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Bald Haircut: All You Should Know Before Shaving Your Head

Life can be funny. This minute you’re a young guy with an attractive mane. The next minute your hairline begins to recede and before you know it, you can’t find your hair on your head anymore. I bet you can relate to that scenario. It’s why you’re on a page centered on the bald haircut, innit?

a guy on a bald haircut with earrings

Perhaps you haven’t gone completely bald yet but are already contemplating it. If that’s the case, hold on a second. Deciding to shave your head isn’t the only option for balding men, you know. You can try a buzz cut, crew cut, bald fade, or any haircut for balding men. But if your mind is already made up, this article will guide you on what you should know before wearing a bald haircut.

Why Wear a Bald Haircut?

Kobe Bryant on bald haircut with a ring on his finger

You may not believe it, but this hairstyle has its perks and the best of them are:

It Enhances Your Masculinity

Shaving off your hair is not what everyone can do. It takes some level of gut and as a result, this makes you look more masculine, confident, and dominant.

Bald Haircut Makes You Look Younger

When you’re already losing your hair and you shave everything off, you’ll look younger than those with a receding hairline but are scared to take the plunge.

If you doubt, cast your mind back to the last time you saw a man with full hair and a thinning hairline. You must have concluded old age was creeping up on him.

A Bald Haircut Helps You Save Time & Money

A bald haircut saves you the stress of manipulating your hair or buying different products to hide your dwindling hairline. The best part is you won’t have to spend long minutes in front of the mirror combing or brushing as you used to do when you grew your hair.

It Takes the Panic Away

Let’s be frank. There’s this initial dread that comes with losing your hair. It gets worse when you begin to contemplate going bald but are scared to do so. Some men even go as far as spending thousands of dollars on hair transplants, specialists, and products to help them combat their biggest hair fear.

But if you choose to face your fear and go bald, the panic disappears immediately. You no longer have to worry about people’s reactions or the next product to use. You’ve shaved your hair and welcomed peace.

You’ll Feel Cool in Summer

When the weather gets hot you need not worry about getting sweaty or greasy hair. Just wear a hat and apply sunscreen. Furthermore, you’ll also enjoy swimming and chilling with the wind better when your hair is completely shaven.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Bald Haircut

a cute guy with beard and bald haircut

The only side effect of this hairstyle is that it makes your head more vulnerable to sun exposure, irritation, ingrown hair, dryness, nicks and cuts, allergens, etc. But this will likely not happen if you take care of your bald haircut well enough.

How to Care for Your Bald Haircut

a man looking sideways showing his beard and stud

Just because you’ve shaved your head doesn’t mean it deserves no maintenance. In fact, maintaining it is crucial because going bald exposes your head more to the sun’s rays, rain, cold, airborne toxins, allergens, and other environmental elements. If not careful, this can lead to a dry and itchy scalp or hair maladies like dandruff.

But the good thing about a bald haircut is that it requires little maintenance. Just follow these tips and you’ll be good to go:

Cleanse Your Scalp

Your head produces oil and sweat, but when you have hair you don’t notice this because it spreads throughout your hair. However, bald men don’t have this luck. The oil and sweat can clog your pores and make your head shiny.

To avoid this, wash your scalp every day. You can do this with a natural shampoo or your bathing soap.

Exfoliate Your Scalp

Just as you exfoliate your face, your scalp deserves some ridding of dead skin cells too. It helps to keep it looking fresh, prevents breakouts or dry skin, and makes subsequent shaving easier.

Don’t exfoliate too often as this can damage your skin and cause it to renew quicker, resulting in more dead skin cells. Instead, exfoliate once or twice a week before shaving.

Shave Your Head

You can do this yourself if you have a hair clipper or razor. But if you’d rather not, visit the barbing salon and let your hairstylist take charge. To make things smoother, apply shaving oil before shaving, then dip your razor in hot water and shave in the direction your hair grows.

Moisturize Your Scalp

Don’t just use any moisturizer on your scalp. Be deliberate as this is a delicate part of your body. So go for a natural, gentle moisturizer like coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, and other natural oils for hair.

Protect Your Bald Head

We can’t deny the protection your hair offers your head. And when it’s gone, you have to find another means of protecting your head. How do you do this?

Apply sunscreen on your scalp when the sun is scorching and don’t forget to wear a hat too while following the tips shared above.

How to Look Great with a Bald Haircut

a white guy wearing green and white striped tee with a shaved head

Adopt a Healthy Skincare Routine

Common smiling while showing his bald haircut

Now that your hair is gone, you need to look extra good. So, take care of your skin like never before. It’s as easy as drinking enough water, exfoliating, moisturizing, applying sunscreen, bathing twice a day, investing in the right skincare product for your skin type, etc.

Combine Your Bald Haircut with Facial Hair

a man with full well-carved beard and shaved head

This is the hack bald celebrities use. They grow their beard to make up for what their scalp lacks. You too should do the same. But if you find growing a full beard stressful or simply not your style, opt for facial stubble. It can be any beard style ranging from a five O’clock shadow to a mustache, goatee, or little hair around your chin.

Facial hair adds accents to your bald look. It defines your jawline while taking attention to the lower part of your face.

Or Maybe Don’t

Vin Diesel folding his arms and frowning

It’s not compulsory to maintain facial hair alongside your bald haircut. So if you feel like you want your entire head hairless, go for it. After all, star actors like Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson do this and they still look stunning. But what helps them is the fact that they…

Hit the Gym 

Dwayne Johnson in a navy blue striped suit smiling

Imagine rocking a bald haircut with broad shoulders and an attractive chest. Even when you don a suit, you’ll look so sexy and attractive. Furthermore, people will perceive you as masculine and forget there’s no hair on your head.

So hit the gym and work out the upper half of your body, shoulders, neck, and upper arms to balance out your shaved head. 

Dress Well

Morris Chestnut in a sky blue suit

Nothing beats a man who has a debonair sense of style. Even before he speaks, his outfit will do the talking for him. I bet you’d like that for yourself. And if you regularly read the style tips we share, you’ll see how to match colors in your outfit and choose outfits that better express your personality.

Be Confident

a cute man rocking a bald haircut

Be proud of your shaven head and rock it as though you still have your hair. Forget the uncomfortable stares (if there’ll even be any) and exude the oomph that is in you.

Going Bald isn’t as Hard as You Think

A cute white guy wearing a black singlet

Yes, you read that right. Though it requires some confidence, it isn’t so much of a big deal as some people think. In addition, there’s no wrong time to wear a bald haircut. Whether your hair thins or not, you can shave your head if you feel like it. But ensure you keep all you’ve learned in this post at the back of your mind because they’ll come in handy throughout your bald journey.

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