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‘Let Them’ Tattoo: What to Know About This Body Art

In the world of ink, one body art that has gained popularity for its power of self-expression is the ‘Let Them’ tattoo. Like every tat, this one is a means of self-identity. But the difference between it and others is that it has a positive connotation.

A lady showing the let them tattoo at the back of her forearm

This tattoo serves as a meaningful reminder to embrace your self-worth. It mostly comes as the phrase “Let Them” and is sometimes followed by some empowering word.

As you’ll soon see in this piece, this article symbolizes everything motivating. In fact, it’s one tattoo we suggest you try if you’re yet to decide on any design idea. The best part is it sits well on any part of the body as it can be done in any size, font, shape, and form.

To get you started, we’ll share with you these tattoo ideas so you can better express yourself through your body art.

What Does the Let Them Tattoo Mean?

Two hands wearing let them tattoo

This tattoo has many interpretations attached to it. For instance, it symbolizes the importance of allowing others to make their choices whether it tallies with yours or not. Say a friend or lover chooses someone else over you, just let them. It’s almost like this interpretation is an incomplete sentence that you, the wearer, have in mind but shorten into a two-word tattoo. 

Also, the tat serves as a reminder to assert your boundaries and focus on your individuality and growth. Let Them tattoos advocate that whatever you are doing, you do for yourself and not to please anyone else. 

A hand with a wristwatch, gold bracelet and a let them tattoo

Furthermore, this tat design also symbolizes the freedom to make decisions without fear of people’s opinions and expectations. It suggests that if anyone wants to do something like getting a tattoo, they should be allowed to without criticism or judgment of any sort.

In addition, it gives a powerful message of independence, assertiveness. self-worth, and setting healthy boundaries.

And what better way to prove to the world your choice is yours and not theirs to worry about than by transforming your body into a canvas for self-expression?

Brief Origin of Let Them Tattoos?

Let them tttoo on the side of the thumb

This tattoo came about in the early 2000s as a response to the negative reception of the increasingly popular trend of tattoos. The phrase was used to show support and acceptance for people who wanted to get tattoos, regardless of what anyone thought about it.

At first, young adults alone used the phrase but it later spread throughout popular culture, and soon became a type of tattoo on its own.

How Much Does a Let Them Tattoo Cost?

A lady smiling while showing her tattoo on her forearm

The price of this tattoo depends on a number of factors such as your location, the artist’s expertise, the size, and design complexity.

Small sizes of this tattoo with little detail may range from $50 to $200, while bigger sizes with intricate details can cost from $200 upward. But price should be the least of your worries when getting this tat. You should instead focus more on finding a skilled artist who understands your tattoo vision and does everything to bring it to life. Once this is settled, you both can agree on a price that suits your budget.

When Should You Get a Let Them Tattoo?

Let them tattoo written in all caps on someone’s hand

You can get a tattoo anytime you feel like it. Bust some of these occasions may prompt you to get one:

When a Relationship Ends

If you just experienced the end of a romantic relationship or a friendship where the other party chose to walk away, wear this body art. It can serve as a reminder to honor their decision and let them go. See it as a visual reminder that you deserve to be with people who know your worth and value you.


When you need to remind yourselves that you can thrive without anyone’s validation or approval, get this tattoo. It is an open declaration to let go of external validation and embrace self-love and self-dependence.

Moments of Self-Rediscovery

Sometimes in life, we go through moments of personal growth and self-reflection. When this happens, a ‘Let Them’ tattoo can represent your commitment to and your willingness to let go of things and people that no longer align with your values.

Setting Boundaries 

This tattoo is also a reminder to honor your boundaries, put yourself first, and let go of those who disregard you.

Where to Place Your ‘Let Them’ Tattoo

A man with a word tattoo on his hand

You can place this body ink on any part of your body so long as you’re comfortable with it. Furthermore, its placement depends on how visible you want the tat to be. 

For instance, places like the wrist, hand, forearm, upper arm, and feet, are obvious spots. These places will allow you to easily look through and remind yourself of the motivation behind the tat. But if you want them hidden, your shoulders, thighs, back, ribcage,  etc., are intimate spots. You can also place them on your chest as a sternum tattoo or wear them on your kneecap, legs, or neck.

Whichever part of your body you place it, this tattoo will fulfill its purpose of beautifying your body while expressing who you are.

Let Them Tattoo Ideas to Inspire You

Flower and let them tattoo

This body art comes in different types mostly depending on where you place them. Beyond that, you can have them together with other elements like flowers, watercolors, religious symbols, skulls, animals, etc. You can also have them with accompanying words in different font types and sizes too.

The possibilities are endless. Here are the best of them to inspire you:

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