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Thigh Tattoos: 26 Ideas to Beautify Your Laps

Thigh tattoos are flattering, especially for women. They give this bold and seductive look capable of keeping eyes stuck to your thighs.

Beautiful legs shows off  floral thigh tattoos

Just like any other tattoo, thigh tats serve as a means of self-expression. They adorn the human canvas, turning the skin into a living work of art.

Among the different placements available for such art, the thigh is one popular and captivating location for tat lovers. And since you’re on this page, I’m guessing you’re one of them. So, look no further as we delve into the world of thigh tattoos.

What is Unique about Thigh Tattoos?

A bow and feather thigh tattoo design .

One of the reasons people get drawn to these tattoos is their hidden yet revealing quality. Unlike tattoos on more exposed areas like the arms or neck, thigh tattoos can be easily concealed. 

This hidden quality gives you the freedom to choose when and with whom to disclose your tat. Whether it’s for personal reasons or professional considerations, the discretion thigh tattoos give allows for a private connection between you the wearer, and your chosen design.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Thigh Tattoo

Lady shows off her flowery ring thigh tattoo

These tattoos have a dual function. Besides being discreet, they help you make a style statement when rocking shorts, lingerie, short dresses, sheer dresses, swimwear, etc. 

Furthermore, this tat isn’t for women alone. Men rock them too in various designs. So, regardless of your gender, this is the nudge you need to go ahead with your tat plans.  It adds a special spark to your appearance and further complements your short outfits.

Are Thigh Tats Painful?

Lady shows off her flowery  ring tat.

Unlike sternum tattoo or tats on areas with thin skin, your thighs are padded with fat and have few nerve endings. This makes it moderately painful just like shoulder tattoos for women.

Are Thigh Tattoos Easy to Remove?

Lady show off her bow tattoo design

Thigh tattoos can be removed but it isn’t as easy as you think. They generally take more time to erase than upper body tattoos because the blood circulation in this area works at an average pace.

10 Thigh Tattoo Ideas to Inspire You

Lady shows off chain-like thigh tattoo design

Step up your tat game by trying out any of these tattoo inspos we’ve compiled to inspire you:

Small Thigh Tattoo

lady shows off her cute little tattoo

Small thigh tattoos are fashionable and trendy. If you’re a sucker for small yet flattering tattoo designs, this look is for you. 

You can opt for a rose design, a quote, or even a moon, whichever you choose will still look great on you.

Wolf Lap Tattoos

man shows off his wolf thigh tattoo design

The wolf thigh tattoo is a fierce, bold design perfect for men. Its placement looks great since the thigh is a large area. 

To fit the space and make it stand out, consider inking just the wolf’s head.

Red Roses Tattoo

frontal view of red roses thigh tattoo design

This design never goes out of style regardless of its placement. And if you’re going for a badass thigh tattoo, give this design a shot. 

You can choose to get the colored rose design like the one pictured above or stick to black and white. 

Sexy Thigh Tattoo

lady shows off her sexy thigh tattoo design

Placing tattoos on your thigh exudes this sexy vibe. And you don’t have to be explicit about it because the design itself can stand out beautifully on its own. 

For ladies who like these look, this design is a great tattoo choice. 

Birth Date Thigh Tattoos

Man shows off his birthdate tattoo

Birth date thigh tattoos are unique. Many men and women ink their birth dates on their thighs. In fact, people get birthdate tattoos of their children, since this is a momentous occasion they want to cherish for forever.

Go for it if you want a physical reminder of your personal journey and how far you’ve come as an individual.

Tribal Thigh Tattoos

Frontal view of a tribal thigh tattoo

Although, tribal tattoos are popular as arms, chest, back, or sleeve tattoos. They still will make a great tattoo design on your thighs. 

The designs are symbolic. So you have to understand the meaning of your preferred tribal tat and see if it is a good choice before forging ahead.

Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo

A close view of a dream catcher tattoo design

The dreamcatcher tat is a symbolic design in most Native American cultures. It was woven by women to protect their young ones from nightmares and bad spirits. 

The dream catcher features a hoop and a woven net often decorated with feathers. Nowadays, this tat represents safety and protection from harm and it also serves as a way of honoring the Native American heritage.

Simple Side Thigh Tattoos

Lady shows off her cosmic thigh tattoo

If you’re one who loves simple things without going through too much trouble, then this tattoo design is the perfect fit for you. 

You can go for any simple design of your choice and place it around the sides of your thighs. They’re chic and unique enough to add more spice to your appearance.

Anchor Thigh Tattoos

Close view of n anchor thigh tattoo

Anchor thigh tattoos are a great representation of your love for the sea. 

This design can be done in different amazing ways, all you need to do is tell your artist and let him bring your imagination to life.

Back Thigh Tattoos

Close view of a back thigh tattoo

Back thigh tats are a great way to bring attention to your behind especially if you love rocking shorts, or small skirts. T

This tattoo design helps complement your appearance while bringing you lots of attention. For a soft feminine look, tell your artist to follow the curvature of your thigh to create that charming outcome

More Thigh Tattoos For You

If you’re looking for more thigh tat inspos, check out these photos to get the perfect choice for you.

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