorgeous look of the pink and white tips with shine stones rocked by a lady

The online nail art community has fostered a sense of camaraderie among nail artists and enthusiasts. They’re constantly pushing boundaries, exploring different options of nail artistry. As this continues, we only expect an unending interest in manicure aesthetics. 

Celebs Who Love Aesthetic Nails

Hailey bieber rocks her aesthetic nails with style

As the world of nail art and cute nail designs keeps evolving, celebrities are jumping on the trend like never before. We now have a community of Hailey Bieber nails, and fans keep consulting her page to see and recreate the latest 2023 nail designs she wears.

Selena Gomez shows off her gorgeous  neon nails . The perfect aesthetic vibe

Other Celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez also serve as influencers for many nail lovers. It’s safe to conclude celebrities have a thing for aesthetic nails and never hesitate to rock them.

Aesthetic Nails Styles To Try Now & Always

Full view of the gorgeous nails rocked  by a lady

Here are some of the coolest aesthetic nail ideas you can rock this season:

Short Aesthetic Nails

Close up view of a lady rocking the short aesthetic nail

Short nails are practical but can still be stylish. For instance, skittle nails, popularized by Selena Gomez, are one of our favorite trends for short aesthetic nails because of the vibrant and upbeat design they give.

Another gorgeous look of the short aesthetic  nails

Each nail should be painted a different shade to mimic the bright candy sweet.

Neon Nails

Full view of the gorgeous neon nail, the perfect aesthetic vibes for summer

Neon aesthetic nails are not going away anytime soon. These gorgeous nails made a comeback in recent years and are now the favorite of many ladies. 

Another gorgeous look of the neon nail rocked by a lady

The interesting thing is, some of the nails even glow in the dark and there are different color options available for you to try out. 

Velvet Nails

Close up view of the aesthetic  velvet nail design. And this pink shade is gorgeous for summer

Velvet is another cute nail design to look out for when it comes to beautifying your hands. 

Aesthetic Nails: Another look at the beautiful velvet nails

These nails seem to change brightness in color depending on the direction you are looking at them. 

Flame Nails

Aesthetic Nails: This flame nail design is beautiful and perfect for all seasons

What’s more aesthetic than flame nails? This nail design has taken creativity to a whole new level. Whoever came up with this design has my respect.

They are so beautiful and unique with many cool ways to achieve them. From a simple red flame coming from the tip of your nails to a neon-outlined flame coming into black nails. These nails will surely make you stand out.

Wavy Line Nails

Wavy line nails are aestheticnail art that you can rock for summer

Wavy line nails are simply nail art at its finest. This gorgeous nail design is one of many that made a comeback from the 90s and we are loving it! 

Close up view of the wavy line nails with different shade of nail polish

This nail art looks best when you use two or three similar colors. You can also use one or two colors to create squiggle lines through your nails.

Minimal Nails

Another gorgeous look of the minimal nail with glittery crystals on it

Nails that look more natural are one of the trendy 2023 nail designs.

Full view of a minimal nails, the perfect representation of simple and elegant

These nails scream elegance and have an aesthetic feel to them. They echo these popular words of wisdom in the styling world: “Sometimes, less is more”.

Ombre Nails

Close up view of ombre nails

There’s something unique about ombre nails. Although these nails have been in fashion for quite some time now, it doesn’t mean their relevance is fading away anytime soon. 

Another look of the gorgeous ombre nail design

Do you need an aesthetic nail? Please rock ombre nails and wear your elegance on those gorgeous tips.

Marble Nails

Close up view of a lady rocking an orange  marble nail

From its name, you’ll know this nail art exists in a world of its own. Marble nails are aesthetic nails that you can rock with practically anything and still look gorgeous.

Another look of the beautiful marble nail design

The best way to get this nail design is by scooping up three or four different colors off a plate and dragging it along the nail in a wavy pattern.

Butterfly Nails

Full view of a butterfly nail design

Just like how 80s hairstyles are making a comeback in today’s fashion, so has this 90s nail trend warmed its way into our hearts.

Another gorgeous look of the Aeasthic nail piece of art- butterfly nails

The easiest way to get this nail art is through nail stickers or nail stamps. But you can also free-hand paint your butterfly with dotting tools and line brushes. 

Aesthetic Floral Nail Design

A gorgeous look of the aesthetic floral nail design

Another nail design that gives off the aesthetic vibe is the floral nail art. They are stunning and have a way of making you look good without doing too much.

Close view of the floral nail art with beautiful flower stamps on them

One of the best ways to get this nail design is by getting floral stamps or beautiful floral stickers. Simply choose anyone you want and place the stickers on your nail.

Create Your Own Magic with Aesthetic Nails

Aesthetic nails give you the opportunity to tap into the well of creativity available for nail designs. They help you create magic with your fingers. They not only serve as a fashion accessory but also as a form of self-care and self-confidence booster. And with the continued evolution of techniques and designs, aesthetic nails are likely to remain a popular and ever-evolving trend in the beauty industry.

Need more inspiration for aesthetic nails? Feast your eyes on the photos below:

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