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2023 AMVCA Nominee Gala: How Your Favorite Stars Turned Up

Last night, May 19, 2023, was day 2 of AMVCA 9. And guess what. The event is already living up to its expectations of blessing our screens with the best fashion and style. To celebrate the 2023 AMVCA Nominee Gala and Runway Show, we saw different celebrities teach us once again what it means to be stylish.

Take the King of Fashion, Toyin Lawani of Tiannah’s Empire. As usual, she showed how creative her fashion instincts can be by creating a spectacular outfit from tape rule and scissors! See for yourself:

Now imagine what the grand finale and award night would look like. The perfect epitome of glitz and glamour, don’t you think?

While we wait for the most anticipated award night in Nollywood, let’s see how celebrities dazzled on the nominee gala red carpet.

Red Carpet Looks From the 2023 AMVCA Nominees Gala

After an astounding day one which featured AMVCA 2023 Cultural Day, our favorite stars, once again, took to the red carpet, to flaunt their innate fashion finesse. While we have their various designers and stylists to thank for cooking up such magnificent looks, we won’t forget to acknowledge these celebs for bodying their outfits to perfection.

Day 1 was a splendid show of cultures as stars turned up in stunning traditional attires that accentuated the beauty and richness of the African heritage. Day 2 was an exhibition of style both on the runway and on the red carpet.

If you thought the cultural day was everything you’d wish for in a glamorous event, wait till you see how your fave stars turned up to the 2023 AMVCA nominee gala:

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